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I am doing MV-1010-contact simulation tutorial of geneva model. When i checked the final model the page prompted an error in the model as:

"Error:   Contact Crank_to_slotted under Model from HM references one or
              more graphics that contain free edges, i.e. the geometry is not
              closed, or T connections.   The graphic(s) in question are: Crank,
              Slotted Disk.                                                     
              Open shell graphics or graphics with T connections are not allowed
              in contact simulations.  "

I think i need to delete or merge free edges, but i don't know the procedure for doing that. Please help me in solving this issue?

PFA the model file 

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Hello Abhishek

when you are doing contact simulation in MotionView you should have properly meshed model

so Use Hypermesh to mesh it properly then go to tools>Edges> Check for free edges and T connection

If you found Free edges or T connection you have to remove it. Your geometry should be completely closed

Free edges.JPG

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