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  1. Help with Midsurface Extraction

    OK. I was just trying to get familiar with the procedure of creating midsurface for stepped plates and get HM to apply elemental shell property thickness definition automatically. The last part is the main reason for me to obtain Midsurface. Of course idea is to extend the methodology for stepped plates. I will try to reduce the thickness of various steps to maintain shell ratio in the geometry and try it again. I was certainly not gonna use shell representation for such a thick part during analysis. Tinh, if I mesh a surface generated using Offset command, it won't be "associated" with original geometry and hence HM won't apply shell property thickness automatically when I select the command Mesh > Assign > Midsurface Thickness command. It did not work back in HM 14...perhaps it may work now. Will try it later...
  2. Help with Midsurface Extraction

    I have a geometry which has pretty steep steps. I need to extract a midsurface as shown below (the dashed black line indicates the location of midsurface) The best I could manage is shown below: I was not able to get rid of the surf line going vertical in the last step. I am attaching a stp file of the CAD model. Would appreciate if any help. If you are able to extract the midsurface, can you please list out the steps followed in detail? Thx... Stepped_Pads.stp
  3. Need help in Composite Post-processing Operations

    Hi Prakash, I did a quick check per your suggestion using Advanced template instead of Composite and it seems to work. I forgot to do a check on transformation of results for a User Defined Coord Sys, but I'll take it that works as well while using Advanced template. Thanks for your support and resolution. Appreciate it a lot.
  4. Need help in Composite Post-processing Operations

    ^^What exactly does the above mean? I do load both files IIRC. I point out to bdf file & op2 files and then to "Composite" when I first start HV. Unless that has to be repeated else where...I would say that I am doing that already. I am currently away from computer. Will try to post pictures later.
  5. Need help in Composite Post-processing Operations

    Hi Prakash, Any updates from developers about the composite transformation issue?
  6. Need help in Composite Post-processing Operations

    ^^Cool man. Thanks for the update...
  7. Need help in Composite Post-processing Operations

    Hi Prakash, I was just about to post that I think HV was showing the deformed shape but I had to adjust the scale of it. I will investigate the same on other models including the composite one and report back. In the mean time, I would appreciate if you could do give a glance on why Stress Global Projection for individual plies are not working. Thanks for your reply. Appreciate the continued support on this forum.
  8. Need help in Composite Post-processing Operations

    Hi, Did not want to start another thread but I dunno why I am not able to plot deformation shape in Hyperview. I even made a very simple Test case of a 2D Isotropic plate subjected to axial load. But I just not able to obtain the deformation shape on HV. I am attaching the bdf & op2 files. I want to get some resolution on this soon. Please help. Test.bdf test.op2
  9. Need help in Composite Post-processing Operations

    Hi Prakash, Are you having similar issues I am having at my end? Hoping for suggestions on how to resolve the above.
  10. Need help in Composite Post-processing Operations

    Hi Prakash, Yes, I am getting results in Analysis System. What does this DEFORM function do in Hypermesh? I was not able to find any references in Hypermesh Documentation. If I check the Deform check box, I am supposed to select a Load Collector. Should this be checked to obtain Deformation shape? Also, in Hyperview I created a Projection Rule where the Global Primary Axis points to or transformed to Z direction as shown below: Still no joy in getting Ply results displayed
  11. Need help in Composite Post-processing Operations

    Hi, I have attached a copy of the both bdf file & op2. Hopefully you'll have better luck than I did. Thx,... Lam_HM.bdf lam_hm.op2
  12. Need help in Composite Post-processing Operations

    I also want to add that I am able to obtain any deformation pattern in Hyperview. Although HV shows the Contour values of Deformation in the model, somehow it is not showing the deformed shape. Supposed to have a slight bend as shown below in MSC Patran.
  13. Hello, Having issue with doing post-processing op of a composite part in HV. Created this component in HM. The zero degrees plies (or Material Orientation direction is along +Z axis). The set up is pretty simple. Fixed on one side and an axial load on the other side. The solver I used is MSC Nastran and PCOMPG cards were used to define laminate. The cross-section of the component showing the laminate. Selected "Composite" option during the initial setup where I point out to model & results file. The option Global System (projection: None) is greyed out. Was under the impression that I could select "Projection Active" (or something similar) and use the Global Z direction to tell HV to transform Ply 1 XX results. This is how I usually post-process in Patran. Next I created a user defined coord system and had HV point it out to transform (System id =1). But still I am not getting any output. What am I doing wrong?
  14. Tutorial Request

    Hello, Are there any free tutorials available for how to perform Global-Local FE also known as Break-Out Modelling using Hypermesh/Hyperview? I was not able to obtain any! Thx
  15. Element Shrink Visualization

    Hi, Thanks for suggestion explode feature. But it does not quite accomplish the same as shrink elements. Ex: It is not possible to explode individual elements within a component. Perhaps Altair can consider this as a feature request? If not for the upcoming 2018.0 release (may be in one of the 2018.x releases?)...