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  1. CFD Analysis of nozzle

    Hi Mahantesh, Let us know your contact details (email id /phone no) so that we can have a discussion the problem you are facing and support accordingly. Regards Abinash
  2. Suitable Boundary Condition

    Hi Vignesh, Can we have a meeting tomorrow around 10 am to discuss and sort the issue. Regards Abinash
  3. Multiphase Problem setup

    Hello Tutulika The heat pipe application is not feasible in AcuSolve 2017 as we are still in development stage for multi-phase application with phase transfer. However I will tag this request to development team for their understanding and push to the next level. Regards Abinash
  4. How to open ".bc_warnings"

    Hi Rajendra, You can open the .bc_warning in a text editor. Can u send us the warning file for review and comment. You can go ahead with the warning and run the simulation. It wont hamper the solution. Please send the warning file to support@india.altair.com . Regards Abinash
  5. Multiphase Problem

    Hi Sandeep, Can we have a GTM around 2.30 pm today. Let me know your convenience. we will send the meeting invite accordingly Regards Abinash
  6. Multiphase Problem setup

    Hi Sandeep, We have setup the multiphase model for the simulation over the web meeting. Please run it and let us know your feedback Regards Abinash
  7. MultiPhase Simulation of Pump

    Hi Pradeep, We are running the case at our end. Once completed I will let you know our observation. Regards Abinash
  8. Conjugate heat transfer

    Hi Abhay, I have attached with AcuSolve tutorial list. Please follow the ACU-3000 and ACU 3100 under the heat transfer section, which will guide you on setting the heat source in CHT problem. Also attached the model files for the tutorial. Let us know if you need any further help. Regards Abinash AcuSolve_2017_Tutorials.pdf HeatTransfer_modelfiles.zip
  9. Multiphase Problem setup

    Hi Sandeep, Are you available for a discussion today around 2.30pm. Let us know your convenience. Regards Abinash
  10. Dear AcuSolve Users, Attached is the user guide for the AcuFieldView 2017 release which will help you in post processing of your AcuSolve CFD analysis result. Cheers Abinash AcuFieldView_2017_User_Guide.pdf
  11. Acufieldview

    Hi Rohit, Please follow the steps mentioned in the attached pdf to plot the velocity in cylindrical coordinate system.. Let us know if this helps. Regards Abinash Cartesian_Cylindrical.pdf