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  1. Energy Error

    Hi George, I will try with the file you sent and update soon, Mean while I have a doubt. In out file I shared, the energy error is low till the time of 0.1793 sec, after which there is noticeable rise in the error.( total event time 0.3 sec) why this is happening ?..
  2. Energy Error

    Hi George, Thankyou for the reply. High energy error acceptable with zero coefficient of friction ? As you told my model has fully sliding contacts.
  3. Energy Error

    Hi George, I tried with Type24 contact, but I am getting 40% negative energy error, with INTACT=1, I got 99% positive energy error. Please have a look at the model attached and recommend me a possible solution to over come the issue of energy error. Thank you in advance.
  4. Energy Error

    Hi George, I noticed a discontinuous master surface. Also in rbe2 creation TX & Tz are free. I have also attached the images for the contact parameters used. Please tell me where i went wrong Thank you, Have a great day
  5. Energy Error

    Hi, I am doing interference fit problem in Radioss. Facing issue with high positive energy error. Initially error % seems ok, but later it gradually increase to high positive value (99.9%) The contact energy being Zero with Zero friction. Hourglass energy is also zero. The out file attached for reference. Please do help solving the issue trial-hexa_0000.out trial-hexa_0001.out
  6. Enforce Displacement

    Hi LKZ, The node which is given the enforced displacement (SPCD) must also be fixed in same DOF using SPC
  7. Imposed loading RADIOSS explicit

    Thank you George
  8. Imposed loading RADIOSS explicit

    Hi @George P Johnson @gopal_rathore How to decide that imposed displacement(0-100 mm) to be applied with in 0.1 sec ?
  9. Element distortion @ contact interface

    Hi George, what are |FN|, absolute value of normal Force? In my results the absolute values are too high than the resultant normal force.
  10. Element distortion @ contact interface

    Hi George, I need to get the contact force & normal forces at the interface. If so which parameter will be my request.
  11. Element distortion @ contact interface

    Hi George, How Gmin value is influencing the interface time step?
  12. Maximum number of time increment cutbacks reached

    Hi Prakash, Thanks you. Please answer, Can i use FORCE for follower loads??
  13. Maximum number of time increment cutbacks reached

    Hi Prakash, I am trying to apply follower load using FORCE1 (FORCE1 entry can be defined as Follower Loads in Large Displacement Nonlinear Analysis) In the file shared you have used FORCE. Can we use FORCE for follower loads?
  14. Element distortion @ contact interface

    Thank you George , I am trying the suggested checks and changes. will get back to you with the updates. Have a great day
  15. Element distortion @ contact interface

    Hi George, All the above points mentioned by you exists in the trial model in which you have changed solid formulation and it ran without any issues. Then how your telling that these are issues in the new model ?