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  1. acoustic analysis

    Hello, I want to analyse the sound radiated by the propeller. How should I go about this? Do you have any tutorials related to this?
  2. optimization of composites

    Let me introduce myself again. I am viketh from RVCE solar car team. We design and build solar electric vehicle. This time we incorporating monocoque concept in which vehicle will be made from carbon fibre. Structural parts will be made from composite sandwich panel. In structural parts there are ribs and spars of sandwich panel. Since car run only on available sun power, car has to lightweight. Since design consists of compex structure, I am unable to define composites with sublaminate and I also need help in deciding the boundary conditions in shape and shuffle optimization. It will be very helpful if someone can assist in project.
  3. optimization of composites

    Hi Currently I am working on a analysis of monocoque carbon fibre four wheeler vehicle. I am facing difficulties in pre processing and post processing of composites. It will be very helpful if expert assist in project. I am currently staying in Bengaluru.
  4. composites

    how do i define composites for T or I sections.
  5. 2 d meshing

    one surface failed to mesh
  6. how can i model a slab of different thickness with composites

  7. how to obtain stiffness and flexural rigidity of a sandwich panel

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    2. viketh



      I am working on modal analysis of propeller.

      Hence I need to find  natural frequencies of propeller in damped condition.

      I need help in defining MFLUID interface to propeller. 

    3. viketh


      where can i find mfluid option in optistruct


    4. viketh


      can anyone help with this