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  1. tinh

    Centrifugal forces

    Hi enter menu Help of hypermesh But I see it is very slow while browsing help documents, especially from v2017 So I usually enter folder <install dir>\help and then use window search tool to search files, just enter "rforce" in search box, the html file will appear soon
  2. tinh

    Centrifugal forces

    Hi you can find it in optistruct reference help G - origin of rota vector CID - coordinate system of vector R1R2R3 - components of vector IDRF - id of element set applied this force
  3. I am not sure. Maybe we can load some *.dll file containing hm api into tcl interp try command "info loaded" to see them Instead, we can open hm in background so you don't see its GUI but all functions are available.
  4. So you can use *createmark elems 1 "by comp id" $FirstCompId and then use *appendmark elems 1 "by adjacent" to find adjacent elems => get comp ids of those adjacents elems
  5. Hi are they connected with anything?
  6. tinh

    how to hex mesh a t-type tube

    make a layer of quads along the weld, then you can map solid elems following them
  7. tinh

    Find nearest surface

    Hi those are the lowest and highest coordinates of the surf
  8. tinh

    Find nearest surface

    Hi, if you want to get the solid surface by tcl command, try this #find center of the free surface: lassign [join [hm_getgeometrybox surfs $FreeSurfID]] x1 y1 z1 x2 y2 z2 set centerx [expr ($x1+$x2)/2] set centery [expr ($y1+$y2)/2] set centerz [expr ($z1+$z2)/2] #now find the surface that closest to above center: *createmark surfs 1 all hm_markremove surfs 1 $FreeSurfID; #we don't want to find the free surface anymore lassign [hm_measureshortestdistance2 $centerx $centery $centerz surfs 1 0 0] => => => => ClosestSurfID puts $ClosestSurfID
  9. tinh

    how to hex mesh a t-type tube

    Hi, tube.hm Simply make quad mesh on outer side and then use panel 2d>elem offset>solid layers to generate hexa mesh:
  10. Hi it's because a node may belong to 2 or more comps try using *findmark *createmark nodes 1 25 *findmark nodes 1 1 1 comps 0 2 puts "comps: [hm_getmark comps 2]"
  11. Hi, I am not sure for aboves. You can search those informations in Help menu. If you have a namely problem, please let us know it.
  12. tinh

    Add Browser Tabs

    Hi Girish try hm_framework addtab
  13. tinh

    HEXA Elements Coordinate System Alignment

    Hi Girish, maybe command is *alignnode try performing orientation then looking for it in command.tcl file
  14. tinh

    Request for an option to export

    Hi Prasad MenuExportDeck.zip I made above simple script to do that, it will hook a menu named "Export Deck" to browser context menu when you right click on some entities and invoke "Export Deck", it will isolate only those entities then export them same as you export "displayed" entities. The only thing that it will not provide option for solver format, but if you want to export to different solver, just change User Profile the export procedure has 3 options: "Only Selected" => will export only card informations, "With references" will export "displayed" entities after "isolate only" them "Save geometry" will save CAD of components as hm files
  15. Hi Jouher create that column with option -valuelistcommand ::p_GetMaterialList and define the command to return list of mats ex: proc ::p_GetMaterialList args { hm_entitylist mats name }