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  1. I have been able to solve this problem introducing a very thin thickness as you said, and results are good enough. Finally the problem were material properties which depended on temperature. Thanks for the offer. Pablo.
  2. What I want to do in the end is applying a pressure (import from an ansys model) which is initially applied beneath a thin layer of 2D elements, created automatically when imported. But I have checked that, even it seems to be correctly configured, when I modify 2D elements properties, results (displacement plot) also change, a lot. F I have used as 2D elements properties: - PSHELL - T=0.001 mm - Material settings similar to steel and other property settings by default. General appereance of results, when compared to the ansys one (which is checked), is very different so I suspect that this way of applying pressure is the main cause of the discordance. I would appreciate any kind of advice or suggestion. Pablo.
  3. Hi, ¿And how can I apply these pressures directly to solids when I want to apply a field? As long as I know, if I choose a few solids elements from field selector, pressure is applied on the middle of the elements instead of on the external surface. Thank you once again, Pablo.
  4. I'm going to try it and make you updates Thanks, Pablo.
  5. In that case, what would be the property to assign to that surface? PSHELL? And thickness? I have checked that thickness influences results in this case. Thank you in advance, Pablo.
  6. Hi, I´m trying to define a stress constraint (on a topology optimization) which follows next expression: Response = stress / AdmisibleStress(T) I want to limit this response to 1, since it would achieve my goal of limiting stress (depending of temperature). I suppose that I should create first a function which merges temperature and stress response, to create a relation between them. This is what I have tried on the file below. I leave what I have been able to do by the moment, I would appreciate any help. Thanks, Pablo. Modelo3D_20.fem