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  1. Hi, George. I'm trying to run a contact simulation but I'm having some trouble with the time steps and control cards. Can you see what's wrong with my files?


    Thanks in advance!


    1. George P Johnson

      George P Johnson

      Hi Rafael,

      I have just gone through your model. Which unit system is followed in the model?. I doubt in the unit consistency. Please let me know the unit system followed.

      And you are doing a drop test, with only gravity loading. Please create a rigid surface or a rigid wall beneath the component. 

      .The time step is also less, which you can control by /DT/NODA/CST card.

      Please note: Continue to post queries in the open forum at http://forum.altairhyperworks.com/ by selecting the appropriate solver sub forum. We will not be notified when you post queries in your profile and so we may miss the same.


    2. Rafael Aburto

      Rafael Aburto

      Hi, George. My units are mm for length, N for loads, MPa for Stress and tons for mass.


      What I'm trying to simulate is the contact between the tote and the basket components with gravity load as the only load applied.

  2. Hello, Rahul. I wonder if it is possible to run a contact simulation made on the Abaqus profile for preprocessing. I already created the .inp file and when I go to the Analysis page I click the solver button but then I don't know what to do. Thanks in advance.


    Kind regards.

  3. file.fem

    Hello. The .hm file is the file which you used for pre-processing, the .fem file is the file you need for running the job and doing the processing, and the .h3d file is the file which you can see your results (post-processing). Regards.
  4. Hello, Prakash. I want to create a tetra 3d mesh in order to use it in acuconsole for a cfd simulation, the issue is that this closed volume has a baffle inside which intersects with the closed volume. How can I use the imprimt method or what do you suggest?


    Thanks in advance. Kind regards.

  5. Hello! I wonder if you can check my model file. I am trying to do a linear anaylisis and when I run the test, the model does not recognyse my property.


    1. Prakash Pagadala

      Prakash Pagadala

      Hi @Rafael Aburto


      No property card exists in your model. Please create one and assign the same to components/elements. 

    2. Rafael Aburto

      Rafael Aburto

      Thanks! That's what I did and it fixed the problem.

  6. linear temperature as a load on nodes

    Hi, Prakash, Circuit_condut_001.outI'm also having some problems with a similar case. I leave my out and fem file if you can help me please. Circuit_condut.fem