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  1. displacement result in direct transient analysis

    hi, pfa modal_trans.fem
  2. displacement result in direct transient analysis

    Hi, thanks for the reply. if you see my model, i have not applied any load after 0.8 sec. still there is an increase in displacement. so if you take the final displacement 4.27mm , which is very high as compared to the load applied. that means, the displacement is neither steady nor damped and the result is completely wrong. again if you run the same model with modal transient analysis, damping is working. so my query is, how can i apply proper damping in direct transient anlysis. for your information, i have attached the result from modal transient analysis.
  3. displacement result in direct transient analysis

    hi, PFA updated.fem
  4. displacement result in direct transient analysis

    hi, i have already run that. and i got the 1st mode at 21.7 hz. then i converted it into radians per seconds and applied the same value at PARAM, W3 along with PARAM, G. But still, it is not damping. so, i would like to know the procedure what i followed is correct or not. regards akash
  5. displacement result in direct transient analysis

    Hi, from help file - w3 is the frequency of interest. but how can we calculate this value? is it the 1st natural frequency?
  6. displacement result in direct transient analysis

    Hi, Thanks for the reply. I changed the tstep time to 10 sec and ran the analysis. and got following results. my query is why there is no damping in displacement even if the load is zero.
  7. Hi, i was trying to run direct transient analysis for a simple model. while checking the displacement, i got a continuous displacement as shown in fig. as you can see here, the displacement keeps on increasing . but after 0.8 sec, the load in the table is zero. i have also attached .fem file for your reference. Regards Akash trans.fem
  8. Selection of surface

    Hi all, In hypermesh, is there any option to select only the visible Surfaces , similar to the selection of visible elements? (Don't confuse with displayed option).
  9. Error while publishing to PPT

    Dear all i want to publish the results to ppt. but while publishing, i got one error message which is shown in fig. how can i solve this ? awaiting your reply ! regards akash