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Optistruct Output Files

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I have all sorts of optistruct outputs, F1.disp, F1.strs, F1.gpf, F1.spcf. I was wondering How to get these into hyperview. I can convert the F1.strs file into a format that hmgenres will understand, however, I'm unable to find other result formats for grid point forces, spc forces, etc. If someone could tell me where it's at in the documentation I'd appreciate it.

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You shouldn't have to do any conversion from Optistruct results to read into HyperView. For most of the output statements, there is an output format option. If you pick H3D, HM, or OP2 formats, HyperView can read the output files directly.

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I have a couple different needs from the analysis output:

1. ascii files so I can import the numbers quickly into inhouse codes

2. review the results graphically.

In my optistruct statement:


it throws only the von mises stress components into an ascii file, great.

I also use the following statement:

format hm

optistruct creates a *.res file, but, dumps all the stress components into the *.res file, not just the vonmises stress like the above stress statement requests. My *.res file is 17GB at the moment, filled with all the stress components I'm not interested in. Both HV & Hm choke when I try to animate or contour results.

The statement:

Format H3D

produces an h3d file with only stress & disp results, it doesn't include any results of the following:

ELFORCE(OPTI) = 10004 <=where 10004 is a set containing 210 CBAR elements


GPFORCE(OPTI) = 10002 <=10002 is a set containing 4 grid points

My idea was to reformat optistruct *.force, *.spcf, & *.gpf into a format that hmgenres can convert to *.res format. My current path has me looking into punch file formats so I can convert optistruct output to pch format, then use the hmnast utility to convert to *.res file.

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