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  2. I have run Nastan Sol400 calculation. However I am unable to load .dat model and .op2 files in HyperView. Nastran input deck was created using Beta CAE ANSA but this shouldn't be the issue. I am also able to pull out the model and result in Beta CAE Meta. Any suggestions?
  3. wiseguy2008

    Load abaqus results

    Hi I want to know how to open Aabqus results files (.odb or .fil) with Hypermesh and then export the deformed structure in .stl format. Thanks!
  4. Exactly, all z coords = 0. Perfect, that picture shows the result I'm looking for. Sorry for asking, but how should I apply the tcl file with my dat to import the data into HyperMesh? Again, thank you all very much for the excellent support! Regards
  5. Florian Kimmerlin

    ERROR # 330

    I should have precised that I get the message : *** ERROR # 326 *** RBE3 element 56155 cannot support a x-force - check element data. Thanks a lot Florian
  6. Florian Kimmerlin

    ERROR # 330

    Dear All, I face quite the same problem, but I can't manage to solve it. I work on the optimization of a support to hold a kind of rigid pipe. We just want to model the impact of the weight of the pipe, so the pipe is modeled by an RBE3, with the weight of the dependent node (located at the Center of Gravity of the pipe) equal to the weight of the pipe. All the independent nodes only have translation DOFS. Cam you please help me? Thanks a lot Florian opti_support.fem
  7. raghu11


    Hello. I had a problem with feko+winprop software. I had downloaded and install but while opening i am getting lisence error. Please solve my problem. Thank you
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  9. Mrt

    edge_to_surface contact

    unfortunately, it didn't help. element has been fully distorted.
  10. Karthik_kiran_solver

    Roll cage triming

    Sir I have sent you the file. Any suggestions please!
  11. Mrt

    tension only 1D element

    it's interesting, becouse i thought if i splite truss to 2 element i will have no compression force. i'm confuse, but it doesn't work in radioss...
  12. Mrt

    tension only 1D element

    hello! i haven't opened your model. at first, i don't now about altair, but it doesn't recomend to use no tension/no compression to beam/truss elements in abaqus. i'm looking for your model and will give some advice, but i'm just newbie in altair solvers.
  13. Tom Barnes

    Simple Mesh With Uniform Elements

    Hello, I'm trying to mesh a simple rectangular beam (200mmx50mmx50mm) with a uniform mesh throughout as seen in the example photo. When I carry out a 5mm volume tetra mesh it generates uniform elements on the surfaces but this is not the case inside as seen in the attached photo. How can I achieve a uniform element pattern throughout as seen in the example photo? Thanks in advance, Tom
  14. Ivan

    tension only 1D element

    Hi, how to set up tension only (no compression, bending and torsion) 1D element in Radioss? I have tried with truss and spring elements. However, truss elements have axial compression stiffness and there is discrepancy in the plots, possibly because of geometric non-linearity. compression (truss in blue, spring in red color) tension spring_truss.hm
  15. FBeck

    Opening model in HyperView

    Hi there, I did a non-linear dynamic topology optimization using ESLM in Optistruct. After the optimization it is possible to open the mvw.-file directly from Optristruct, but I can not open this file later in Hyperview itsself. Hyperview asked me to "Select Model Reader" and to "Select Result Reader"´- I tried many combination, but none worked. Can someone tell me, what I have to select there? Thanks a lot!
  16. hello, I am working on model of pressure plate which have axis offset. A shaft passes through it. when pressure applied (in x-y) on the pressure plate due to the offset one side of pressure plate will have more pressure. Which causes rotation on around z axis. As the shaft passes through z-axis. Shaft and pressure plate are in contact.. As pressure plate will rotate it will tend to rotate the shaft. I want to find out for particular pressure how munch is torque is generated. i want to get torque as output when pressure is applied. how to get torque as direct output
  17. Rahul R

    Plot average stress across component

    Please look into in script exchange for this requirement. Check with "average" keyword or script id 1262.
  18. Hi, Please i want to use the LOG equation to change the base of my résults of the topology optimization ( like an offset in compliance to maximise thenumber of iterations ) but i dont know what i should use , the natural logarithm or the common logarithm ? Best Regard
  19. Mrt

    edge_to_surface contact

    No. i have written about it in privious message. i've done finner mesh, i thought it will has helped. but i was wrong. there mesh has been connected grid to grid. i had released it and did finner mesh. and after it i've done TIE (for altair it's freeze). do you understand my explanation? thanks, i will try to use your advice and after it i will write about the results.
  20. What is the most optimized method in creating contacts for a huge assembly? Whether auto contacts is suggested or a time consuming manual contact? Auto contacts are working correctly only when the mesh density is high. Or else, it results in error 1728 while solving due to the incomplete contact creations of auto contact in low mesh density regions. Pls suggest the best way to go ahead in creating contacts for an assembly file with more than 100 components.
  21. Hi Prakash, Thanks. But the only sets that are there are the sets created through auto contacts. ?? So, how to proceed in this case?
  22. Hi karth, the problem is coming from the element sets. Please check and delete if they are not necessary.
  23. Prakash Pagadala

    edge_to_surface contact

    Hi, I can see that you are using PCONT with FREEZE on it. Is there a reason for that? Can you change the stiffness on PCONT to AUTO instead of soft and check if that helps? Also, please add CNTSTB card.
  24. Hello, I am trying to solve an assembly file containing 30 components. While everything is defined and trying to solve, error 1728 occurs. How to rectify this? I have attached the out file. Altnoise2.out
  25. Mrt

    edge_to_surface contact

    you can see, i tryed to use finner mesh, but it didn,t help. i'm just newbie in altair solvers, i have been using abqs for a long time.
  26. Punith

    Press fit analysis

    Hi @Prakash Pagadala, thank you for the reply. Let me have a look at it. Regards, Punith Guptha
  27. Premanand Suryavanshi


    Hi naoki, You can change the surface selector to elements in the automesh panel and select the element to re-mesh and click mesh. Thank you
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