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  1. Hi Friends, how to assign the steady state transient thermal analysis result which as done in the 1st loadcase/subcase to followed by the 2nd load case of Structural transient analysis. Problem description: Bracket component which is under the structural transient load and also linear steady state heat conduction ( i need to club the load case of OS-1080 and OS-1315 for the same component) i kindly request your suggestion. Regards Vinay Patel
  2. displacement result in direct transient analysis

    hi akash, Can you share the modified file of modal transient analysis.
  3. Hello sir I’m working on a structural transient analysis and I’m facing some doubts. I kindly request for your suggestion. Similar to OS-1315: Modal Transient Dynamic Analysis of a Bracket Input: I’m working on the bracket which is of 2mm thickness. Constrain and excitation is at the same point of location(bolt connection) Acceleration 50g Nominal shock duration = 11ms nominal shock shape = half sine In OptiStruct: In TIME STEP load collector i have used N=100 and increment=0.00011 (I have considered 100 steps for the time of 0.011seconds) In TABLED1 load collector i have assigned x1=0 ,y=0, x2=0.0055, y=50, x3=0.011,y=0 In SPCD load collector i have assigned x=9810 (applying only along x direction) In TLOAD1 load collector i have used Type=Acceleration Please let me know whether the input i have assigned is right are not. Regards Vinay
  4. How to convert hyperform .sta file (deformed part) to Optistruct .fem file, because I need to do modal analysis of that deformed part in Optistruct user profile.
  5. Hi Sir, I have deleted setting files and tried again, but I'm getting the same problem.
  6. Hi friends I'm practicing the incremental analysis(User process,HF-3002) tutorial in Hyperform, but I'm getting error like "hm_getvalue : Sets with 139 is not a valid entity" while creating drawbeads. please find the attached image for further reference and do the needful. Thank you Regards Vinay Patel