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  1. h3d file not generating

    Hi, From the BCs Manager please review the /IMPDISP load created and ensure that the node/node group is selected properly for applying the load. If you are applying on a rigid body apply the load onto the master node of the rigid body. I presume that there are penetrations in interfaces. Please depenetrate them and try running. The below post shows the same: If the issue is persisting please share the model file.
  2. HM file for Crash Analysis Pre - Processor setup using Hypermesh

    Hi, The model file shown in page 388 of RADIOSS ebook is not a public model. And unfortunately we will not be able to share the same model file. For practice we have another full car crash model. You can download the same from: https://forum.altairhyperworks.com/index.php?/topic/19916-radioss-full-car-crash-model/
  3. h3d file not generating

    Hi, I doubt whether there is any kind of 'movement' happening in the model. Can you please upload the animation file in HyperView and check the model behavior?. What kind of analysis you are performing?. Also, high energy error from first cycle is not normal. We need to check the model. Also check whether there are any penetrations in the model. Is there are any warnings listed in the starter out file?.
  4. h3d file not generating

    Hi, Ensure you have recalled the functions for /MAT/LAW36. Also, please run the model checker (Tools>>Model Checker) so that it will list out the possible modelling errors.
  5. h3d file not generating

    Hi, I doubt with the material cards defined. Can you please recheck the materials in the model (/MAT/LAW36). If issue persist please share the model file so that we can review the file.
  6. h3d file not generating

    Hi, Did the solver generate a starter out (_0000.out) file?. If so please share the same. If not, please share the model file.
  7. freeze contact in radioss

    Hi, When a contact is defined, that is once these master slave sets are identified the algorithm will check these locations for potential penetration of a slave node through a master segment, and this check is done in every time step and so there will not be much difference in computation time.
  8. Buckling Analysis of Paper box

    Hi, I'm not sure whether fabric material can be used for modelling paper. But do you have all the inputs for this material law?. If you have, then you can give a try.
  9. freeze contact in radioss

    Hi, For creating a self interface in RADIOSS you can use Type 7 interface. Choose same components for the master and slave while defining Type 7 interface.

    Hi, Go to delete option (F2) and choose elems from the selector ,choose by id option, provide the element id and select delete.

    Hi, As Nachiket mentioned please check the element quality, especially check the element with id 2548 which seems to have a bad 'shape'. You can try deleting this element and try running.
  12. Result without BCs

    Hi Raphael, Fix these two sides and run the analysis. But still I presume some time step drop will be there. Since the model gives high deformation (as the rigid wall has high mass) the time step will drop, else you have to try providing some failure parameters. Regarding /AMS: Advanced Mass Scaling or AMS is a time step control method, where AMS allows setting the time step to a higher value than the usual elementary or nodal time step during the run. By using this keyword users can run the model quicker than the normal run time. You can remove the /AMS keyword from the deck file and also from engine file you can remove /DT/AMS so that the model will take the default time step and will run.
  13. Improper force pattern for interference fit problem.

    Hi, Received your files. We will review and will update you very soon.
  14. Strange BC Issue

    Hi Jonas, We will check the model and will update soon.
  15. Screw Into Material

    Hi Jonas, You can try with the above approach or you can introduce a failure property card also. Can you share a snapshot of the model setup, so that I'll check and let you know any other possibilities.