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  1. Explicit dynamic analysis

    Thanks George Can you tell me how to do that Radioss integration.
  2. Explicit dynamic analysis

    Hi, I have set up model with all card image in optistruct for my problem. I want to perform explicit dynamic analysis on it. So please tell me how to define card image for explicit dynamics analysis. Also, share link for some tutorial. I found one loadstep called geom explicit dynamics. can you tell me how to use that.
  3. Modal analysis

    Hi, I have performed modal analysis of part by using EIGRL card image. I have extracted 50 modes. In output file it is showing frequency,eigen value and generalized mass. what is this eigen value. I want to find out natural frequencies but I am confused which are that natural frequencies,frequency column or eigen value column. please reply.
  4. Rigid body elements

    Hello, I want to use Rigid body elements as Multi point constraint. But, I am confused whether to use RBE2 or RBE3 element. Can anybody tell me where generally RBE2 and RBE3 elements are used.
  5. Pressure loading

    Hi, I am using PLOAD4 card image for pressure loading on surface. Pressure is applied by selecting surface. But, if I decrease pressure magnitude deflection is increasing instead of decreasing . what may be the cause for this. can anybody explain this. Also, if we apply pressure on surface how it is applied on each element.
  6. results probe

    Thanks for information rahul. But, can I find out result at each definite distance.
  7. results probe

    Hi, I want to plot result of deflection of cantilever beam with respect to distance from fixed point. So, how to plot graph of deflection result. please reply.
  8. System collector

    thanks prakash. Do you know how this system collector helps in composite analysis or when to use this system collector.
  9. System collector

    Hello, Can anybody tell me how to create system in system collector. I want to create system at the various nodes.
  10. Pressure loading

    Hi, can anyone help me with pressure loading. I have applied pressure with PLOAD4 card image. But, it is asking for break anglre. Please tell me what is that break angle. Thanks.
  11. Spring element

    Hi prakash, I am not able to find out where is card edit for CBUSH. Because PBUSH card image is applied in property and same property is applied to spring component I have created. can you tell where to find it . thanks
  12. Spring element

    Hi, Can anybody tell me where to use spring element. I have created spring element with CBUSH card image and in property I have given PBUSH to spring element. I have given stiffness value in K1,K2,K3 and rigid value in k4,k5,k6. But it is showing following error in solving. Also, can anybody tell what is analogy of spring element in optistruct.
  13. Tie contact

    thank you prakash.
  14. Tie contact

    Hello, can anyone tell me what is SRCHDIS value in tie contact. Also, what is it's default value and in which condition it's default value is changed. Thanks.
  15. Tie contact

    Hi, can anyone tell me what is SRCHDIS value in tie contact when and in which condition this value is used. And what is it's by default value.