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  1. Sure. I will keep you posted. Thanks
  2. Hi Prakash, I am using HyperWorks 14.0. Thanks
  3. Hi Prakash, Thanks for the suggestion. I would definitely run the model with LGDISP once I have the prelim results. I didn't quite get on how the model runs with Freeze definition, because I gave it a shot earlier. Can you please share the model / contact definitions with the sets? Regards, Arun
  4. Just sent the files. Best, Arun
  5. Hi Prakash, I did include only the nodes which contact the bottom,top and side plates, but ended up with the same results after the simulations. These additional nodes displaced during compression, reaches the bottom plate and penetrates through irrespective of the contact definition. Any thoughts? Regards, Arun
  6. Sure. I will keep you posted on the results Thanks, Arun
  7. Hi Prakash, Thanks Best, Arun
  8. Hi, I am trying to model deformation of foam in Optistruct (Non linear quasi static, NLSTAT subcase) by imposing displacement of top plate through the foam and constraining the bottom plate. Though my model is converging, you can see the foam penetrates the bottom plate (green). Three contacts have been defined in the model, 1) Top plate (Prop) and Foam (Nodes) with PCONT/PCONTX7 2) Side plate (Prop) and Foam (Prop) with Static Fric and 3) Bottom plate (Prop) and Foam (Prop) with Static Fric. (Master and Slave order being followed). Can you suggest a way to overcome this problem? Thanks,
  9. Connecting Nodes of Two Components

    Hi Prakash, Apologies for my delayed response. I was on travel. 1) Auto Contact works, but the only issue was it wasn't able to detect the entire contour as a contact pair. Rather it was computing the pairwise element pairs. 2) I went with defining sets based on selecting property of each material and created a group with a master and slave pair with Freeze contact. This worked for me. Thanks for your inputs. Regards, Arun
  10. Hi All, I am trying to model deformation behavior of a two phase material(polymeric foam with the voids filled with 2nd phase material),by running an Optistruct module. I have the orphan meshes of the foam and the voids (with TET4 or C3D4 elements) and would like to connect the nodes to ensure physical continuity in the model during deformation. The Auto Contact module doesn't solve my problem, since the geometry is full of complex contours. Any suggestions or ideas on how to go about? Thanks, Arun