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  1. I have a full vehicle with Body, Chassis, Suspension, Axle, Cabin, Floor, Roof, Glass, Windshield, Tyre, etc.. in actual manner as in complete assembly. 2D components are present. Now I want to create 3D in a single component for all the 2D components for my analysis. I don't have enough time to mesh all components in 3D & connect. I want to transform the 2D comp to 3D, the may be I can connect all the solids together into 1 component. Please suggest an option. Is there any Batchmesh available or may be tcl script? The Sample 3D model pic is shared for reference. I want the same thing.
  2. Frequency Response Analysis

    Hi, Prakash, Thanks for reply. But FREQ4 card only takes care of frequency spread over the centre frequency of computation. I want to control the rate of sine sweep in the time domain, hence the rate 1Hz/min or 1Hz/sec is important for my analysis which I am not able to do in frequency response analysis. Need your suggestions...
  3. Frequency Response Analysis

    I am trying to use DELAY CARD but i am unable to use that specific 1hz/min rate..... even if i create load collector , how to use proper card for constraints or some other functionary card is there for representing time???
  4. Frequency Response Analysis

    Hi Rahul thanks for reply....but the thing is like i am able to give excitation over a certain frequency range with a const. damping in Modal frequency response & plot it... Additionally i need to apply the rate 1Hz/min..... i guess some time step or time domain card is needed which i am unable to input.....may be i need to refer Transient Dynamic analysis.......i have no issue with optistruct also...but Nastran will be better for me.
  5. Frequency Response Analysis

    How to perform simulation (Nastran) on a system by applying a sinusoidal load of 0.1g which swept from 10-50 Hz which varies at rate of 1Hz/min ??? How to use the Time domain in solver deck? In Modal Frequency Response i don't use varying rate (1 Hz/min) . So please let me know how to apply the time here.....!!!
  6. Best practice to solve issues with solid mesh

    i guess you should go for by attached 2-3 times for failed elements, then you simply do tetra re-mesh with 0.1(say) tet collapse criteria. For tetra i don't think you should worry much.
  7. PSD in hypermesh

    I have one more query; i have FFT data of acceleration time signal on different locations of IP (instrumental panel). How to use this data in modal frequency response (MFRA) analysis in Hypermesh? Thanks in advance.
  8. PSD in hypermesh

    Thank you very much Prakash Sir...it was very helpful...
  9. PSD in hypermesh

    I already have PSD data...so can i import this data in Hypermesh? ..if so how....
  10. PSD in hypermesh

    actually i have actual road load data. now i want to import in hypermesh to get actual simulation. plz guide.
  11. PSD in hypermesh

    can anyone tell me how to import PSD data(Power spectral density) in Hypermesh12 or 13. ..actually i want to apply actual load to the assembly.