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    Hi, Update the element types especially for the 1D elements. In the model you have sent most of them are not updated and it seems like the same throws this error. If this is not helping please share the latest model file as in the old one there are some components without any mat/prop.
  2. ERROR 760

    Hi, In the last model there are many components which are not assigned with any material or properties. Please send me the updated model file.

    Hi, Is this model converted from any other solver format?. Can you try updating the elements (2D page>>elem types>>select all elements for 1D and 2D options>>update all). If the issue persist please share the model file through the secure dropbox link.
  4. RADIOSS Johnson cook material

    Hi, I think you can use this value directly.
  5. RADIOSS curves import submodelling

    Hi, Unfortunately we don't have a direct way for this. You may have to customize this, that is create a script for this so that you can automate the process.
  6. force peak problems

    Hi, Please try these workarounds: Modify the imposed load curve as: 0 0 0.04 -125 For the rigid body master node fix all dof's except translation in Y direction. Run the model with these modifications and try plotting.
  7. SPH- Smoothed Particle Hydrodynamics

    Hi, Unfortunately there are some issues related with "Exclude enclosed" option in HyperMesh and our developers are working on it to get in fixed in the next release. As for now, you have to create SPH elements throughout the box and manually delete those inside the pipe surface.
  8. RADIOSS curves import submodelling

    Hi, You can import the curve in .txt (save the excel as .txt after exporting from HyperGraph) format in HyperMesh for RADIOSS user profile. The steps to import curve is as below:
  9. Hello sir,

          i have one doubt. i do 3D mesh in hypermesh . i give TIE contact for assembled part. when i import .inp file to abacus analysis  the beleow mentioned error occurd in abacus .

    ·        WARNING in the keyword "*tie", file="job.inp", line=412967: Unknown assembly level surface shaft

    please help me how to remove the error.

  10. Von Mises Strain in Tendon

    Hi, Unfortunately there is no direct way to output strain results for spring elements. You may have to manually calculate this. From the /TH/SPRING you can get the elongation of each spring element in required direction.
  11. force peak problems

    Hi, Please find the model which is compatible with 14 version. 2018_Revised1.1.hm
  12. Von Mises Strain in Tendon

    Hi, We can't extract stress/strain results for spring elements. For extracting these a geometry is required, as an example stress is force/area, and since no geometry is there for spring elements it's not possible. Forces do exist for spring elements which you can extract using the time history (/TH/SPRING) file.
  13. Adjusting mesh size in selected areas of a 3D object

    Hi, The above mentioned tutorial is a pdf file and I'm attaching the same for your future references. Tutorial_steering_wheel_tetra1-updated.pdf
  14. force peak problems

    Hi, Can you try with the attached model?. The model set up looks fine but I made some slight modifications with the contact and also I removed one boundary condition. 2018_Revised1.1.hm
  15. Stress mapping for explicit

    Hi, This seems to be some issue with the .sta file. How did you generate the .sta file for this run?. Please go through http://altairuniversity.com/wp-content/uploads/2013/12/StateFile_1200.pdf which shows creating .sta in RADIOSS run.