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  1. I said, you have to put the shell comps into an assembly named ShellComps, did you do it? and do not put hexa comp to that assembly
  2. Once you got the element ID => you will get its nodes What do you mean with "give the selected node's ID"?
  3. package require hwat *createmarkpanel nodes 1 "Select a node of hexa element:" set NodeId [hm_getmark nodes 1] lassign [join [hm_nodevalue $NodeId]] x y z set AttachedShellElemId [::hwat::utils::GetClosestElement $x $y $z ShellComps] *createmark nodes 1 "by element" $AttachedShellElemId puts "Nodes: [hm_getmark nodes 1]" Hi add more above command
  4. Normal Stress in Solid and Shell Model

    I see 2 stress values are comparable. Did you switch "Resolved in" to "Global System"? because XX stress is output differently between shell and solid elements You have to unify their direction in global system, not analysis system
  5. I think if you change your model, you have to rerun the simulation because it is a particularity of fem
  6. Hi, use hwat package but you have to put your shell comps into an assembly, named ShellComps for example. code package require hwat *createmarkpanel nodes 1 "Select a node of hexa element:" set NodeId [hm_getmark nodes 1] lassign [join [hm_nodevalue $NodeId]] x y z set AttachedShellElemId [::hwat::utils::GetClosestElement $x $y $z ShellComps] puts "Attached shell element is $AttachedShellElemId"
  7. Non design space cone

    Hi Try making a solid layer on cone's pressured surface and put it in non-design property
  8. creating a circular beam element

    set Isect = 2 Didn't you read radioss reference guide?

    Hi, I saw 2 RBODY elems are bound together. Please delete (straight) one and rerun
  10. Importing load from Excel

    Hi, Pressures must be define on elements, not at x, y, z coordinates. Please describe your problem in detail
  11. Hi, I think it was slow due to this command: *createmark elems 1 "by comp" $comp because it will highlight elements. From version 13 please try this command (avoid using commands with * prefix) set all_component_elements [hm_getvalue comps name=$comp dataname=elements]
  12. Hypermesh - select elements by geometry

    Hi, You have to associate them to solids and select by geom>solids selecting "by surface" is just used for 2d elements
  13. There is no direct command I think. did you search on script exchange?
  14. I need a VTK format for my mesh

    Hi any reply, @rsoltany? Is the proc working well? I tested its output with paraview, it's ok
  15. Hi Tinh,


    Can you share the below HM or FEM file of Radioss analysis..I was not able to find it in basic tutorial files..