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  1. Increase resource allocation for faster preprocessing

    Nice box But I don't think Hypermesh's interactive session can use more than 1 cpu. Your CPU is good for a server, but not really cool for a workstation. So if you wan accelerate your work, try another CPU with freq >= 3.5GHz
  2. Determine max./min. element and node ids

    You can "renumbering" element/node ID to control min/max.
  3. Topology optimization

    Yes, that's theory But in your FEM, do you define as "non design" component?
  4. Increase resource allocation for faster preprocessing

    "couple minutes" is NOT long time. But "couple hours" maybe. Could you share more about your hardware? CPU intel? AMD? i5?i7? GHz? RAM? memory freq? GPU?
  5. Look like .... homework ???
  6. Meshing exterior acoustic cavity for a motor assembly

    Sorry, I have NO your model, so I can't help. Don't forget that script is not always the best solution.
  7. Changing Contour Plot in Hyperview Player v14.0

    Maybe try with the newer version, like 2017?
  8. Problems with the order of nodes

    Working directly with node/elems numbering maybe is not a good idea by the sense of numerical method. You have already some tools like set/group for this.
  9. Effect of RBE3s on stiffness

    RBE3 element has NO stiffness. If you wan to add stiffness, try rod,bar, beam,...
  10. Pressure

    The meshes should be similar. From Ansys export to file as format: x-coordinate , y-coordinate, z-coordinate, pressure From Hypermesh, use method "linear interpolation" from file to map pressure to Hypermesh mesh.
  11. Surfaces failed to mesh

    A lot of work should give to geometry preparing work. What type of solid element you will make? Tetra mesh? If yes, why you make "quad" surface mesh?
  12. Pressure

    Yes, we can!
  13. tetramesh

    Error message? Share HM model?
  14. wing rib

    Tools => edges => Select elems => modify "tolerance" if necessary => equivalence
  15. wing rib

    Just do equivalent of nodes.