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  1. How many elements do you have within this component?
  2. Show your "dat" files and explain us their content?
  3. Buckling Analysis of Paper box

    Sorry, I don't think you need an "elasto plastic" material for ... paper! I think all you need is "linear buckling" analysis. So look for elastic material. Due to structure of paper box, maybe you need composite model?
  4. Multi Solid Meshing: Cylinder + Plate

    Don't split in CAD software. You need to do directly within Hypermesh to work with meshing operations.
  5. Multi Solid Meshing: Cylinder + Plate

    No, not need to merge solids.
  6. Buckling Analysis of Paper box

    My question: Can you do "buckling analysis" with simple beam analytically? Do you have some theorical knowledge about this suject before doing with numerical?
  7. Error #9012 writing .h3d file

    Hi, In your output file: And more: You have only 14GB RAM, so solver should run "Out of Core" solution. Even with this method, the minimum memory is almost your max ram. So I think you need more RAM to solve this run.
  8. Ge Bracket challenge

    You're wrong here. That's solid nodes which have not rotational DoF, not solid elements !
  9. Shell Meshing with Varying Thickness

    Beware: If your structure is too complex to extract Mid-surfaces and the thickness varies too much, maybe SHELL modelisation is NOT so good.
  10. Ge Bracket challenge

    How you can apply the load for Loadcase 1 & 2 ?
  11. Hypermesh to ansys APDL (Geometry and elements)

    Mesh and CAD are NOT the same, you can not save them into the same format for APDL. Do export separately.
  12. HM command recorder

    Which version of Hypermesh do you use? "command.cmf" is OLD release.
  13. Detecting Unconnected rigids

    You're doing that with TCL script?
  14. Multi Solid Meshing: Cylinder + Plate

    Thank to symmetry, we work only with 1/8 Splitting plate surface Mesh 1/4 circle area (of plate) and named "2D_1" component: Mesh all surface: Make 3D mesh of Cylinder part by using "drag elem" Get 3D mesh of Cylinder Drag elem (2D_1 and 2D_2) to make 3D mesh of plate: Get 3D mesh of plate: Make symmetrical operation: And finally make equivalent of nodes: The final mesh: HM Model: Square_Cyinder2.hm HTH,
  15. Multi Solid Meshing: Cylinder + Plate

    My method is just to make the mesh. After that, you can organize whatever you want (component, material,....) Another method: Split surface of square plat by circle of cylinder. Make the mesh of cylinder firstly. Extract surface mesh of cylinder and mesh the surface of plate by fixing the same number of elements. Extrude 2D mesh to obtain 3D mesh of plate Equivalent of nodes if necessary.