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      Please click here for a short but important announcement   03/26/17

      Dear Users Our Commercial and Academic users around the world can use these same forums here as before i.e. the Altair Support Forum , Commercial users from India with solver queries can go to the Solver Forum for India Commercial Users , Academic Users from India and AOC India Participants are requested to go to the Forum for India Academic Users and AOC India Participants , We will be tending to all queries in all the forums promptly as before, thank you for your understanding. 


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    This template may help (run by command *usercheck spcd.tpl spcdout.csv 0) file spcd.tpl: *loads(3,2,"SPCD") *format() *string("SPCD,") *field(integer,collector.id,0) *string(",") *field(integer,location.id,0) *if([comp1!=-999999.0]) *string(",1,") *field(real,comp1,8) *end() *endif() *if([comp2!=-999999.0]) *string(",2,") *field(real,comp2,8) *end() *endif() *if([comp3!=-999999.0]) *string(",3,") *field(real,comp3,8) *end() *endif() *if([comp4!=-999999.0]) *string(",4,") *field(real,comp4,8) *end() *endif() *if([comp5!=-999999.0]) *string(",5,") *field(real,comp5,8) *end() *endif() *if([comp6!=-999999.0]) *string(",6,") *field(real,comp6,8) *end() *endif() *output()
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    Hi Ivan, I doubt whether we can output contact forces/pressures and strains for plane strain analysis. I'll check regarding this and will update you. The element distortion happening results in negative volume. the high imposed displacement in the node distorts the element. You can try ramping the load. Normally starting from a zero load, and zero solution, we gradually ramp up the load until we achieve the desired total load. This gradual ramping up the load from a value close to zero is often a more robust approach. You can try with Isolid=17, which has full integration formulation.
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    Hi, I don't think they are equivalent since two elements share one node. As a workaround you can try this: If you have the pressure value calculate the force (F) from it (F/A) and apply it equally to all the nodes in that surface.I feel that the values will be somewhat closer. You can just try this.