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  1. Sonu


    hi nyuyen , i mean midline of a solid cylinder with some diameter (lets say 100mm). Pls Imagine there are some, 50 cylinders of such kind or say wires ( unattached to each other) and i want to extract midline for all of them at once using a tcl..... unfortunately i dont have the model so couldnt attach.. i am however attaching an image for ur understanding thanks in advance
  2. Sonu


    Hi everyone, i would like to know if there is any tcl that extracts the midline of all displayed thickened pipes comps. If not, is there way we can create a tcl to extract midline for all the displayed hollow thickened pipes.. Thank you in advance
  3. Sonu

    tcl to create sets

    Hi i need little help.i need a tcl to create sets from the temp nodes displayed on the screen my code uses a line to finally add nodes, *nodemarkaddtempmark 1 now, i need these nodes to form a set.how can i store them in a set through tcl? thank you in advance
  4. Hi everyone, I would like to know if there is any tcl command, that gives distance between two nearest nodes in Hexa or solid models especially when there are lot of elements to check. It should highlight some elements which have less length than specified. Can please anyone help me. thank you
  5. Hi friends, I have been using HM13, for a while. and I use one option a lot. That is Mid surface mesh from Create>Mesh>Mid Surface however I can't be able to put washers on the surface holes with correct diameter. Can anyone please help by telling , how to set parametric file such that I could get a good mesh flow and washers with the size 3.25mm and the average element size of 6mm. Thanks in advance