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  1. how to apply displacements as BCs?

    Hello, I am simulating a three point bending test, and want to apply a displacement of 20 milimeters in the z direction to two nodes in the probe's central line as initial condition. The goal is to check the force needed to obtain such strain. I have tried using SPC and SPCD cards, but all I obtain is an undeformed shape after the simulation. When I use an arbitrary force instead of a displacement, the results come as expected, though. I uploaded the .hm file with BCs and forces and the .hm file with displacement. Thank you in advance Gustavo Blazek
  2. "I am a graduate student at Queen’s University in Kingston, Ontario, Canada. I am using Hyperworks for a topology optimization of a lunar rover chassis and was wondering if I could have some assistance with an issue I am having. I am trying to perform an inertia relief analysis of the chassis which means that I need to determine the reaction forces at the wheel connections of the chassis. The model is only preliminary so determining the reaction force at each node (at this point there are ~850 nodes) is not practical. Instead what I have opted to do is constrain 1 node at the center of the cylinder (there are two cylinders so one is fixed in 6 directions and the other is fixed in 5 to ensure chassis is simply supported) and connect this node to all nodes inside the cylinder using RBE2 elements. Here is an image of the constraint: I want to have the reaction forces of the constrained node so that I can apply one load to this node and connect it to the cylinder nodes using RBE3 elements for the inertia relief model. When I try to get reaction forces using the SPCF global output request control card I am only able to get the reaction forces at the dependent nodes. I would like to know how to obtain the reaction forces ONLY at the constrained nodes instead of getting reaction forces at all dependent nodes. If what I am asking is not clear please let me know how I can better describe my issue. "
  3. HyperWorks 2017 Student version won't start

    Are you opening the app from the start menu? these errors usually appear if you are opening the HyperMesh app from the installation folder .exe file Please click on HyperWorks 2017 student edition, You can choose HyperMesh and the other apps in the client selector,
  4. How to be Notified about updates

    Hi All You can subscribe to our newsletters in connect , these will be received by mail informing of updates (insider especially) The insider will send out a mail to you regarding the updates here - https://insider.altairhyperworks.com/category/updates/
  5. Hello, I have nonlinear material (plasticity) in my Analysis and the deformation is very small. I would like to work with non-linear quasi-static Analysis. But if I start the solver Radioss 11.0 I receive the message: Non convergent nonlinear iterations for subcase 1 What is the reason for this message? Can I only solve the problem with a geometric nonlinear Analysis? In addition their is an other problem. If I try to solve with linear Material and slide contact between two parts I receive a solution, but if I try to solve the same problem with frictional contact between the two parts (and nlstat) I receive the same message like before with the nonlinear material and additional suggestions. (The card image nlparm ninc-option 100.) I add the message and the options for the interface as a jpg-file. Do you have any ideas for my problem? Prethanks for an answer and excuse me for my bad english. Best regards Kerstin
  6. HyperWorks student edition is only available in 64 bit version, we strongly recommend updating your machine to 64 bit, thanks.
  7. OptiStruct can only accept one SPC and one LOAD component in a subcase, by default. In other words, multiple load collectors with e.g. different SPC's can't be referenced in the load step panel. There are two ways to apply multiple constraints and loads in a subcase. 1. Put multiple loads in one load collector, and include that one load collector in the subcase. The same method can be used in the case of multiple constraints. 2. Create load collectors for each and every load and constraint set. When you want to apply multiple loads in a subcase, a new load collector needs to be created with the LOAD card (=CardImage=Load). Then, individual load collectors can be combined using the LOAD card. The LOAD card also enables you to associate an independent weighting factor to an individual load collector. In the case of applying multiple constraints, create a new load collector with the SPCADD card (=CardImage), and follow the same procedure as in the multiple load case. Once the combined load collectors are created, they can be applied in a subcase.
  8. error 9 after download

    Use windows folder options > unhide known extensions, to make sure the file is named altair_lic.dat and not altair_lic.dat.dat, You need to confirm if the Ethernet address in the license file is the correct one and matches the one in your machine. When you open the license file in a text editor you will see an Ethernet address there in a line that says "ETHERNET = The Ethernet ID is the ID of your machine which is exactly 12 hexadecimal numbers. For example D4WRF478F398 Run ipconfig/all in command window and check for physical address under Ethernet adapter local area connection: The listed physical address under Ethernet adapter local area connection should be used to generate the license file, That means if the address provided as above does not match the one in the license file, please request for the license file again with the correct Ethernet ID. You can check your computer’s Ethernet address, by using the almutil -hostid application from the Start > Altair > Tools > Admin tools Menu and compare it with the result in the command window, Alternatively run getmac in command window to find out available Ethernet addresses to cross check as well,
  9. Average Stress

    We installed some strain gauges on a suspension part of a trailer which I need to simulate in Hyperworks. These strain gauges have a typical size of 6x6mm. I want to represent these strain gauges in my FE-model and compare analysis results with the measurements. First of all I defined my surface that represents the strain gauge by Geometry > Create > etc. . After that I used 2D-Automesh to create a fine mesh and created a tetra mesh on all geometry with the option "match existing mesh". Now to my problem: I need the average strain of all nodes on my "strain gauge-surface". I want to use this information to compare this average strain with the measurement results. I have seven node sets which i have to evaluate, so a manual procedure is to time-consuming. Do you know a tool or an script that is able to do that?
  10. ERROR: In subcase # 1 of type "NLGEOM": *** ERROR # 1459 *** Card "NLPARM" is required for this subcase type.
  11. license error 9 in some analysis

    Please place a license file in a new location and set a system environment variable name: ALTAIR_LICENSE_PATH value: full path of the license file with the name altair_lic.dat , for eg: C:\altair_lic.dat
  12. Define the relative displacement between two nodes as an optimization response (DRESP2 / function response)
  13. license error 9 in some analysis

    You need to place the license file in the security folder within the FEKO folder,
  14. Question about .mat file generated by FEKO

    From email to support I am using a student version of FEKO, and I have a problem while trying to export the impedance matrix from FEKO into MATLAB. I get an error saying that the .mat file might be corrupted . I would be very grateful if you could help me in this issue.
  15. Could my license be expired? (Error 6 and Error 9)

    The license should be placed in the security folder itself and not the bin folder, see
  16. FAQ 19. How to coarsen your 2d mesh?

    FAQ 19. How to coarsen your 2d mesh?
  17. Hi there, i am using HyperStudy with optistruct solver to do an optimization. Is there a possibility to change the number of cpu´s used by the solver? thanks Thomas
  18. Problem with HyperMesh in student edition

    Have you switched to a supported card? also the driver version may need to be updated on the card...
  19. Altair licensing service failed to start

    Can you make sure the license is generated for the correct ethernet ID,
  20. convert a STL mesh file into solid part

    Do you know how to convert a STL mesh file into solid part for finite element analysis? Using stereo-photogrametry tech I have a geometry of the structure in the STL format. Now I try to import it into hypermesh for FEM analysis. I will appreciate it if you help me.
  21. HyperMesh Segmentation Error

    You must also hmsettings.tcl, hmmenu.set and command.cmf. also hwsettings.xml in my documents (if that is the working directory), restart the app and try.
  22. Student license problem: a changing of the personal laptop

    You have to register again and enter the correct ID,

    AVL CRUISE™ M is a multi-disciplinary system simulation solution that supports model-based development using high quality real-time models from domains including engine, flow, aftertreatment, driveline, electrics and hydraulics. learn more here
  24. Problem with cylindrical roller bearings

    Hello everyone, I am creating a numerical model of a cylindrical roller bearings using Hypermesh. I started with one cylindrical roller with diameter 5mm. The contact area I mesh with 2D-automesh, to get the mesh finer at the contact. Afterwards I use "tetra mesh"-panel to create a mesh to all solids. I have refine the contact to 0.025mm, but I do not get the analytically results of Hertzian pressure (more than 30% deviation). The analysis is non-linear-quasi-static, the contact SLIDE, NLPARAM NINC=5 and the loadstep is set to NLSTAT. If someone could give me tips for mesh of cylindrical rollers, I would be infinitely grateful. And sometimes comes the ERROR # 941 NON-CONVERGENT NONLINEAR ITERATIONS FOR SUBCASE 1. What can I do to check what I need to change in my model? Regards, Martin