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  1. Hi, Is need to extract mid surface of sheet metal for gauge optimisation?? here optimisation is performing on shelf assembly, shelf pan has bends and holes. since all mid surfaces are not importing. how to import all mid surfaces without loss?? Thanks and regards Narasimhamurthy
  2. How to apply torque/moment.

  3. How to apply torque/moment.

    yes, Direction is good but rotating point is different.
  4. How to apply torque/moment.

    Block is not rotating about rigid body master node axis, where we specified torque. Rigid body moved near to block.
  5. How to apply torque/moment.

    Please find attached starter and engine files. crash0_0000.rad crash0_0001.rad
  6. How to apply torque/moment.

    yes, have applied in concentrated load only.
  7. How to apply torque/moment.

    Hi, I have created a block with Hexa elements and shell elements with rigid body at 1 mm distance from block. please find attached image file. Block is going to impact over rigid shell with 50 N-mm of torque. Type-7 contact is defined between block and shell elements. problem is solving without error but in contour plot rigid body moved near to block and block is swinging. as shown in below picture. is there any method to define torque in Radioss? Thanks and Regards Narasimhamurthy
  8. Exercise_6.1_Crush_Tube_Interface_Parameters

    Thank you very much. In initial velocity load collector, I have assigned GROUND-COMP SET in ground id, here set was created by COMPONENTS entity. now changed to GROUND NODE set and set created by NODES entity. it is working.
  9. Exercise_6.1_Crush_Tube_Interface_Parameters

    Hi velocity is -13.3 m/sec in Z-direction. please find attached starter file. TubeCrush_0000.rad
  10. Exercise_6.1_Crush_Tube_Interface_Parameters

    Hi, Followed all procedures as given in tutorial. But tube is not crushing and also not showing any error. please find attached images and output file. what are the changes need to make??? Thanks and Regards Narasimhamurthy TubeCrush_0001.out a.avi Exercise_6.1-Interface_Parameters_on_Crush_Tube-HyperMesh.pdf
  11. Buckling analysis

    Hi, Performing buckling analysis in Optistuct, but showing error as shown in below picture. please give suggestions, how to solve this error. Thanks and Regards, Narasimhamurthy
  12. Buckling analysis

    Please check drop box, i have sent .fem file.
  13. Buckling analysis

    Hi, There is no free nodes. Assigned one All DOF constrained through RBE2.
  14. Buckling analysis

    Hi, I am trying to do buckling analysis with 100 N compression load and 1800 mm length model. The model has Foam and HLP material and both material components contacted with Freeze contact. but results are not good, showing Lanczos solver warnnings. Lanczos solver warnnings for eigenvalue subcase 2. - At some point in the process, an inconsistent inertial count was found. This implies that some of the calculated frequencies may be inaccurate, especially the duplicated frequencies. To avoid this, specify both bounds and keep the bound away from the currently calculated frequencies. *** warning *** the rayleigh quotient x'kx / x' kd x for the 1-th eigenvector does not match the computed eigenvalue lambda ( 1) : 4.60386096283964D-01 x' k x : 9.99991771675112D-01 x' kd x : 6.74831158344970D-02 discrepancy : 9.68931456093804D-01 eigenvalues and eigenvector residuals ------------------------------------- eigenvalues norm of estimated (radian/sec)**2 residual accuracy --------------- -------- --------- 4.60386096283964D-01 1.2687D-01 1.2687D-01 (Scratch disk space usage for starting iteration = 227816 MB) Subcase: 1 -------------------------------------------------------------------------- Label x-force y-force z-force x-moment y-moment z-moment -------------------------------------------------------------------------- Sum-App. 0.000E+00 0.000E+00 -1.000E+02 -3.353E+04 4.001E+04 0.000E+00 Sum-SPCF 5.472E-06 5.587E-05 1.000E+02 3.353E+04 -4.001E+04 2.051E-02 -------------------------------------------------------------------------- Please give suggestion, how to solve this warning? Thanks and regards Narasimhamurthy
  15. Rivet joint analysis

    Here no retention load. only tensile load. please find attached model files. rivet.zip