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  1. Nachiket Kadu

    Non-linear modal analysis

    Hi Kathic I already resolved it. Thanks anyways!!
  2. Nachiket Kadu

    Non-linear modal analysis

    Hi @Prakash Pagadala Sorry!! Couldnt see the obvious mistake there. Issue is resolved.
  3. Nachiket Kadu

    Contact analysis

    That gap which you are mentioning you checked distance between those node?
  4. Nachiket Kadu

    Non-linear modal analysis

    Hi @Prakash Pagadala I am trying this but it comes with error "Case Control data LOAD=3 is not referenced by any bulk data relevant for used subcase type." I have attached files for your reference. Kindly help with this.
  5. Nachiket Kadu

    Contact analysis

    As in no contact u mean to say?
  6. Nachiket Kadu

    Contact analysis

    @Ganesh Munge refer this
  7. Nachiket Kadu

    Contact analysis

    Is your geometry in base size or tolerances are already included?
  8. Nachiket Kadu

    Contact analysis

    @Ganesh Munge I am not sure about previous version but negative clearance in 2017.3 is defines inititial penetration. @Prakash Pagadala correct me if i am wrong!!
  9. Nachiket Kadu

    Contact analysis

    @Ganesh Munge Search distance is used define contact condition between slave and master, as in only those nodes will be in contact which satisfy the search distance criteria. Clearance defines the the distance the master and slave need to move so as to be in contact.
  10. Nachiket Kadu

    Contact analysis

    Hi @Ganesh Munge Is your problem a case of large deformation? What is the contact interface you defined? And at what load step your solution is being non-covergent? And which error value is resulting in non covergence?
  11. Nachiket Kadu

    Pre-stressed Modal analysis.

    Hi @Prakash Pagadala My previous experience with CNTNLSUB was not that much satisfactory and i still have a liltle doubt whether force and pressure will get continued or not. Anyways i l proceed with the above mentioned method and would let you know. Thanks for your response
  12. Nachiket Kadu

    Pre-stressed Modal analysis.

    Hello, Good Morning I am trying to evaluate natural frequency of shaft with interference fit . Please do refer the image attached. I am thinking for interference fit using NL quasi-static simulation and later a prestressed modal analysis with NL quasistatic. I have following questions. 1. As two quasi-static simulation are involved, does pressure generated at interface would be transfered to next subcase using continious subcase? 2. If in quasi-static simulation i am giving displacement using rigid body, in modal analysis i need to deactive this rigid. Is it possible? 3. I found that in Radioss we cannot do modal analysis on assembly level? Is there any way wherein we do interference fit in Radioss and finally do modal analysis in optistruct with stiffness accounting from Radioss simulation?
  13. Nachiket Kadu

    Initial Von Mises stresses on motorcycle frame

    How much stresses we are talking about here??
  14. Nachiket Kadu

    what is the unit of compliance ?

    It depends on what unit system you are following. Its reciprocal of stiffness.
  15. Nachiket Kadu

    Discontinous force pattern.

    @Prakash Pagadala Yes this would definately work. Any idea why this discontinuity all of a sudden, as previously i didnt face this issue!? Thanks.