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    Please explore geometry page option to create & trim geometry. PFA sample video for your requirement. Create_surface.mp4
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    Pratik, Typically this section of the forum is meant for commercial users of HW. We do have a separate section for Global acedamic students. Probably you can use that to post your queries the next time. Let me try to answer to you question for now. Generally, the Gasket and Bolt assembly is driven by a frictional contact analysis. You can define the friction for each contact pair through a PCONT property collector. You can then flag this under PID field of CONTACT card. Hope this helps. Thanks Vikas
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    George P Johnson

    Elements in type 7 interface

    Hi Raghav, I don't think its possible to house any other type of elements other than shell and solid elements for Type 7 interface.
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    George P Johnson

    Hypermesh FAtigue Analysis

    Hi, Fatigue failure will not happen in milliseconds time. In milliseconds, normally it will be a crash/impact analysis.