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  1. FBD create not shown

    Hello, Please try this go to View>>tab area>>right Now drag and drop the FBD tab to the right side. Thankyou
  2. Student license problem: a changing of the personal laptop

    Hello, If you have requested for one, please wait it will surely be approved. Thankyou
  3. Hypermesh - select elements by geometry

    Hello, @tinh is right. Selecting the "by surface" option works only for 2D elements not 3D. You need to use "solide option. Thankyou"
  4. FBD create not shown

    Hello, Can you please try deleting the settings file. Thankyou
  5. Distributed load on edge

    Hello, This can be done using the rbe3 element. Take a central node and "duplicate and translate" it vertically to some distance. Now go to the rbe3 panel and take the translated node as dependent node and the nodes on the line as independent nodes. This will create a rbe 3 element. Now you can assign the force to the translated node. The RBE3 element is a powerful tool for distributing applied loads and mass in a model. Unlike the RBAR and RBE2 elements, the RBE3 doesn't add additional stiffness to your structure. Forces and moments applied to reference points are distributed to a set of independent degrees of freedom based on the RBE3 geometry and local weight factors. Thankyou
  6. ZOFFS Not Shown in Property Card Edit

    Hello, ZOFFS is mainly used to define the "Midsurface thickness behavior under Nastran profile" It is used if we want to assign multiple thickness to an element. Please find more information on the Help Pages. Thankyou
  7. RBE3 Elements with different weight factors

    Hello, For this you need to go to the update subpanel in the RBE3 panel. This will let you assign weight factors to the slave nodes. Please find more information on this in the Help Pages Thankyou
  8. Exporting Deformed Shapes From HyperView

    Hello, Before creating a solid you need to make sure that the model is a closed volume. You can use the visualization panel to know from where the model is open and create surfaces there. Thankyou
  9. Multi Solid Meshing: Cylinder + Plate

    Hello, What do you mean by interfaces? If you mean components then you can simply create new components then go to Tools>>Organize and organize them in different components. Thank you
  10. Ge Bracket challenge

    Correction mistype. Solid Nodes don't have rotational degree of freedom Thankyou
  11. Section cut in HyperMesh for check elements

    Mask the elements first using the F5 panel. Then create a View of this by right click>>View Then you can go to Quality Index Panel. Thankyou
  12. Section cut in HyperMesh for check elements

    Hello, Align the model view to an axis first. Then click F5 This is the mask element panel. Select the elements how ever you want (preferably using a rectangular section) Then click on mask elements. This should solve your purpose. Thankyou
  13. remeshing after morphing

    Hello, Please take a look at this post. You can have a look at the tutorial HM-3690: Remeshing Domains After Morphing for more details. Thankyou
  14. Ge Bracket challenge

    Hello, For the 42* load case, I can see that your bracket is already aligned at an angle with the Global axis. If this angle is 42* from vertical you can directly apply the load in the Global Z direction. For the torsion load case, if you are meshing with solid elements you need to create a rbe2 at the point and the assign the independent node of the rbe2 with moment as solid elements don't have rotational degree of freedom. Thankyou
  15. How to create Node along a Line

    You have to create vector elements. Vector elements are not nodes, line, point etc. You have to create a vector element from 1D>>Vectors.