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  1. Hi all I would like do small model for Gravity load runs like Cornering,Braking. I would like to include simple model of Suspension and Tyre patch (to apply above Cornering,Braking load to Tyre patch) in model. I am not looking any detailed modeling of Suspension & Tyre, but simplified model which can represents them. Currently have suspension stiffness info. My Question is what is best way (or combination of ) to represent Suspension & Tyre patch. Any help is much appreciated Regards Kash
  2. Optistruct Contact issue

    Hi Prakash I tried with PCONT with GPAD=NONE & STIFF=HARD & SOFT options but contact did not work again Regards Kash
  3. Optistruct Contact issue

    Hi All Need some help again Currently I am running model with metal strip (Bus Bar Tab thick_0_3mm) deformed by loaded by applicator (Applicator) (prescribed disp). After some deformation Metal strip will make contact with bottom plate. However my contact between metal (Bus Bar Tab thick_0_3mm) strip and bottom plate (Cell surface) not working (tried few diff things but no successes). Any help much appreciated (file attached model file and *.ppt for load & BC). Regards Kash Ariel_bus_bar_tang_study_20Dec2016_F65N_v1E2_with_load_applicator_v3B3.fem Optistruct_contact_issue.pptx
  4. Convergence issue with optistruct

    Hi Prakash attached is original model for which i sent *.out file, you can consider any model you want. Apologies The first model i sent earlier (my first mail i sent today), it has some modifications. Regards Kash Tang_tray_baseline.fem
  5. Convergence issue with optistruct

    Hi Prakash attached is *.out file Regards Kash Tray_tang_study.out
  6. Hi All I am running small model of study of assembly steel tube (modeled with shell elements) into the Plastic part (modeled with Tetra elements). Its Quasi static Non Linear problem, I have prescribed displacement to steel tube (via rigid) and defined contact between (Node to shell) Steel and plastic parts (Shell as master,Plastic part as Slave). My model is taking lot of time to solve and analysis is not completing. I have used below contact cards $$ CONTACT Data $$ CONTACT 2 5 2 5 NORM2.0 NO + N2S Attached is model i am trying to run. Any help is much appreciated Regards Kash
  7. Material for very thin Shell elements

    Hi George Thanks for explanation. Also i have below question Also does Radioss has element type to represent membrane (a very thin elements)? or is there material type (i used M1_ELAST) to represent the membrane behavior? Regards Kash
  8. Hi All My analysis contains thin plastic (thk=0.1mm) bag subjected to pressure. I have results for 2 1.Optistruct static pressure analysis (100 KPa , used shell elements QUADR ,TRIAR,ELASTIC material ) 2.Radioss Dynamic pressure analysis (0 KPa to 100 KPa varying over time , used shell elements SHELL4N ,SHELL3N , ELASTIC material) but my stress values for Static (Optistruct) twice as for Dynamic (Radioss) are , but no clue. my questions 1,have i used correct element /Materials for above analysis? 2.Since analysis id of very thin plastic elements , do i need use any other elements /material for Radioss? Any help is much appreciated. Regards Kash
  9. Radioss V14.0 error

    Hi I have sent Radioss file for your ref. Please check Regards Kash
  10. Radioss V14.0 error

    Hi All I am running simple model of plastic bag (subjected to pressure) and in contact with steel plate. I am using TYPE-7 contact (Plastic bag nodes as slave & Steel Plate as Master). When i submit my run to Radioss solver i am getting below 2 error message. 1.ERROR ID : 69 ** ERROR IN TH SELECTION (ELEMENT) DESCRIPTION : -- THGROUP ID : 1 -- THGROUP TITLE : output TH ELEMENT SELECTION ID=7544 DOES NOT EXIST 2. ERROR ID : 79 ** ERROR : DUPLICATE ID DESCRIPTION : IN TH GROUP NUMBER : 0 ID=0 is DUPLICATED Any suggestion/help highly appreciated. Regards Kash