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  1. Rahul R

    Tsai Wu and Hashin failure theories result in Hyperview

    Both failure theories post processing is supported in HyperView.Please define required /ANIM/SHELL in the engine.
  2. Rahul R

    Section view

    Please refer HV 5020 tutorial. HV-5020 Tracking Entities during Animation.pdf
  3. Desired shape change of cross member can be done using morphing>create 3 shape variables for cross member and export as tpl file.(By default after importing tpl file the mode would be set to continuous) You can refer HS-4420 tutorial.Once you have all 3 DV in HyperStudy, then by performing nominal run you can have frequency as response. Then further you can perform DOE and Optimization.
  4. Rahul R

    How to draw bolt pretension in HyperGraph

    Please make sure to load the result file with Advanced result math template option in HyperView.
  5. Rahul R

    Section view

    Please refer attached pdf from HyperView online help. HV-5000.pdf Section cut panel.pdf
  6. Rahul R

    How to draw bolt pretension in HyperGraph

    To get the forces (for specific nodes) , can you try using the FBD tool in HV. You would need to have an op2 result file to visualize the same. You could even punch out the forces as a csv file. I am attaching the relevant document FYR. Free Body Diagrams (FBD).pdf
  7. Rahul R

    How to draw bolt pretension in HyperGraph

    If you want to get reaction forces using OptiStruct, then please add SPCF anf GPFORCE cards from Analysis page>> Control cards>> Global output request.
  8. Rahul R

    How to draw bolt pretension in HyperGraph

    You need to plot the pretension force at the SPOINT node, only then will it give the pretension force. You can get the SPOINT node id from your pret file or out file.
  9. Rahul R

    MSC Fatigue Result File

    Can you share any of these files? Are they binary or ascii based? We can try converting or processing thru HWASCII reader. This supports as well appending of CSV file – assuming the MSC tool could as well support such export format.
  10. PFA pdf from the OptiStruct online help. SIMP.pdf
  11. Rahul R

    Error while publishing to PPT

    Please install HyperWorks Desktop 2017.2.2.PFA screenshot from release notes of HyperWorks Desktop 2017.2.2.
  12. Rahul R

    How to draw bolt pretension in HyperGraph

    As an alternate option, please request OLOAD output (along with NLOUT), then you can plot the applied forces (pretension force at the SPOINT node) from h3d file.