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      Dear Users Our Commercial and Academic users around the world can use these same forums here as before i.e. the Altair Support Forum , Commercial users from India with solver queries can go to the Solver Forum for India Commercial Users , Academic Users from India and AOC India Participants are requested to go to the Forum for India Academic Users and AOC India Participants , We will be tending to all queries in all the forums promptly as before, thank you for your understanding. 

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  3. Modeling a PCB meander line antenna

    Hello manuel_lulea There is no requirement for a ground in FEKO. I assume you are going to excite the antenna with a voltage source (edge port?) and the only thing that you need to do is specify the positive and negative sides of the port / source. I can't provide more info without more details from you. Why did you think that a ground plane is required? Did you run into a problem when trying to perform the simulation?
  4. oSSMOOTH Optimized model Reanalysis

    Hi, Can you add PARAM,>>CHECKEL>>NO and check if this helps
  5. rigid body mechanism

    Hi, Is it possible to simulate a rigid body mechanism similar to rigid MBD? Bodies and joints have to be perfectly rigid to avoid jamming/binding closed kinematic chain mechanisms. Attached is the sample containing RBODY elements connected through revolute Kjoint2, which is defined with stiffness so there is some unwanted compliance. Any ideas or workarounds to carry out kinematic studies in Radioss? rigid_body_mechanism.hm
  6. Create topo databases by hand?

    For the manual definition of a topo database ProMan can be used based on the following steps: • In ProMan select Data => Topography => New Database • Then define the UTM zone, e.g. 32 • Define LL and UR corners plus resolution • Load a bitmap in background or skip the bitmap import • Define min and max topo values • Draw the terrain profile (e.g. rectangle with constant height over the defined area) with the mouse using the corresponding buttons from the upper tool bar: • Finally save the via Data => Topo Database => Save As Alternatively you can export one of the sample *.tdb files (examples came with the installation) in ProMan via File => Export to the ASCII grid format and then you can modify this ASCII file to generate an arbitrary terrain profile and import then back in ProMan. We'd like to mention that typically the topographical databases are not generated from scratch, but converted from other formats using the ProMan or WallMan tools. This is because it is very difficult or rather impossible to define a detailed terrain profile manually. For the conversion WinProp supports several converters: • USGS • HGT • MSI Planet (Marconi) • Siemens Tornado & Tornado N • Aircom Enterprise • Nokia NetAct & NPS/X • Ericsson TEMS • Agilent Wizard • ArcView Shapefile • ASCII Grid (*.asc) There is also some free topo map data available. E.g. topo data (SRTM) in 1arcsec and 3arcsec resolution under: http://dds.cr.usgs.gov/srtm/
  7. Create topo databases by hand?

    How can I create my own topo databases?
  8. Hypermesh - select elements by geometry

    thank you @tinh Selection "by solid" is working after association of the nodes is done. Thank you, Bharath
  9. Path Loss definition in WinProp

    In WinProp, the Path Loss indeed includes the Antenna Gain. This may not be intuitive, but it's the way it was implemented. You can easily obtain the path loss you (questioner) expects by working with an isotropic antenna (Gain = 0 dB in all directions).
  10. Path Loss definition in WinProp

    When I display a Path Loss result in WinProp, it looks as if the antenna pattern is still visible in there. Shouldn't path loss be independent of the antenna gain in any given direction? It should only depend on geometry and materials and frequency, right?
  11. Models adopted by 3GPP?

    Yes, WinProp offers besides the deterministic ray-optical and our unique dominant path wave propagation model also empirical models like Hata-Okumura (for rural scenarios), COST231 Walfisch-Ikegami (for urban scenarios), and Multi-Wall model (for indoor scenarios) which are also adopted by 3GPP for the pathloss prediction. Accordingly the WinProp wave propagation models (especially the deterministic ones, but also the empirical ones) can be used for the 5G and LTE radio channel analysis as well as the radio network deployment.
  12. Models adopted by 3GPP?

    Does WinProp support models that have been adopted by 3GPP?
  13. HM file for Crash Analysis Pre - Processor setup using Hypermesh

    Hi George, Can you provide Quality criteria file, which is used for crash analysis of automobiles.. I have gone through basic batchmesh crash criteria file ..Apart from it, is it possible to provide Quality criteria file for the below model suggested by you..
  14. I said, you have to put the shell comps into an assembly named ShellComps, did you do it? and do not put hexa comp to that assembly
  15. Hello Im trying to re-analyse my optimized model, but after extracting the FE model from oSSmooth and trying to analyse the model whit the same loading conditions, i get an error which is as follows: Element # 117963, element type TRIA3. *** PROGRAM STOPPED: ERRORS DURING ELEMENT QUALITY CHECK. I have tried changing the property of the design area to PSOLID as the FE model which was created is a 3d type mesh, but still getting errors. I've attached the .fem and .sh files here would really appriciate any help you can provide cheers FinalbeforeoptM.fem FinalbeforeoptM.sh
  16. Problems with the GUI

    Thank you Sanjay! It worked... I just deleted hmsettings.tcl, hmmenu.set and command.cmf. also hwsettings.xml and emptied my temp folder and it fixed the Problem :-) CHEERS!
  17. Problems with the GUI

    Hello, Can you please try deleting the settings file. Thankyou
  18. Problems with the GUI

    Hey there, since a while my Panel is cut off at the side (see screenshot - on the bottom right). Restarting the Programm / PC didn't help. Deactivating Panels in "View" and reactivating neither. Does someone know this problem and could help me with it? Thank's in advance! Cheers
  19. Distributed load on edge

    PERFECT! Understood! I really thank you!
  20. Help with Code Headers

    Hello Jake. Welcome to this is a forum on solidThinking Embed. This tool allows you to graphically create algorithms for various microcontrollers (including the F28377S) without writing a single line of code. With the auto code generator you can avoid the various compilation errors you are getting. Feel free to try Embed and ask any questions regarding the software. What would you like to achieve with your algorithm?
  21. I think user posted this question earlier and wants further help on same topic.
  22. Hi, I have created few small scripts in SimLab which I execute using "Project --> Play --> Autoplay" . Is it possible to create custom plugins or buttons in SimLab GUI to run scripts? Thanks, Roshan
  23. HM file for Crash Analysis Pre - Processor setup using Hypermesh

    George...Thanks for your prompt response and i have downloaded the same..
  24. Restart file 1_0000.0001.rst was not created

    Hi, I am using Incremental Radioss. There are few default material available in the database. When running the simulation with those default material, the simulation runs successfully (though it has 0 errors and 2 warnings. The warning is related to the material property). But I am using a different material which I add it in the database manually. When running the simulation with the manually added material, I get the error in simulation running or the simulation gets stopped in the middle while it is running few animation files. In the summary page, I get 0 errors and 2 warnings, the same one which I got while running with the default materials. The difference is that, the simulation gets over when running with the default material but it isn't getting completed with the manually added materials. The material I am adding is DP1200 steel. Have attached with the screenshot of the error. Error : 2 warning id :1084 Warning in material law1 When referring to material law1, it says it is related to the elasticity of the material. But I have given the input values properly. Kindly help me as soon as possible and thanks in advance.
  25. Beam Optimisation using Hyperstudy

    Did you try with parametrization option?Please refer below online tutorial step 1 to have required parameter as DV. HS-4200: Material Calibration Using System Identification
  26. Distributed load on edge

    Hello, Please find attached video of the above procedure. Thankyou untitled1.mp4
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