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  1. Please share a script to tag each component by its name
  2. Hi team, can we use any of altair module to do Computational aeroacoustics? If yes please share details. Regards Sumit Babbar
  3. Output

    Thanks Rahul It worked. Thanks a lot.
  4. Output

    Is there any way to get output(stress) of each component collector in single process? I have to report stress in each component(say 500) of my assembly. taking manually stress in each component will take some time so is there any way to get output in all collector in single step?
  5. Difference b/w NSM and point mass

    Team, what is the difference b/w Non structural mass and point mass application? In what conditions we should apply NSM and point mass? How it will be differ if we apply mass by using RBe3 and NSM Thanks
  6. significance element settings

    Thanks for reply. >Now what is scaling factor in minimum height option? How to decide the same? Can you share some pic showing minimum height in element just like it is mentioned in minimal mormalized height? >Can you share some document showing Radios consider shortest edge to calculate time step? And if it can be change then what factors makes one to consider while selecting shortest edge, minimal height and normalized height for calculating minimum element size?
  7. significance element settings

    Thanks for update. > what is not tetra. you mean to say 2D and hex? >minimal normalized height & Minimal height you mentioned it is for tetra elements. It means if we have a crash model having a shell elements then we can not use these options. > In Radioss model time step(L/c) is calculated based on which L-Min element size(shortest edge, minimal height and normalized height ). I haven't find and significant related to above in help menu please share a link or forward:
  8. significance element settings

    Team, What is the difference b/w shortest edge, minimal height and normalized height under check element setting panel and its significance?
  9. Modal Analysis-target Frequency

    Thanks Gopal. My email id is ersumitnitk@gmail.com In general I want to know how to determine target frequency. For engine mounted components I know it depend upon the RPM of engine but I want to know how to determine target frequency for components or assemblies which are mounted away from engine for example tail lamp at the end of chasis or spare tyre carrier assembly(mid of chasis) or battery box etc. What factor decide target frequency and how?
  10. CAE basic ppt

    Thanks George for your help
  11. Modal Analysis-target Frequency

    Thanks Prakash, Do you have any example or ppt which it explain me in a detail? and what i know MBD is used to simulate motion and extract forces. will it also tell us about natural frequency to be set as target? i am in doubt.
  12. CAE basic ppt

    Thanks George. Basically my purpose is to aware the designer about CAE not to make them learn how CAE works.I mean I have to tell them why we carry out CAE and basic things a designer should know before putting request to CAE, what he will get through CAE. In simple if I will ask you why one should buy Hypersuite then what would be your answer?
  13. CAE basic ppt

    Thanks. can't you provide a short ppt?
  14. Modal Analysis-target Frequency

    Thanks Prakesh, yes it narrows down but how to target that. if some has to design his assembly then there must be certain criteria and how to determine?
  15. Modal Analysis-target Frequency

    you are right it depends on the operating frequency range but what about the assemblies which are not directly mounted on exciattion source like any assembly on chasis of vehicle say tail lamp