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  2. What do you mean with "give the selected node's ID"? When I have tried your code, It is returning id of selected hexa node. In mean time I want to return node ids of element to which hexa node is projected.
  3. Distributed load on edge

    Hi Sanjay, Thank you for your response. Could you give me an example with a picture please? I am not sure if I've understood your explanation.
  4. Isotropic radiator

    Hello Dimon, An isotropic radiator does not exist and is not available as a source in FEKO. You can approximate it using a radiating antenna source (you can define the pattern to be constant). What I usually use and what I would recommend is that you use a electric point source. It radiates a "donut" radiation pattern. You could use three of them at orthogonal angles to approximate an isotropic radiator (I have never tried that). Usually a single electric point source is sufficient for what I wanted to do in the past.
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  6. Isotropic radiator

    Hello Professionals, How can I implement an ideal isotropic radiator in FEKO? I want to compare distribution of an electrical field without antenna gain using asymptotic methods. Can you help me with that? Best regards, Dimon
  7. h3d file not generating

    Hi, From the BCs Manager please review the /IMPDISP load created and ensure that the node/node group is selected properly for applying the load. If you are applying on a rigid body apply the load onto the master node of the rigid body. I presume that there are penetrations in interfaces. Please depenetrate them and try running. The below post shows the same: If the issue is persisting please share the model file.
  8. Hyperview and hypergraph results mismatch

    I suggest to post process result in Hyperview using transient animation mode for acceleration.
  9. h3d file not generating

    Hi , i have given the Imposed velocity as Input 400mm/s. There is no displacement in the model when the run is progress. I have checked the penetration in Hypermesh and removed it. But still in the warning file the penetration warning is showing
  10. HM file for Crash Analysis Pre - Processor setup using Hypermesh

    Hi, The model file shown in page 388 of RADIOSS ebook is not a public model. And unfortunately we will not be able to share the same model file. For practice we have another full car crash model. You can download the same from: https://forum.altairhyperworks.com/index.php?/topic/19916-radioss-full-car-crash-model/
  11. h3d file not generating

    Hi, I doubt whether there is any kind of 'movement' happening in the model. Can you please upload the animation file in HyperView and check the model behavior?. What kind of analysis you are performing?. Also, high energy error from first cycle is not normal. We need to check the model. Also check whether there are any penetrations in the model. Is there are any warnings listed in the starter out file?.
  12. h3d file not generating

    Hi , I have rectified the model and initiated the run. Run is going smoothly. But i cannot find any movement in the animation. All the energies are remains zero but external work is plotted as shown below. Is this correct behavior ?
  13. Hyperview and hypergraph results mismatch

    Hi, I have some doubt in hyperview and hypergraph graph. When I check the results for acceleration (Y) in hyperview and select a corresponding node, it shows me the value 1.426E+03 And when I check the acceleration graph in hypergraph as "Mag Y" and for the same node, it shows me the value 4.2E+03 How am I getting different answers?
  14. FBD create not shown

    Hello Sanjay, I tried but it's the same. I also tried to go through the options pressing the keyboard tab but at the end of the panel visualised, the selector moves to the visualization option. I am thinking to connect the laptop to another video to see if the problem is the screen size.
  15. Plot eigenvectors

    Thank you Rahul, This is exactly what I was looking for!
  16. FBD create not shown

    Hello, Please try this go to View>>tab area>>right Now drag and drop the FBD tab to the right side. Thankyou
  17. FBD create not shown

    Hello Sanjay, Thank you for the reply. I tried to delete the file settings but it still doesn't work. Would it be possible to move the FBD window panel? In some CAD, like the model tree, it is possible to move it with the mouse to another position. I was thinking maybe, in that case, I can access the bottom by resizing it once free to move.
  18. Can you please send me any tutorial material to create a process template And is there any possibilities to get process template which already created? my mail id --> muthupandimani00@gmail.com
  19. Plot eigenvectors

    One of my colleague suggested to extract output in punch format. This should fetch result in expected format.PFA screenshot for your reference. Control cards:Output:Set keyword to punch and set Freq to all
  20. Student license problem: a changing of the personal laptop

    Hello, If you have requested for one, please wait it will surely be approved. Thankyou
  21. I need a Automotive Hm file to practice, Crash Analysis using Radioss. I have gone through the video tutorials of it, in the E Book. For training, I needed the basic HM file with the connector file (Separately), which I noticed from the book “Introduction to explicit analysis by Radioss” (in Pg No. 388).
  22. Hypermesh - select elements by geometry

    Hello, @tinh is right. Selecting the "by surface" option works only for 2D elements not 3D. You need to use "solide option. Thankyou"
  23. FBD create not shown

    Hello, Can you please try deleting the settings file. Thankyou
  24. Distributed load on edge

    Hello, This can be done using the rbe3 element. Take a central node and "duplicate and translate" it vertically to some distance. Now go to the rbe3 panel and take the translated node as dependent node and the nodes on the line as independent nodes. This will create a rbe 3 element. Now you can assign the force to the translated node. The RBE3 element is a powerful tool for distributing applied loads and mass in a model. Unlike the RBAR and RBE2 elements, the RBE3 doesn't add additional stiffness to your structure. Forces and moments applied to reference points are distributed to a set of independent degrees of freedom based on the RBE3 geometry and local weight factors. Thankyou
  25. Hi Prakash,


    I need a Automotive Hm file to practice, Crash Analysis using Radioss.


    I have gone through the video tutorials of it.


    For training, I needed the basic HM file with th connector file (Separately), which I noticed from the book “Introduction to explicit analysis by Radioss” (in Pg No. 388).

  26. Thanks!! Can you help me out with TCL scripting to change the interefrence.
  27. Pretension manager

    Hi @dracu777 I wrote to experts and they requested more details: please share a slide about how the user applied the bolt pretension force and how she/he calculated the sum of the gpforces on a section of the bolt? If a demonstrative model can be shared, it would also be helpful to understand it better.
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