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      Please click here for a short but important announcement   03/26/17

      Dear Users Our Commercial and Academic users around the world can use these same forums here as before i.e. the Altair Support Forum , Commercial users from India with solver queries can go to the Solver Forum for India Commercial Users , Academic Users from India and AOC India Participants are requested to go to the Forum for India Academic Users and AOC India Participants , We will be tending to all queries in all the forums promptly as before, thank you for your understanding. 


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    Hi Andy, This is a know issue with 2017 and our Dev team is working on it. I will check if there is any workaround for this.
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    Hi @durukanbdilek I am not sure from which modelling tool it is. So I can't comment about that.
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    There are some ways to find command bound to a tk button. but you may make hm hanging. So go to scripts folder and parse tcl files is better way I will not reveal them, it is safer for you once you become knowledgeable about tcl, you'll find it easily
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    Hi, looking for relevant code in scripts folder and find what you need: #open contact manager source [file join [hm_info -appinfo SPECIFIEDPATH hm_scripts_dir] abaqus Contact_wizard CW.tcl] #open autocontact ::autocontact::CWautocontact::AutoContactGui #invoke selecting components>all *createmark comps 1 all set ::autocontact::CWautocontact1::newElems [hm_getmark comps 1] ::AbaqusCW::HighLight off if {$::autocontact::CWautocontact::flag==1} { set ::autocontact::CWautocontact::flag 0 } if {[llength $::autocontact::CWautocontact1::newElems]} { ::autocontact::CWautocontact1::AddCompsToTable } # set proximity distance set ::autocontact::CWautocontact1::proximity_entry 5.0 # invoke "Find" button ::autocontact::CWautocontact::UpdateInterface