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Suresh Vijayan

Get the components Name from a FE Model

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Hi , 


i  am new to hypermesh customization, now i need to get a components names from a FE Model.How can i do that kindly guide me to solve this problem.

thanks in advance 


thanks & regards 


Suresh Kumar V

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I wrote this the other day to be able to click on the part and see what component it is

(It is useful for checking part numbers of bits after importing a big assembly for example)



#Select the component
*createmarkpanel comps 1 "Select component:"

#Get name of component
set name [hm_getmark comps 1]
*clearmarkall 1
set comp_name [hm_getentityvalue comps $name name 1 -byid];

tk_messageBox -message "Name of Component: $comp_name" 

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