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  1. Importing Sketch

    i have tried importing using all the supported formats,but none of them is exporting the same. "in most of them an empty file error is coming up " for doing 1-D mesh on chassis ,should i make the complete model in hyperworks itself?
  2. Importing Sketch

    How can i import a sketch of a cad model . For eg : i made a roll cage structure ,now to proceed with 1-D mesh i just need the lines. how can i convert the roll cage structure to a line sketch. I use Solidworks for CAD modelling.
  3. topology optimization

    Can you please tell the procedure, how to allign the model with respect to the global axis in hypermesh.
  4. topology optimization

    by appropriate i meant,it is removing material from places where by practical experience i can definitely say it shouldn't . i am also doubtful about the constraints i have applied ,in this model as the axis of rotation is neither x,y nor z . so which DOF should i select in the constraints panel. the largest hole has to be bolted,which will prevent its translation motion,but will only allow rotation about an axis (marked in image ) bellcrank.hm
  5. topology optimization

    hi Prakash, thanks for the response,i overcame that problem. the model is now feasible ,but the problem now is that the material reduction is not appropriate,PFA the model and mention any changes /improvements bellcrank.rar
  6. topology optimization

    what can be the different reasons for getting "INFEASIBLE DESIGN (AT LEAST ONE CONSTRAINT VIOLATED)" error rear_bellcrank_tetra.hm
  7. how to gravitational force

    how will i add gravitational force in acusolve 13?
  8. washer mesh

    how to get this type of mesh near the washer region
  9. rigids

    i have constrained the washer region in z and x direction ! I even tried constraining the independent node but ERROR 153 shows up 1.bmp 2.bmp 3.bmp
  10. rigids

    say i am constraining a node for its translational movement,and at the same node i am applying force through a rigid,an error comes up while analysing it *** ERROR # 2110 *** The dependent d.o.f. is constrained by grid or spc data. RBE2 element id = 15188 grid id = 354 component = 1.
  11. rigids

    what is the significance of D.O.F in rigids?