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  2. giannibruno

    Surfaces interaction

    Hi @Premanand Suryavanshi I tried again creating the contacts like in you video. When i run Optistruct there are strange results with stresses. It seems as if the contact blocks the two surfaces together. Can you see this video and explain me why i have these results? Thank you so much for you help. Lending Gear Optistruct.zip
  3. Hey Guys, I want to do a topology optimization. To create the optimization constraint <tilting < upper bound>, I have to have a optimization response with the angle of a specific component face. Do you have an idea how I could do it? Thank you in advance Cheers
  4. Hi George, How about the tutorial about foam in Radioss or OptiStruct? I'm waiting for it all the time. Thank you! Roy
  5. Hi Prakash, I'll try your suggestion. Since tetra element was used in my model, the surface shell element was tri, so the shell element coordinate system may be not in the right direction with my strain measure direction. How should I deal with this problem? Roy
  6. tinh

    Centrifugal forces

    Hi enter menu Help of hypermesh But I see it is very slow while browsing help documents, especially from v2017 So I usually enter folder <install dir>\help and then use window search tool to search files, just enter "rforce" in search box, the html file will appear soon
  7. mabefa

    Centrifugal forces

    Thanks for the answer, Where can I find the optistruct reference help?
  8. I would like to select nodes using "by face" command and I have ID of one of the nodes on a face using a TCL script in Hypermesh. Thank you.
  9. Q.Nguyen-Dai

    Error 6 - Find host ID when no ethernet card

    You can use MAC of your wireless interface. In this case, you have to active & make wireless connection when you work with Hyperworks.
  10. Karthic

    Modal & direct frequency analysis

    Hi Rescue, W3 is not the natural frequency, its the frequency at which you have designed to operate the system. Direct trans response analysis needs PARAM W3 along with PARAM G. (PARAM G used alone has no effect on system for direct trans resp) TABDMP is used in case of modal transient (damping as a tabular function of natural frequency).
  11. tinh

    Centrifugal forces

    Hi you can find it in optistruct reference help G - origin of rota vector CID - coordinate system of vector R1R2R3 - components of vector IDRF - id of element set applied this force
  12. Karthic

    Optistuct viscous damping

    Hi pradeep8, Yes, but not in direct transient I think
  13. Last week

    Adding loads to a curved wire

    Hi, How can I add capacitive loads at both ends of my curved wire configuration? Attached the file. Thanks circle.cfx
  15. I am simulating a scenario using winprop, specifically proman. The scenario involved two antennas and i want to define users and determine to which of the two antennas each user is connected. is this possible with proman or any other winprop program? If it is I would appreciate a detailed or as detailed as possible explanation or link. If it is not possible, please help me by providing an alternative.
  16. mabefa

    Centrifugal forces

    Hi, I would like to apply a centrifugal force to my model so I created a loadcollector with card image RFORCE but I don't know what the fields refer. I discovered that A refers to angular veolcity, RACC to angular acceleration, but what do the fileds G, CID, R1, R2, R3, IDRF refer to?
  17. charlesfm

    Linear static analysis error 120

    Hi, i am trying to run this linear static analysis, i am getting ERROR 120, function reference error. what is it? is there any manual or something with all the error id explanations etc. please let me know. Thanks 2017_analysis_static_0000.out 2017_analysis_static_0000.rad 2017_analysis_static_0001.rad
  18. Gnokrojam

    How to Assign CBUSH CID With Coincident GA and GB

    Aha! Never mind. You go into the Springs panel where you define spring elements and go into the update panel. There you can choose the orientation method and related information. Problem solved. Thank you for the help. Writing these helped me think it through. Phil
  19. Gnokrojam

    How to Assign CBUSH CID With Coincident GA and GB

    There must be a way. I used a text editor and inserted a CID into field 9 and then read that input file into HM. When I edit that card the CID field shows up with the CID I entered. Phil
  20. The Optistruct manual says that when defining a CBUSH element with coincident GA and GB one must specify a CID. (Optistruct manual, CBUSH page, Comment 5) I do not see a way of specifying a CID in HM. Editing the element has the fields for X1, X2, X3, but the there is no field 9 for the CID. How can assigning a CID to a CBUSH be done? Thank you. Phil
  21. charlesfm

    Radioss linear static analysis

    I just started using Hypermesh 2017, i couldn't find the load, constraints etc options under analysis tab. I'm using RADIOSS 2017.
  22. acupro

    step time vs time

    You need to make sure to use the AcuSolve Command Prompt (either the desktop icon or through the Start menu into the Altair HyperWorks 2017 menu list). Then use 'cd' to get into your problem directory. If you started the job from AcuConsole (or possibly from HyperMesh) you should have the Acusim.cnf file in that directory. This is a text file which you can view - and you should see the name of your problem there - like problem = test_job (test_job would be your actual problem name). If that Acusim.cnf file is not there, you can create one yourself with the the problem name, or just add the problem name to your acuTrans command. If we base this off the example from above: acuTrans -pb test_job -osi -osiv step,time -to table -osis Inlet
  23. I am not sure. Maybe we can load some *.dll file containing hm api into tcl interp try command "info loaded" to see them Instead, we can open hm in background so you don't see its GUI but all functions are available.
  24. Saeideh

    force-displacement curve

    hi, thank you mr Pagadala for your answer. it is so: at the first, there ist only an internal pressure of p=2.5 Mpa ( this pressure with a load scale can increase ( incrementally) up to 2.5 Mpa). now i have pressure (p=2.5 Mpa) and I have to bring an axial force (increases incrementally) at the end of pipe up to welding area is plastified. ( as a figure - this force is defined hier as a pressure too) . best regards
  25. Prakash Pagadala

    Topology Optimisation of Trusses problem

    Hi @michaelv Sorry for a late reply. I will check the model and I will share my findings.
  26. michaelv

    Topology Optimisation of Trusses problem

    Dear optistruct users, In the meantime, I have tried to set-up the 10 bar truss problem by myself. Unfortunately I am unable to obtain the same results as the benchmark solution. I used the following benchmark solution in order to verify my method. My problem definition can be found in the following file: 10 bar truss.fem The values that I obtain are in the range but they are not the same. Can someone check my model or set-up? Any feedback would be appreciated. In the following link there is a describtion for a 10 bar truss optimization in optistruct, but I couldn't locate the file which belongs to it. https://www.sharcnet.ca/Software/Hyperworks/help/hwsolvers/hwsolvers.htm?size_optimization_of_a_ten_bar_truss.htm Regards, Michael
  27. Mounika.Chengalva

    Find nearest surface

    Thank u Tinh it is working now.
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