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  2. Prakash Pagadala


    Hi @Mangeshp MATX33 is not supported with NLSTAT. Please use NLGEOM or you can use RADIOSS to model the same.
  3. Prakash Pagadala

    Press fit analysis

    Hi @Punith I have shared a model file with you, please run the same and check the results,
  4. michaelv

    Improve optimization results

    Dear Prakash, Thanks for your response, I have checked the convergence history and noticed that the constraints are not satisfied for a long time. This can be seen in the animation. You are right, the best design can be found in the intermediate design iterations. I have rerun the optimization and used the SHRES option to obtain an .sh file for each particular iteration. Now I can select a preferred iteration which is suitable for post-processing. Thanks for sharing your knowledge. Kind regards, Michael
  5. Nachiket Kadu

    FRA stresses for Fatigue analysis.

    I have transfered the fem file for your reference.
  6. Prakash Pagadala

    FRA stresses for Fatigue analysis.

    Hi @Nachiket Kadu Could you please share the file?
  7. Prakash Pagadala

    Problems with Fatigue Analysis

    Hi, Check PTYPE and select the element type (PSHELL or PSOLID). For PID(#) select the relevant property and PFAT for PFATID(#)
  8. Q.Nguyen-Dai

    RAM Usage in Feko

    What's about your simulation size? Number of node/elements? If your model is NOT-BIG-ENOUGH, that's logic the simulation needs small memory, right?
  9. Rajendra Prasad

    ACUSOLVE Error while solving Acuprep

    Where I can check the 512 mark is reached? How to check the Surface ourput reached 512 mark?
  10. Nachiket Kadu

    FRA stresses for Fatigue analysis.

    Zero here means not assigning anything on TID correct? If so by not assigning i am getting error as in above image.
  11. Q.Nguyen-Dai

    Separate a 3d solid meshing size ( outside/inside)

    In this case, how you can connect skin to solid?
  12. I solved problem with permission and changed the second line. My feko works! Thanks JIF! I have next error this time with waveguide port. I have to ask for help again. I attache screeenshoot.
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  14. Prakash Pagadala

    FRA stresses for Fatigue analysis.

    @Nachiket Kadu TID should be zero if you are referring other than static subcase, Please refer a direct transient or Random Response subcase type.
  15. Ravi H

    ACUSOLVE Error while solving Acuprep

    Hi Rajendra, Uncheck or switch off the surface outputs wherever its not required so that the total no of open files should not cross 512 mark. Regards Ravi Harti
  16. Prakash Pagadala

    RADIOSS integration with OPTISTRUCT

    Hi @mdrehmer I think you can use .sta file from RADIOSS and map results in RADIOSS, convert the same to OptiStruct using tools>>convert. Please refer to STA in RADIOSS help for more information.
  17. goncalop

    Composite Wing Free Size Optimization

    Hello @Prakash Pagadala, Thanks for the reply! I have two more questions: 1 - When I export the .stp from ply smoothening I sometimes get the plies perfeclty split up as shown now And other times I get just three components where I can't distinguish each ply? Has this ever happened to you before? 2 - When I try to run a size optimization after the free size optimization it gives me the following error: *** See next message about line 256 from file: size.fem "STACK 4 SMEAR" *** ERROR # 1901 *** in the input data: STACK must have either a list of PLYs or substacking data. Could this be because when I run ply smoothening of ossmooth it creates/deletes existing plies so I don't have enough or have too much design variables? Thank you very much for your help! I'll send the .fem and .out files so you can take a look! Once again, thank you so much! Gonçalo Pimenta
  18. Mangeshp


    Hi I am Working non Linear Analysis.I have solid foam with steel part on that.I am using MatX33 following to Mat1 in optistuct Is it correct control card $$ Template: optistruct $$ $$ $$ optistruct $ $ HyperView 2017.2.0.16 generated file TITLE = LSTC 50th% Rigid-FE H-III Dummy (Version ANALYSIS ONLY SCREEN OUT CONTF(H3D) = YES GPFORCE(OUTPUT2) = ALL STRAIN(OUTPUT2) = ALL STRESS(OUTPUT2,CUBIC) = YES $$------------------------------------------------------------------------------$ $$ Case Control Cards $ $$------------------------------------------------------------------------------$ $ $HMNAME LOADSTEP 1"SUBCASE1" 9 $ SUBCASE 1 LABEL SUBCASE1 ANALYSIS NLSTAT SPC = 2 LOAD = 1 NLPARM = 3 PRETENSION = 4 DISPLACEMENT(PLOT) = ALL STRESS(PLOT,) = ALL
  19. Prakash Pagadala

    Issue with Mooney Rivlin Material

    Hi @jowidmer I am checking with experts if there is a similar script in RADIOSS,
  20. Premanand Suryavanshi

    Cylindrical simmetry

    Hi mabefa, Are the loads acting on the part are symmetric? If it is so, you can create a separate cylindrical system for the part and impose cylindrical constraints. Thank you
  21. Prakash Pagadala

    Composite Wing Free Size Optimization

    @goncalop If you see the PDF there is a tiny area which was taken care of by OSSmooth as the area falls within the tolerance. If you have a higher ratio, small regions will be ignored,
  22. Rajendra Prasad

    Question on Convergence & Stability

    Will you please send the .log & .inp file. And on which type of product you are working?
  23. Premanand Suryavanshi

    Surfaces interaction

    Hi giannibruno, Can you share your model please? you can use File transfer link given below. https://ftin.india.altair.com:8443/filedrop/~osKE8Q Thank you
  24. Rajendra Prasad

    ACUSOLVE Error while solving Acuprep

    Hello, I am getting an error while Pre solving in Acusolve. I am getting error i.e. acuPrep: *** ASSERTION in Function <iopGetFileLineCnt> File <iopFile.c> Line <1368> acuPrep: *** unable to open file <MESH.DIR/MM_2.5L_BS6_TempEff_220518_T1.ExhtGas_ShapedTube_6.tet4.Face_ExhtGas4_Side0.tri3.ebc>; Too many open files acuRun: *** ERROR: error occurred executing acuPrep Can any one tell me why this error is coming & how to sovle it. I have attached .log & .inp file. Please find it. MM_2.5L_BS6_TempEff_220518_T1.1.Log MM_2.5L_BS6_TempEff_220518_T1.inp
  25. Hi mramakri, Change the Resolved in option to User system and select the system you created, to get the output in the new system as shown in the below image. Thank you
  26. Premanand Suryavanshi

    Separate a 3d solid meshing size ( outside/inside)

    Hi HamzaIbrahmi, May i know the purpose of doing so? Thank you
  27. Prakash Pagadala

    Improve optimization results

    Hi Michael, Solver provides converged solutions based on the error tolerance, objective and constraints. If they are satisfied solver comes out with a feasible design. This doesn't mean that one has to go with the design predicted at the last iteration, Since there was a difference in the tolerance and the results are within the tolerance (assuming) you got such a result. Solution 1) You can take the design as it is and modify in such a way that it is manufacturable and re-analyze Solution 2) check for intermediate design iteration and take that design, re-analyze and check the results,
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