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  1. HM command recorder

    Hi Tinh and Livil Thank you very much. It worked with two rows. I think startnotehistorystate and end endnotehistorystate are for undo.
  2. HM command recorder

    Hi I tried but It said that invalid command name "*startnotehistorystate" invalid command name "*startnotehistorystate" while executing "*startnotehistorystate {Deleted Components}" (file "D:/Dropbox/Lille/Altair/TCL/Hoan/command03_15_delcomp.tcl" line 1) invoked from within "source {D:/Dropbox/Lille/Altair/TCL/Hoan/command03_15_delcomp.tcl}" ("uplevel" body line 1) invoked from within "uplevel #0 "source {$file}"" (procedure "::HM_Framework::p_FileLoad" line 68) invoked from within "::HM_Framework::p_FileLoad 24" (menu invoke)
  3. HM command recorder

    Hello I create my first tcl/tk script file with the syntax like that *startnotehistorystate {Deleted Components} *createmark components 1 " RW_left" " RW_right" "Compresseur" *clearmark components 1 *createmark components 1 " RW_left" " RW_right" "Compresseur" *deletemark components 1 *endnotehistorystate {Deleted Components} in order to delete component " RW_left" " RW_right" "Compresseur" in my model. But when I run the tcl/tk script file it did not work. Could you please give me some suggestions? Thanks
  4. HM command recorder

    Thank you Livil Lyle In my opinion, sometimes if we want to focus on some specific commands may be command recorder is better.
  5. HM command recorder

    Hello Could u please tell me more about that! Does it means every command in HM saved after we save that file?
  6. HM command recorder

    HI I use version 2017
  7. Hello I tried to use the hm_command_recorder.tlc (please see attached file) file but it did no work because as the video it need the command.cmf file but as far as I know from version 14 this file is not exist. Could you please give me some suggestions. hm_command_recorder.swf hm_command_recorder.tcl
  8. Periodic Boundary Conditions

    Hello I am working on a project where we are trying to homogenize a material using unit cells like you. I used two kinds of BC: they are Kinematic uniform and periodicity BC. I use Zebulon, not HyperWork. I think first you should begin with KU and after that with PBC because As far as I know PBC = KU + v, where v is a periodic fluctuation.
  9. Periodic Boundary Conditions

    Hello Did you try the KU boundary condition?
  10. How to display stress in Brick element

    Hi I am using HW 2007.2 I sent you my model files in the Secure File Dropbox Thank you
  11. How to display stress in Brick element

    Hi George. I do not know why I do not have the strains like you? Could you please check my model?
  12. How to display stress in Brick element

    Hello In your picture i think it is the strain for shell elements. For my case I use solid element but I can not see the strain. Do you have any suggestion for me?
  13. No contour plot for Hexa elements

    Thank George But for the 2D plain strain your keywords do not work. Do you have any suggestion for me?
  14. How to display stress in Brick element

    Hi George Could you please tell me the key words for the strain results in the required directions? TKS
  15. No contour plot for Hexa elements

    Hi George For strain is it ANIM/ELEM/STRZ .....