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      Dear Users Our Commercial and Academic users around the world can use these same forums here as before i.e. the Altair Support Forum , Commercial users from India with solver queries can go to the Solver Forum for India Commercial Users , Academic Users from India and AOC India Participants are requested to go to the Forum for India Academic Users and AOC India Participants , We will be tending to all queries in all the forums promptly as before, thank you for your understanding. 

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  2. Hi Prakash I understand the concept of indenpendent and dependent node. However, how do I select all the independent nodes. Doing it manually makes no sense. It takes too much time. How do I select all the nodes on the upper solid as independent nodes? Thanks for your help Sincerely PS: Sorry I made a mistake in the above screenshot. I wanted to write 'dependent' in the centre. Accidentally wrote 'independent'. Thanks for pointing it out.
  3. Hi, please check the bottom of your image for an estimated 'REMAINING TIME' you may also speed up the process by modifying certain settings. Goto preference>Hyperform settings>process defaults tab> radioss mode and choose between speed and accuracy you may also increase the computing capacity available for solving by assigning the number of processers . Goto preference>Hyperform settings>settings tab> RADIOSS_ARGUMENTS tab and assign appropriately. many factors affects the run time including the mesh size. using adaptive mesh increases the run time. hope this helps
  4. Today
  5. Problem of contact between pretension

    @Prakash Pagadala Thanks to your help. But at the analysis process, We can see the deformation and the parts are fly away in NLOUT file. Do you see any mistakes of my model? Because I have used what I learned to set the model.
  6. INREL for Superelement

    I think when we do the inertia relief analysis. We should notice your control cards need to have PARAM>INREL. Because at the inertia relief analysis we don't have the constraint boundary.
  7. Problem of contact between pretension

    Then, I would say wait for the final result. As said before, .nl will only help to monitor non-linear run, but what you see is not the final animation.
  8. @Sanjay Nainani Thanks to your apply. I will notice my model.
  9. Problem of contact between pretension

    @Prakash Pagadala I posted it from <filename>.nl.h3d and I just set 1group of contact.
  10. No Results from simulation

    @Prakash Pagadala The SPC on free node has been removed, anyways it did not have any significance. I need the ball to strike on Rigid Wall which must remain stationery, Now after few changes, I have a new error, *** ERROR # 23 *** SID 10 used on Case Control data SPC is missing in bulk data. ************************************************************************ A fatal error has been detected during input processing: *** ERROR # 23 *** SID 10 used on Case Control data SPC is missing in bulk data. ************************************************************************ ==== End of solver screen output ==== ==== Job completed ==== GolfBall.fem GolfBall.hm GolfBall.out GolfBall_001.out
  11. Distance between two nodes as Output Response

    Thanks for sharing files.If possible please share .h3d file(result file) of the run.We will get back to you once we get any info.
  12. Rigid body

    Hi, The center node should be your dependent node and independent should be top nodes when creating RBE3 Why not use RBE2 instead?
  13. Problem of contact between pretension

    Hi @LKZ Yes, I got the files. BTW, the animation you posted is it from final h3d or from <filename>.nl.h3d?
  14. Exporting Deformed Shapes From HyperView

    Hello, Before creating a solid you need to make sure that the model is a closed volume. You can use the visualization panel to know from where the model is open and create surfaces there. Thankyou
  15. INREL for Superelement

    Hi, is there anything that I have to keep in mind while running inertia relief models with super element structure?
  16. Analysing stepped lap joint

    I have updated the file. I will share that file with you soon,
  17. Analysing stepped lap joint

    Hi, I missed your comment, So the error is with the element used in different laminates. I will update you soon on this.
  18. Output Data to Excel

    Please look in to Altair Script exchange for your requirement. https://connect.altair.com/CP/kb-view.html?kb=41070
  19. Analysing stepped lap joint

    Hallo, Read the comment i made
  20. Output Data to Excel

    Hi Rahul, That's not what I need. If I have 100000 Elements I can not first plot a curve for all the elements for every output and then export. it to a csv-file I need an option where I can export the whole data set at once to a csv file. Best, Jonas
  21. Improper force pattern for interference fit problem.

    Hi George I forgot to mention one more issue. While exporting the engine file i got this message "Save invalid elements to user mark". Till now i dint get this sort of message. Kindly suggest me something about this matter.
  22. Output Data to Excel

    Did you try export curve in HyperGraph?
  23. Reading H3d File using Python

    Hi all I wanted to know if it is possible to read h3d result file using python. I cannot use hyperview to read the file since I am not well versed with Tcl/Tk. Thanks Saumya Mishra
  24. @Prakash Pagadala @Sanjay Nainani Thanks for you guys apply. @Prakash Pagadala I have tried your method but it seems model isn't closed so it can't form the solid.
  25. Exporting Deformed Shapes From HyperView

    Hi @LKZ Do you get any error message when you use solid: using bounding surfaces? Can you unselect as shown in below image and check if you are able to get solid geometry? or Can you try with a different format?
  26. 節点に関連ついているジオメトリを取得したい場合は、『hm_getnodegeometry 節点ID』コマンドをご利用下さい。
  27. Improper force pattern for interference fit problem.

    Hi George Hope you got the files.
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