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  1. Buckling Analysis of Paper box

    Hello @George P Johnson Thank you... Material model is cardboard paper only. but not corrugated. It is simply cardboard paper for packaging carton. And thickness is very small.
  2. Buckling Analysis of Paper box

    Hi @George P Johnson Can you please help me regarding my query
  3. Buckling Analysis of Paper box

    not much....... but have some ideas to calculate. If u have some techniques and knowledge, I would like to learn.
  4. Buckling Analysis of Paper box

    Hello, I want to do buckling analysis of Paper box. Which Material law is useful for this purpose and what material properties needed?
  5. Time for run is Higher

    Hello George, I have received your mail. I will try with that model. But can you tell me what is the mistake? And how to check it in .out file?
  6. Time for run is Higher

    Hello, Any updates on my Query?
  7. Time for run is Higher

    Hello George Thank you for rply I go through .out file. But actually I don't know what to check and what is mentioned there for issue. I cant find anything there. Please guide me accordingly. Files are shared with you through secure file dropbox
  8. Time for run is Higher

    I am doing an analysis in radioss. Run started withou any error but after that "Remaining time" is increasing . What to do?
  9. Error in Memory Allocation

    128 Gb.... Grt
  10. Error in Memory Allocation

    Hello George and Q.Nguyen-Dai, Thanks for suggestion. I try same model today again without any changes, and it runs without any error. Problem is solved. But the question is why it shows error in previous run
  11. Error in Memory Allocation

  12. Error in Memory Allocation

    Hi , RAM - 8 GB Version - HM 13.0 OS - 64 bit OS
  13. Error in Memory Allocation

    Hello, I am doing snap fit analysis. There are two errors in my model 1. Error in memory allocation 2. Error 760 Report to listing file Please tell me why is it so. 2nd error is coming frequently. Means some common mistakes by me every time. Please Guide me accordingly.cap_0000.radcap_0000.radcap_0000.rad
  14. Error Trapped - Report to Listing File

    Hello, I am trying another model run similar to above discussed. I am still facing same error. Error 760... Report Listing file. what is the reason and how to correct it? cap.hm
  15. Error Trapped - Report to Listing File

    hello George, Thank you very much. Problem has been solved. What was the issue? But, It shows too much time to complete run.