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  1. Node renumbering using commands

    hi, Try these commands : *createmark nodes 1 "dispalyed" *renumbersolverid nodes 1 1000 1 0 0 0 0 0. These commands will renumber ids of all displayed nodes, start from 1000 and increase by 1. You can get more detail about commands in the Help file. One more thing, next time, if you want to know a command to do a thing in HM, you can follow this method: - Go to the working directory (usually the Document folder), delete file name command.tcl. - Perform the action you wish to know its command in Tcl. - Go back to the working directory folder and open file named command.tcl The command you need will be written in this file.
  2. Select entities in HyperView

    hi, There are too many strange commands in that script. Do you know where can I find a source that explains for these commands? I tried with Help file but got no luck.
  3. Select entities in HyperView

    HI Livil, Thank you very much for your response.
  4. Hi, Does HyperView have any tool command or tools that allow users to select entities interactively? I am looking for something similar to *createmarkpanel in HyperMesh. Thank you!
  5. element distortion in optistruct

    hi, Could you please share the FEM file ??
  6. Contact with RWALL

    Hi, As I understand what you described, it is the same like you put a box on the ground and apply force to it, is that correct ??. Try to apply SPC to all nodes on under face of your model and deselect 1st, 2nd, and 4th DOF. And please share your FEM file if possible.
  7. Constraining a hole in limited DOFs

    Hi, Have you tried to deselect 5th DOF only on constraint ???. I don't think deselect in both RBE2 and constraint is appropriate.
  8. HyperView customiztion

    One more question. I am also trying to write macro for HyperGraph 2D. I can not execute the command "SelectYComponent" to select Component for graph. Below is my code. Please give me any advice:\ set file_path "D:/P-optistruct/rs/OS-1050/dissimilar.h3d" hwi OpenStack hwi GetSessionHandle session_handle session_handle New session_handle GetProjectHandle project_handle session_handle GetClientManagerHandle plot_manager Plot project_handle GetPageHandle page_handle [project_handle GetActivePage] page_handle GetWindowHandle window_handle_2 1 page_handle SetActiveWindow 1 window_handle_2 SetClientType Plot window_handle_2 GetClientHandle client_handle_2 plot_manager GetBuildPlotsCtrlHandle build_plot build_plot SelectDataFile "$file_path" build_plot GetActiveFilename build_plot SetXDatatype "Time" build_plot SetYDatatype "Displacement" build_plot SelectYRequests {"N5"} build_plot GetComponentList "True" build_plot SelectYComponent {"X" "Y" "Z" "MAG"} build_plot GeneratePlots client_handle_2 Draw hwi CloseStack
  9. HyperView customiztion

    Thank you very much
  10. HyperView customiztion

    Thank you. I am also trying to create a GUI. I used "Keepontop" to keep the GUI window appear even when I switch to another program. This command works in HM but not in HV. Could you please show me another way to do this
  11. Hi, I am trying o write a script in HyperView. My problem is I don't know how to plot the legend. Below is my current code. I am able to apply displacement result on model but the legend doesn't show up. please give me some advice. Thank you
  12. Error loading extension

    I don't think so. it did not happen from the first. Everything was normal when I opened Flux and I still could load the extension for several of times. But after trying to do some examples as tutorials, I got that error.
  13. Error loading extension

    Hi, I am having an error with Flux. I got this error message when trying to open a certified overly (please refer to picture below): Please help me with this!
  14. hi, I got a very weird error when trying to open HM, How could I solve this. My license is standalone type license and it is a temporary license.
  15. recover MBD result for Fatigue analysis

    hi, Thank you for the respond. But I got stuck right there. When I use ASSIGN/MBDINP to point to the .mrf file, it is required to leave my model BLANK. It means I can not create any element in model if I use MBDINP. If I try to do that, there will be an error message. Since there is no element created, the set of elements could not be created also. That makes me really confused. If OptiStruct doesn't allow me to create any element in model when use MBDINP, how could I define set of element for FATDEF and also for EL2PROP