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  1. gopal_rathore

    Accelerometer data using CFC 60 filter

    Hi, Yes I did it with same Thank you
  2. gopal_rathore

    Accelerometer data using CFC 60 filter

    Hi, I am using an accelerator based sensor . In the help cur off frequency is based on SAE 1000 filter . My experimental data is int the form of CFC 60. Kindly let me know how to introduce CFC 60 filter in my sensor settings or can we convert curve based on CFC60 settings? Thank you
  3. Hi, You need to make an output block of parts i.e TH/PART Select the components with card image as PART and give output variable as DEF This will give strain energy of the particular component in Time history file i.e T01 file
  4. gopal_rathore

    Error in T01 file

    Hi, Thank you. Let me know when you get an update on this
  5. gopal_rathore

    Error in T01 file

    Hi, File has been sent Kindly check
  6. gopal_rathore

    Error in T01 file

    Hi, I am facing issue in opening T01 fiile of a run. it is saying " Unable to recognise . T01 file. I have tried by renaming also, it did not work. Is this due to file getting corrupted?. How can this be avoided
  7. gopal_rathore


    Hi, Please check the folder , there you will see A001 and A002 files. These are animation and needs to be opened in Hyperview T01 files represent the time history output. This needs to be opened in hypergraph
  8. gopal_rathore


    Hi, Share 0001.out files and 0001. rad file also
  9. gopal_rathore

    Defining COG Point

    Go to post>summary Then load the solver profile and the centre of gravity under the same With this you can view the centre of gravity value of the model or part etc. and compare it with the given data of cg coordinates
  10. gopal_rathore

    Script for changing dof of rbe2

    Hi, I wanted to know if we have any script to change d.o.f of rbe 2 elements in one go in optistruct
  11. gopal_rathore

    Material card for Sand

    Hi, I have worked on security bollards which is similar to this. I my case I had concrete foundation which is made by digging a pit and then pouring concrete Are the guard rails also in the concrete and then we have an interface with sand? For concrete: MAT LAW 24 will work and for sand MAT LAW 21 can be used.
  12. gopal_rathore


    Can you elaborate more on this like are you seeing no velocity in animation files? Check energy plots also. Can you share the model file
  13. gopal_rathore

    ERROR 760

    Hi, Kindly share .out files
  14. gopal_rathore


    Yes this is condition where you will have constant velocity right from starting i.e t-=0 If you increase the velocity with time use 2nd curve I have shown above
  15. gopal_rathore


    Hi, You need to define a curve for this.. Go to XY plots>Curve Editor and then make curve as foll. If constant angular velocity at t=0 x y 0.0 -314.152 0.1 -314.52 If angular velocity is rising with time: x y 0.0 0.0 0.1 -314.52 For direction i.e XX, YY, ZZ you can use either global coordinate system or local coordinate system