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  1. Using the Jiles Atherton Modell

    Hi, You will find attached your Flux project ready to mesh and solve. I did some modification: Refine mesh on the region where you use your JL material. I decrease the step time. Best regards. Ringkern_mod.FLU.zip
  2. spatial magnetic field source

    Hi, In your case, you use a circuit? If it is the case this will not work. I mean you will get a wrong results. Best regards.
  3. Error loading extension

    Hi, Can you send us the license file? The aim is to check if you have the overlay feature inside. Thanks and best regards.
  4. Problem with voltage sources in Flux

    Hi, When you use the current source, this means that you reach directely the steady state (when you create your solving scenario, you take juste one period). But if you sue the voltage source, in this case you have two part: the first one is the transient regime and the second part in the steady state. If you want to reacge the steady state regim when you sue the voltage source, you need to take betwee 5 and 10 periods (this means take more time to solve the project). Hope this will help. Best regards.

    Try to refine the mesh and decrease the step time. I need your Flux project to see why he does not converge. Best regards.
  6. Convergence not reached

    Hi, Try to change the method of solving. To do it: In solving option >> nonlinear system solver >> method for computing the relaxation factor for Newton-Raphson: put Fujiwara method instead of automatically specified method. Best regards.

    HI, it is the same probleme as before? Send me your 2D project.

    Hi, About the number of loop, inside the model you have all loop. In your case, I strongly recommend you to use the model with Flux 2D. Best regards.

    find attached the Jiles-Atherton model. Jiles.zip

    The project that you send me is Flux 3D. but when I check it I found any volumes? I think you need to make an extrusion along Z axis to get the 3D geometry. can you confirme me? Thanks

    Thanks for the file. I will keep you informed. Best regards.

    Hi, did you try to change the type of solver? To do it: Solving >> solving process options : edit >> linear system solver, change the type of solver (for example put MUMPS instead of ICCG) Can you send us your Flux project. Best regards.
  13. Electric terminal

    Hi, The electric terminals are created to show the input and output of the current in each phase. To do it: On the toolbar, select physics From the physics, select orient wires of coil conductor regions Flux open a window. In this window you select the phase and an external terminals You get a new window, inside this you select the face that represent the input of the current Hope this will help.
  14. simulation

    Hello, The error message mean that you need to separate the moving part and fixed part. I made some modifications on your Flux project. You will find attached your project ready to mesh and solve. Best regards. TRY_2_3D_Mod.FLU.zip

    Hello, Sorry for the delay. The error message mean that in your solving scenario you try to you have defined a parameter that has no effect on the geometry when you change the value. To change the position of your block, in the solving scenario you need to select the mechanical set free and you have to impose the lower limit and high limit. Best regards.