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    George P Johnson

    Advanced mass scaling

    Hi, The number of cycles of this run seems to very high, that is it seems like you are running this model for a long time. Mass added (DM/M) is also bit higher, as the recommended mass error is less than 5% ie .05.
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    George P Johnson

    Analysis of a forging die

    Hi Basil, Crack propagation can be simulated in RADIOSS. We have a similar example file in Help, Ruptured Plate and also a tutorial is available shown crack propagation which can be accessed at: https://altairuniversity.com/conceptual-design-of-a-3-wheeler-motorbike/conceptual-design-of-a-3-wheeler-motorbike-stone-impact-simulation/ Meanwhile I will try to get some information specific to this project.
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    hii all, I have a problem regarding rows of curve section. I have nearly 7000 point cloud coordinates when I import it in curve section it only took first 2500 points. can somebody tell me how to increase those number of rows