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  1. harikrushna

    orthotropic failure criteria

    is this correct method to compare Normal stress and shear stress of all 3 direction (X,Y,Z, XY, YZ, ZX) direction and compare with stress limit? Apart from
  2. harikrushna

    orthotropic failure criteria

    Sir, This is my orthotropic stress limits and Young's modulus, In that solution can i use Von mises stress for failure criteria? Because each direction failure stress value is different. so How to differentiate failure stress or strain? Other, Should i used Normal stress and shear stress of all 3 direction (X,Y,Z, XY, YZ, ZX) direction and compare with stress limit. Which method is correct? Any other method is there for simple solution please suggest.
  3. harikrushna

    SOM (poisson's ratio)

    Sir, In analysis software we have to input at-least E and U propertiess, But when we look in simple deflection formula (W*L^3)/(3*E*I), not required (poisson's ratio) why we have to input poisson's ratio?
  4. harikrushna

    Jacobian Calculation

    Sir, Which open web sources and books will give complete detailed about FEA. Because many book have not include all those thing even Learning Program at : http://certification.altairuniversity.com will provide basic knowledge. Will you suggest any website or book will give detailed knowledge of all this thing. I had also read FEA by Altair (practical aspect)
  5. harikrushna

    Hypermesh to Ansys

    1> I am importing assembly mesh from hypermesh 13.0 to ansys 17.2 but i am getting only one component meshed. Ex. supposed I have 5 parts in my assembly, I did all 5 parts different meshing in different component and assign different material properties. But when i am importing mesh to ansys only 1 component was exported. I had check this option " All component Exported". 2> If I have some component in 2D and some component in 3D how to export both meshing in single files.