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    Thanks george, I have also applied Ikrem=0, still there is a warning for Incompatible Kinematic error. How can i define Rwall and Ground interface.
  2. Hi, I am working in crash, while running starter in radioss it is adviced to run without any incompatible kinematic condition warning. But in my model it shows there was an incompatible kinematic conditions in the model. Mainly it shows this error in RWALL & GROUND Interface. How to rectify it ?? Is there any solution for this. WARNING ID : 446 ** WARNING IN RIGID WALL DESCRIPTION : -- RIGID WALL ID : 384 -- RIGID WALL TITLE : GROUND 98530 NODES HAVE BEEN REMOVED FROM RWALL, DUE TO INCOMPATIBLE KINEMATIC CONDITIONS WARNING ID : 446 ** WARNING IN RIGID WALL DESCRIPTION : -- RIGID WALL ID : 385 -- RIGID WALL TITLE : RIGID_WALL 98530 NODES HAVE BEEN REMOVED FROM RWALL, DUE TO INCOMPATIBLE KINEMATIC CONDITIONS WARNING ID : 312 ** INCOMPATIBLE KINEMATIC CONDITIONS IN MODEL DESCRIPTION : 3654046 INCOMPATIBLE KINEMATIC CONDITIONS IN MODEL SUMMARY OF POSSIBLE INCOMPATIBLE KINEMATIC CONDITIONS : ----------------------------------------------------- - POSSIBLE INCOMPATIBLE KINEMATIC CONDITIONS BETWEEN SEVERAL INTERFACES TYPE 1 2 12 OR 9 - POSSIBLE INCOMPATIBLE KINEMATIC CONDITIONS BETWEEN SEVERAL RIGID WALLS Kindly suggest some solution for this. Thanks in advance
  3. Reverse Mass Scaling

    Thank You George, The shell, solid and spring elements are corrected for 1e-7 time step. Type 7 contact is appended with dt min of 2e-6 And my on running .out is... 7540 0.7837E-02 0.9164E-06 INTER 3189 -0.1% 0.5093E+07 0.3628E+09 0.1387E+05 -0.3399E+05 4.611 What is maximum type step we can impose?? Regards, Subhu
  4. Reverse Mass Scaling

    HI all, As like mass addition, Is it possible to remove mass uniformly?? I am Increasing the time step, which results in mass addition. and thus kinetic energy is increased. It reulted in larger intrusion. Since I need some very approx result immediately , I need to reduce the actual structural mass and have to run it again. Is it possible remove or reduce the structural mass uniformly??? Thanks in ADvance
  5. Hi All, I am doing a Explict ANalysis. I am getting this Issue of Negative INertia or Zero Inertia. Help me to sort this out. RIGID BODY ID 3590470 PRIMARY NODE 2446786 NEW X,Y,Z 16.85505 -499.7750 63.76619 NEW MASS 0.1000000E-19 NEW INERTIA xx yy zz 0.3281661E-46 0.5048710E-48 0.3231174E-46 NEW INERTIA xy yz zx 0.3341664E-87 0.4038968E-47 0.2378653E-87 PRINCIPAL INERTIA 3.2816613657194E-47 3.2816613657194E-47 0.000000000000 ERROR ID : 274 ** ERROR IN RIGID BODY DEFINITION (INERTIA) DESCRIPTION : -- RIGID BODY ID : 3590470 -- RIGID BODY TITLE : RIGID BODY HAS A NULL OR NEGATIVE INERTIA Thanks in Advance. Regards, SUBHU
  6. center of gravity

    Hi, What is the unit of moment of inertia displayed here in summary? Regards SUBHU
  7. AMS

    Hi All, I am Running a Frontal crash Analysis. Will AMS suit for this. The time step is not reaching the target value. But the energy error is increasing from the beginning. Need Hellp. Regards, SUBHU

    Hi All, 10 0.1266E-05 0.1266E-06 SPRIN 590305 0.0% 0.4177E-01 0.2840E+09 0.3311E-03 6.050 0.2584E-03 WARNING MINIMUM TIME STEP -0.4725E+18 IN INTERFACE 784 (DTMIN= 0.0000E+00) Is the time step goes in negative.!!! I haven't specified any values for dtmin in my type7 interface (id .784). But I am getting this warning at the start of my engine. Any Hint PLs. Regards, SUBHU
  9. MAT LAW 36 - PLAS TAB

    Hi All, Does the MAT LAW 36 takes only plastic strain vs stress curve or total strain vs stress curve.? Regards, Subhu
  10. External Forces Work

    The External Work Forces is Decreasing. Is this Good??
  11. External Forces Work

    HI All, I am running a crash analysis. I have no external force applied to my model except initial velocity and gravity. the model is set to impact on a rigidwall Will the External Forces Work remains constant or increase or decrease?? THANKS in Advance Regards, SUBHU
  12. Spot Weld In Optistruct

    Hi All, Is it possible to create RBE2- Beam-RBE2 Spot weld for Optistruct Template. Will it be good for bending stiffness analysis? Or the stiffness get increased? Thanks and Regards, Subhu Rathina Vel

    Hi George, I am doing a roll over crash Analysis. Using type7 for global contact. In Simulation, while using "6 for Inacti " in Typer 7 , the simulation runs good. While setting "0 for Inacti" , the mass increases steeply and so the error. P.S.: I am defining the time step using /DT/NODA/CST/0 0.9 0.0004 Any Tip pls. Thanks in Advance.
  14. Hi George... I am running a Roll over crash analysis.


    In Simulation The mass increases enormously...


    Any Tip pls

    1. George P Johnson

      George P Johnson

      Hi Subhu,

      Check the time step imposed in the model, which will increase the model mass.

      Reduce the imposed time step value. Optimally it is advisable to have 2-3 % mass error.


      PS: Always post queries in the forum. We will not be notified when you post queries in your profile and so we will miss to reply.

  15. Radioss Parallel computing SPMD

    Does the above process also needs to set up cluster?? If so, is it possible to setup virtual cluster with Ethernet connection?