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  1. TCL and contact Error

    Hi , Could someone tell me how to remove the errors of Penetration. I already used penetration tools. ERROR ID : 612 Also I created the whole file using TCL script Could someone help me on How to implement contact between pulley and Rope as seen in the figure in it. I donot know which command to use to select the top face elements of the pulley. (In the TCL script it in the last line about contacts ) tt.hm tt_0000.rad tt_0000.out tt_0001.rad V4.tcl
  2. Hi all, I want to select the internal nodes for any nonuniform hole. So for same i want to write a tcl script. any idea? I have written script for cylindrical hole. it works perfectly. but what if it is not cylindrical hole. please suggest me any solution.
  3. Hi, I am trying to create a tcl script that is supposed to find the element normal direction for a component/body. I want to run the script in batch mode and obtain the output (normal direction) in a text file. Is there any way I can achieve this? Please refer to the attached snapshots for better understanding. Note: All element normals for a particular body are in the same direction. Thanks & Regards, Roshan
  4. Hi all, I have imported a line from CATIA, into HyperMesh model (mesh). I need to find using the nodes from the mesh which are located on (near to) that line within certain tolerance. Is there any Tcl command for this purpose? At the moment, I can identify the line using its name from metadata, i.e. *createmark lines 1 "by metadata contains value" TAG Line_101 But I couldn't find any Tcl command for finding the nodes around the line on this mark. I will be very thankful for any useful information. Best regards, Mubeen
  5. Vanishing Component

    Hi, I have Created a geometry using TCL. As soon as i run it with Radioss it pops an error ERROR IN RIGID BODY DEFINITION (INERTIA) Now when i simply imported the Radioss file the Cylinder component is not present. I am posting a picture of it below with a component vanished also I am posting the complete cylinder after I run it in TCL. Could you tell me what the error is because even after commented the whole program and check by seeing the command.tcl file (while manually creating it in the GUI) i didn't find any difference. I am specifying the subhead of the TCL code where I have written the code about the cylinder meshing (It is on line 83) ### Cylinder component for meshing kkkk.hm kkkk_0000.out kkkk_0000.rad kkkk_0001.rad V1tcl V2.tcl
  6. Hey Guys! I would like to ask you that do you know such kind of script that could import data from a .csv file and export it to a .rad file to change material data or something. I would like to accelerate my work in RADIOSS to manipulate the .rad file. I would like to change the .rad file as fast as possible, that's why I thought about script. Thanks for your anwer in advance! Best regards, Tüki
  7. Hello, I am trying to write a tcl script for HyperView to run in batch mode. I need to load my model and results. Apply the results to the final increment and then export the model in a TCL script. None of the hypermesh commands are working and I cannot find HyperView TCL commands. Can anyone explain how this is done?
  8. Run Path question

    Dear all, We are trying to set a HyperStudy simulation. We have a batch process which calls a tcl file and the we read outputs. The problem goes as follows: In the batch process we need to know at which folders we are currently. When Hyperstudy runs the nominal run for instance, it creates folder C:/Users/user1/Desktop/Gen02/approaches/nom_1/run__00001/m_1/ and copies there our .fem file (input) In our batch we are using param %HST_APPROACH_RUN_PATH% to get the path of that folder. But we are getting the parent folder: C:/Users/inasiopo/Desktop/Gen02/approaches/nom_1/run__00001 So .../m_1/ is missing!!!! How can we get the correct path? Hope we explain it in a good way. Many thanks in advance
  9. TCL script files parameters

    Dear all, We are trying to create a tcl script that is called from a batch file with: C:\....\hmbatch.exe -tcl C:\...\MyTcl.tcl That works fine. Our TCL then looks like: variable myLocation [file normalize [info script]] append filename1 $myLocation "Tester02.fem" append filename2 $myLocation "Tester02.sh" *createstringarray 2 "isosurf: 3 3 0.6 0 -1 0 0 10 30 1 0" "other_params: 1 0 0 0 10 0" *ossmooth_12 0 1 0 1 "$filename1" "$filename2" "*.grid" 1 0 1 2 but this is not working. Apparently when trying to run the *ossmooth" command the "$filename1" and "$filename2" variables are not recognised. Any help on how we can do that please??
  10. hi all, can anyone pls help me in finding assembly name of a component thanks in advance regards, JAMIE
  11. hi all, can anyone pls help me in finding assembly name of a component thanks in advance regards, JAMIE
  12. to create a bolt hole . i need to create a plane normal to three nodes . how to create plane normal to 3 nodes regards, JAMIE
  13. Hi, I'm looking a way to get the value of TCL variable from FE Output template. In fact I would like to control template by using TCL variable, so my template has something like: *if([VALUE == 1]) ... *endif() *if([VALUE != 1]) ... *endif() Where "VALUE" comes from TCL variable. Any idea? TIA,
  15. Hello, i just start to use Tcl script on hypermesh. I've a script who create a simple geometry and mesh on hypermesh. And i need to create boundary conditions. with the commande file I've : *startnotehistorystate {Created Force } *createmark nodes 1 1-19 1920-1945 4553-4559 *loadcreateonentity_curve nodes 1 1 1 -0 -0 50 0 0 50 0 0 0 0 0 *endnotehistorystate {Created Force } The problem is that the nodes are not always the ame (depend on my geometry). Can I create boundary conditions without the number of the nodes ? Like with lines ? Something like : *startnotehistorystate {Created Force } *createmark nodes 1 Line 3 *loadcreateonentity_curve nodes 1 1 1 -0 -0 50 0 0 50 0 0 0 0 0 *endnotehistorystate {Created Force } Thanks Sorry i'm really a beginner with TCL.
  16. Hey Guys! I would like to model composite coupon and make a lots of runs using RADIOSS, because I have a lots of measurements data and I would like to make a proper model for it. I want to make 3-point bending, tension, compression etc. and experience the behavior of the model in the post-yield phase (after the failure of some fibers). If I have the results of the measurements, I should export the material data into RADIOSS from a .csv or .xls file. I should optimize the parameters of the material card in RADIOSS to approximate the measured results of the composite coupon. This process should be automatized (because of the many runs and many setup options of the material properties). I would like to use PYTHON scripts to change the values of the material card in the .csv or .xls file for different runs. Can you tell me anything about how we can use PYTHON scripts in HyperMesh/RADIOSS or if it is not able, how we can connect them to TCL/TK scripts? And another question is that how can I reference to the parameters of the material card in TCL or PYTHON scripts? How can I export the results of a specified node or element (stress, strain, displacement or something) to an excel compatible format (.xls, .csv)? Thanks for your answer in advance! Best regards, Tüki
  17. hi all, set a "1 2 3 " set b " 4 1 3 8 2" i need to compare these two lists ...not on the basis of order of arrangement only difference output i need is 4 8 i tried using using *markintersection its not working
  19. hi all, every time when i run the same script for the second,third... times ,the previous entries are displayed by default as highlighted in the below snapshot.i want to clear these entries each time i run . thanks in advance regards, JAMIE
  20. hi all, *isolateonlyentitybymark is not working during all the occasions.is this a bug or Iam using it in wrong way.
  21. hi all, any good book or online link or pdfs for having a good command over tcl tk language.
  22. The tcl command *set_meshedgeparams 0 1 0 does not seem to work in HM 2017 however it works just fine in 14. Is there any reason this could be happening and any way to correct it ? I am trying to use *set_meshedgeparams as a precursor command to *hmmeshspline Are any of the above commands deprecated in HM 2017 ? Thanks. Any help is appreciated.
  23. hi, I need to mark all the nodes with comment. Iam using hm_getentityvalue for finding the comments. For a biw it taking almost 2.5 mins to read.Is their any other method so that I can reduce the time taken.
  24. set a "bolt cbar 7mm up" #how to delete cbar from this list lremove command is working when written directly in the command window but while executing as a procedure it is not executing.
  25. How should i get these X1, X2 and X3 values for a selected node in the image. If i use hm_nodevalue $node_id It returns me X,Y,Z values as per WCS. But what i want is to get as shown in this window. Or may be if i can get local CSYS reference axis.