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  1. rahul352

    Is it possible to generate a Hex Mesh along a curve

    Hi Rahul Rajan Thanks for your reply.I have attached the step file.The file has 2 halves top and bottom.The Left and Right regions are symmetric,so i need to mesh only one of them. At the curved regions,i am facing a problem I have need a hex mesh(3D) for the entire part. The Polymer inventor file .stp is attached below. Along the curved regions,i am not able to mesh as there is proper connection between the source and the destination.For Example,in the image XYZ i have source elements on the face ABCD and i am taking CDEF as the destination face,then there are 2 curves BE and AF( below BE) which are the connections between the source and destination.But in my geometry there is only one of those 2 curves so software says the connections are not sufficient . Also, if i generate a mesh for image XYZ,the elements at the line CD the elements are very bad as all elements are crushed together.Could you suggest a solution to that. I can't use the drag option as radii are different.So please suggest any technique.Also if there is a tutorial to this kind of problem,please give a link to that.I could not find myself.
  2. Is it possible to produce a hex mesh for this region?? If yes,please tell which technique to use.
  3. Hi i have a student version of hypermesh 14. i have meshed my part in it. The license expires soon.i want to open the mesh hypermesh 13 as in my university,they have the version 13(Full Version). Could someone please guide me how to do that? my license expires soon.Need urgent guidance. the file is attached below Top_Half_Fully_Meshed.hm