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  1. How to read *.tbc file

    Thanks Tinh so much for your information!
  2. Hi Rahul, Thank you so much for your help. But I tried to clean up HM as your recommendation but the issue persists. I will try to install HM again.
  3. How to read *.tbc file

    Hi Tĩnh. I am sorry for making wrong explanation. I would like to know how to compile my tcl code to *.tbc in case I wanna protect my program.
  4. Hello HW experts, I tried to use "minimum distance" function few times but HV always crashes when I used this function. ( After I hit on OK button on select entity) I refer to the below link document: https://altairuniversity.com/learning-library/minimum-distance-measure-type-in-hyperview/
  5. How to read *.tbc file

    Hello Tinh, Do you know which free/opensource software to convert from *.tcl to *.tbc?
  6. Good morning Mr. Dai & Prakash Based on your advice and comments, I am able to run few Optistruct jobs on my Ubuntu machine successfully. Now I can remote to my Linux machine to run some jobs as well. Thank you so much for your help!!!
  7. Thank you Mr. Dai. I know where script is placed. I browsered to script folder then try few linux command but it does not work. (Please read my question in the beginning carefully). sudo ./optistruct.bat "test.fem" -nt 4 I just do not know how to run *.bat file in Linux. It sounds both you and Prakash are using windows to answer linux questions
  8. Hello Mr. Dai, Thank you very much for your information. In fact, I can run Hypermesh on Ubuntu then I think Optistruct will work well on Ubuntu. May I know the command line you use to submit the jobs on CentOS as well? I search on this forum but there are only few topics on linux O.S.
  9. Hello Optistruct experts, I want to use Linux Ubuntu O.S to calculate Optistruct jobs. Could you help instruct me how to submit the jobs from command line. I browsered to Altair/HWsolvers/Script folder then typed the below command: sudo ./optistruct.bat "test.fem" -nt 4 But it does not work. Thank you very much for any advice and recommendation.
  10. Visualisation problems (HyperMesh 2017)

    I am facing this issue. Model visulization becomes dark when I open with HyperMesh 2017. (v14 is OK). I tried to reset working folder, update driver, resinstall HM2017 but the issue remains. So we already return using HM14. My Dell workstation use Nvidia K2000, 16 Gb RAM, CORE I7. Any advice for this?
  11. Excellent! Thank you a ton for your help :))))
  12. Hello Hypermesh experts, I create my drop menu to call to my TCL script but I do not know how to save this drop menu. Everytime I quit HM, I have to open the drop menu again. ======================================= variable top_menu set top_menu [hm_framework getpulldowns]; catch {$top_menu delete [.hmMainMenuBar index "Demo"]} catch {destroy $top_menu.custom} menu $top_menu.custom -tearoff 0 $top_menu insert 19 cascade -label "MyToolBar" -menu $top_menu.custom ====================================== Thank you for any recommendation and suggestion!
  13. wrong automesh element

    Press O keyboar to go to option panel, then choose mesh panel, choose node tolerance = 0.1.
  14. Hello everyone, I am trying to create macro to extract center lines of surface tube (then create 1D elements) but it works only for simple shape. For the a bit complex shape, the center lines are not smooth at bending area. Appreciate very much anyone can give some suggestion for this.
  15. Hi Tin. Thanks a ton for your help. It works pretty well now !!!