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  1. I think user posted this question earlier and wants further help on same topic.
  2. Beam Optimisation using Hyperstudy

    Did you try with parametrization option?Please refer below online tutorial step 1 to have required parameter as DV. HS-4200: Material Calibration Using System Identification
  3. Hyperview and hypergraph results mismatch

    I suggest to post process result in Hyperview using transient animation mode for acceleration.
  4. Plot eigenvectors

    One of my colleague suggested to extract output in punch format. This should fetch result in expected format.PFA screenshot for your reference. Control cards:Output:Set keyword to punch and set Freq to all
  5. Distance between two nodes as Output Response

    Thanks for sharing files.If possible please share .h3d file(result file) of the run.We will get back to you once we get any info.
  6. Output Data to Excel

    Please look in to Altair Script exchange for your requirement. https://connect.altair.com/CP/kb-view.html?kb=41070
  7. Output Data to Excel

    Did you try export curve in HyperGraph?
  8. Linear Superposition

    just click on yes to export deformed shape as .stl format.Above warning message is in the context of deformed panel usage while post processing.I guess you simply want stl file,so just define path to save file in stl format and save file.
  9. Distance between two nodes as Output Response

    Is the forming simulation done using Radioss? I think we can avoid gap in the corner areas at the forming stage. If possible, please share all forming file (.rad file and result file) for better understanding.After understanding the entire process, we would comment you on the HyperStudy part.
  10. Abnormal termination of Optimisation

    Please find below comment from my colleague to retrieve old run For the abnormal termination, you need to do the following: Right click on the previously aborted optimization, select Copy (it will create a new optimization approach, a copy of the previous one) Then in Specifications, click on More... and enable Use Inclusion Matrix Without initial Once Inclusion matrix option is enabled click on Edit Matrix at the top right corner Click on Inclusion Matrix -> Import values-> select Approach evaluation data -> select Optimization 1 (the stopped one) and import the runs already done After this, the runs that have already solved will be included in the new optimization approach will not be lost.
  11. H3D visualization damaged

    I do see elements getting distorted in HyperView.I guess it should be modelling issue or while preprocessing you may have change element formulation. Moving your query to Radioss forum for further feedback on output.
  12. Abnormal termination of Optimisation

    Please take look in to online help document for termination of GRSM based optimization. Meanwhile I will check for some best practices GRSM based optimization and alternate solution your query. GRSM.pdf
  13. Output

    Thanks for the update.Please make practice of creating new post for any new query.
  14. Output

    Sorry for the late reply. Could you please share input deck for the better understanding?
  15. Distance between two nodes as Output Response

    Thanks for sharing information. I will check internally and update you same.
  16. Pick an element

    Did you try by picking element by id ?Extended entity selection contains various option for picking elements. PFA screenshot for same.
  17. Error while publishing to PPT

    Could you try by setting below environment variable in your machine. Variable Name: HW_LEGACY_PPT_PUBLISHING Variable Value: 1
  18. Distance between two nodes as Output Response

    Please share more details about the problem definition and approach followed currently . Do you want to optimize displacement? In what format you are importing design variable inside HyperStudy?
  19. Normal Stress in Solid and Shell Model

    I think results are intended .We will not get same stress results for shell and solid modelling approach. After run for solid model I see Stress XX as 12.6mpa and for shell as 13.4mpa. I am moving this query to OptiStruct section for further modelling and analysis clarification.
  20. Number of plies as variable

    Discrete variables can only take values defined by the user such as number of bolts, specific values of thickness.
  21. create curve from Hyperview

    PFA video for same. Tracking_system_with_distance_measure.mp4
  22. Thanks for the update.Does your other query of no of plies as DV is still open?
  23. could you share .hm file for better understanding?Above attached png file is not available for view and download.
  24. create curve from Hyperview

    Did you try measure option with use tracking checkbox on : create curve. Please refer attached screenshot.
  25. Force vs Displacement Curve

    Please refer the video shared in below post.