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  1. Rahul R


    Do you want to trim curve for transient response analysis output in HyperGraph? If so, then please refer tutorial HG-1020: Modifying Plots (step 5)
  2. You can draw line with line and polyline option in Inspire. You can ensure the straightening of line while drawing line in the sketch plane. Whenever line is straight it shows - sign on the centre of line.
  3. Rahul R

    How to export ST inspire to *.fem file?

    This issue happens only when a user does Fem Export from the Optimize window (with default model name) for models with really long names. Possible solution would be to get the short-names.If still face same issue, share .stmod file with secure file transfer available in my signature.
  4. Rahul R

    Linear Transient Heat Transfer Analysis problem

    Radiation is not yet supported in OptiStruct. You can consider conduction and convection.
  5. Rahul R

    Analysis Failure - geometry failure

    Could you share the original CAD file in CAD format. Unfortunately above shared file is corrupted. I unable to open same in latest version 2018.2.
  6. Rahul R

    Doubt with SPC in heat transfer (Steady State)

    You can use TEMPD in Linear static case.
  7. Rahul R

    Optimization of Vehicle Dynamics for Student Racing Cars

    As per video at 37 minute presenter try to carryout nominal run for the baseline model. The reason for using the equation is explained at the 38th minute where presenter shows original curve and trying to achieve closeness to the target curve with equation.
  8. Rahul R

    Honeycomb modelling with tetrahedron elements

    Below info is just for your information. For simplicity sake you can also model such structure with shell element.Please find below details in below location for crash box simulation using Radioss. https://altairuniversity.com/conceptual-design-of-a-3-wheeler-motorbike/conceptual-design-of-a-3-wheeler-motorbike-crash-box-analysis/
  9. Rahul R

    Error 402 FRF analysis

    In F1 could you set frequency as fundamental frequency or 1
  10. Rahul R

    Rotate components with respesct to input parameter

    Are you doing any (shape variable with HyperMorph) optimization study with HyperStudy? Please share more information on this topic.
  11. Rahul R

    Error 14 issues optistruct analysis, Simlab Model

    Thanks for sharing files. I see you have created contact in all regions with sliding contact type . Please define contact using join and separate option with freeze contact type.You can refer online videos from SimLab learning centre. Let me know if you need any further help on this topic.
  12. Rahul R

    Heat transfer analysis

    Are you facing the error 5099 in your model after run. If so, please rename Load Collector name 1 as SPC and change Load collector id of Tempd1 Load collector as 14. small.fem
  13. Rahul R

    Error 402 FRF analysis

    Please make sure to set type as acceleration in Rload1 card. If possible share .out or .fem file to take a quick look. Download free eBook for Dynamic analysis using OptiStruct using below link. https://altairuniversity.com/free-ebook-learn-dynamic-analysis-with-altair-optistruct/
  14. Rahul R

    Heat transfer analysis

    You can run heat transfer analysis using OptStruct. If possible share the input deck (.fem file).
  15. Rahul R

    Error 14 issues optistruct analysis, Simlab Model

    Did you hide any body or part during the export? Please share .slb file to take quick look in to your model.