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  1. Quasistatic analysis of metal honeycomb

    Hi, Please share animation file of it. Also data for comparison with experimental testing like Force vs displacement curve, final deformed shape in experimental testing etc. Also check unit consistency .
  2. Quasistatic analysis of metal honeycomb

    Hi, Please find the attachment
  3. Quasistatic analysis of metal honeycomb

    Hi, You need to take material properties of material i.e a fresh sample . If you have reference graph of it mark the yield point and strain value on graph. Make this as your point on graph by making strain zero and keeping the yield value as it is
  4. Quasistatic analysis of metal honeycomb

    Hi, It seems you have given only displacement/velocity to the impactor. You also need to constraint in all directions except the direction of motion. Then this will not happen
  5. Example 14 - Truck with Flexible Body

    Hi @George P Johnson Thank you for update
  6. Example 14 - Truck with Flexible Body

    Hi @George P Johnson Any update on this. Thank you
  7. Example 14 - Truck with Flexible Body

    Hi, Please check the attached .gif file. You can see the rear suspension coming out during impact, I have run thew same file as in help Thank you
  8. Example 14 - Truck with Flexible Body

    Hi @George P JohnsonI was trying to use the truck FEA model available model in Example -14.(truck with flexible body), for a crash run but it seems the model is not connected properly. I ran the model and saw that the rear suspension assembly is not intact with chassis Kindly let me know if you have update deck file of it Thank you
  9. Force-displacement curve

    Hi, Is the time completed or error came? Share the curve used for imposed displacement
  10. Weld modelling

    Hi @Sanjay Nainani Can you share some video for it Thank you
  11. Quasistatic analysis of metal honeycomb

    Hi, 1) For starting runs, you can use MAT LAW 36 itself . Also MAT 28 is compatible with solid element and you have shell element model. A you have modelled geometry as of he absorber, this should work 2) For contact you can use TYPE 7 or type 19 also 3) This seems to be ok 4) Radioss explict run will not be able to run for such long time due to time step limits. You can ramp up the imposed displacement of 23 mm in 0.3 sec and compare the results 5) On run you will get data required in point 5 in the form of time history graph (T01)
  12. Concrete model in radioss

    Hi, Above material model is for the concrete in LS-Dyna , what is the equivalent model for the Radioss
  13. Force-displacement curve

    Hi, Yes Tstop time will be 0.3 now Run this and check the F-D curve
  14. Force-displacement curve

    Hi, You can do foll. change in curve .Impose displacement is fine 0.000000000000 0.000000000000 4.5000000000000E-02 -135.0000000000 5.0000000000000E-02 -130.0000000000 Increase 0.0045 to some 0.3 Higher this lesser will be dynamic effects . Basically we would like the load to reach in slower time to achieve a quasistatic condition
  15. modelling of reinforced concrete cement block

    Hi @George P Johnson Anything on above Thank you