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  1. santosh maharana

    import problem acuconsole

    suddenly closed my acoconsole window while importing and displayed here in cmd
  2. santosh maharana

    AOC 2017 brake pedal

    Thank you for suggestions it ll help! i had sent a file in drop box in name of AOC 17 Brake pedal analysis and optimization. plz go through that so i know whether i m right track or not.
  3. santosh maharana

    AOC 2017 brake pedal

    1)how can i apply force on surface as per information given brake pedal pdf ? software ask about nodes !! surface options in not available ! 2)how to know the dimensions of upper bound stress whether we put 200 mega pa or 2+e8 ? 3)how much iteration to analysis? because it take enough time ? 4)i want to show u my work so that i able to know whether i m on right path ? how can i share ?