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  1. Hi, I'm using optistruct 'free shape' to create 'design variable' and saved as a .hm file. How to import this variable into Hyperstudy as a 'Define design variables'? Thank you so much!
  2. Radopt

    I ran a radioss model optimization via optistruct -radopt, It shown results, optimization results look OK, my only question is, why it only took one design response instead of the three I set? (attached image) Regards, GGB
  3. Hyperstudy - Design Parameters with Boolean Logic

    In the expression builder within hyperstudy, is there anyway to apply boolean logic? I could really do with adding IF statements. I've looked to the functions tab and there doesn't appear to be an option.
  4. Non selected surface

    Hello, I must select the all of surface in the hole. I attached the pictures. Blue surfaces will be nondesign_surface. Half of the hole is pink which is design space. However it should be blue which indicates the nondesign area.But half of the hole which i marked red circle could not selected by manuel usuage. How can i select this nonselected surface (red circle area)? Could you help me? Please answer as possible you can, Thank you
  5. Thermo structural analysis

    Hello Everyone, I am trying to do thermo structural analysis in optistruct. later I have to continue optimisation on structural analysis. Basically thermal expansions are only load for my optimization problem. I faced following difficulties and trying to resolve them, 1. thermo structural analysis in optistruct- ---- I have referred all tutorial and discussion available a I did find any direct method to read temperature from my thermal analysis and apply it as load in structural analysis. I have pipe carrying hot fluid and I have convection heat loss so direct TEMP use in static is not possible for me and off course I have referred Coupled Linear Heat Transfer/Structure Analysis , however problem is I need to use structural subcase id as reference to my optimization so I cant use CASE_UNSUPPORTED_CARDS control card. 2. How to request temperature output in static analysis---- some how if I am able to run structural run with TEMP in static analysis, I will have to compare my temperature contour. So how can I request thermal output in static analysis results. (already have tried loadstep--> edit-->OUTPUT-->THERMAL. didnt work) 3. How can I use DRESP2 in optimization, already have found one discussion on same but corresponding tut link is expired. Basically I want to use relative displacement in my optimization as constraint. Thank you
  6. Bounds Question

    Hi All, Am trying to understand hyperstudy using Shapes and I have encountered a bit of a headscratcher. My plate has a hole with a radius of 50mm and I want to examine the effects of changing that radius. When I apply a shape to it and get to hyperstudy it asks me for an upper and lower bound (default -1 and 1) and an initial of 0. My question is, what exactly do these numbers relate to? When I run it creates a hole 37.5mm and 62.5mm radius respectively, but how does that relate to lower and upper bounds of -1 and 1? OKay it has consistently created a difference of 12.5mm but how did it calculate this? Many thanks in advance. Is there any way I could have just said initial = 50mm, lower = 45mm and upper = 55mm? Regards Andy
  7. Hi everyone, Could you help me understand the phenomema that I describe below ? I conducted a non-linear analysis with activating LGDISP. After comparing the results with and without LGDISP, I found that there is a big difference in displacement. If I don't activate LGDISP, the displacement of model is very large. Otherwises, the displacement becomes small with LGDISP. I don't understand this phenomena. Note : In my model, I have plastic material so with small young's modulus , but just linear comportement is taken into account (I don't have informations on parameters for determining its non-linear comportement). I implemented non-linear analysis because of contact phenomena. Thanks for your helps.
  8. Hello, I want to optimize a front end of vehicle and I have built a FE model in radioss block, and I want to use the esl method as the optimization strategy, is there any possible way to couple radioss block files with optistruct to use the esl method? Thank you!
  9. Hello Currently I have a problem in the topology optimization of a bearing bracket. It has two components: non design and design component. The topology optimization is feasible, but there is no connection between the non design and design part. In the two pictures you can see, that the design part around the four holes only exists by the most minimal density. For the moment there is a contact 'TIE' between the non design and design components. Do you know how to connect the two parts, to get a topology optimization which connects them? I thank you in advance for your help!
  10. Hello All, I am doing geometry nonlinear static analysis on a lattice structure using Optistruct and during model organization, I am facing lot of problems that I am not able to solve, like - I have a lattice CAD model in form of a 2D mesh ( 441964 nodes, 892864 elements), then I am doing initially this 2D mesh convert into the 3D tetrahedral mesh (608588 nodes, 2171299 elements) using the 3D panel in HM. Before doing this conversion, I checked the quality of 2D elements and then convert into the 3D tetra mesh. But during the 2D elements quality check, there is some large number of elements are failed in skew, trias min and max angle e.g. (Skew (60) 163 of 892864 (0%) failed. It is difficult to correct the failed elements because the number of the failed elements are very large, it will take a lot of time. Next, after conversion 2D trias to 3D tetra elements, I deleted 2D elements then provided input details like material, properties, load collector and load step. My question is that when I do the static linear analysis so analysis was completed, but when I do geometry nonlinear static analysis some error showing and analysis has not completed. I provide all input data that required for geometry nonlinear static analysis. I am thinking that due to a large number of 3D tetra elements fails, therefore the nonlinear analysis not complete. Please guide me, how can I do fastly to correct those fails elements. I am trying but I am not able to do it fastly.
  11. Error message Optistruct

    Hello Following error message appears by running Optistruct: *** ERROR # 15 *** CTETRA element 3918 is distorted (zero or negative Jacobian). Do you know how to solve the problem? Thank you in advance for your help.
  12. Using MATT1 with PCOMP Property

    Hi, I am trying to do an analysis on a enamelled sheet metal part, it is bimaterial. As initial condition, temperature is 350 celcius degrees and as final condition, temperature is 25 celcius degrees. So, I applied a temperature load. I used MATT1 and entered temperature dependent material properties in TABLEM1 format. I used PCOMP card to model the structure as composite. Materials (Steel and Enamel) are taken as isotropic materials so there is no ply orientation. When I start the analysis with Optistruct, the programme gives the following error message: ERROR 14: Missing property # 2 referenced by CQUAD4 # 1 What can I do to solve this problem? Thanks in advance. Mert
  13. Hi everyone, I want to validate the effects of residual stress and strain on the modal behavior of sheet metal. So, I did the forming simulation via Hyperform and I want to map the residual stress and strain results to Optistruct. Are there any way to do this ? Thanks. Best regards.
  14. Could you please advise me about property of welding element . I have to apply material property for welding element I can't find this value form the internet . Could you please help me
  15. I have to solve Non-linear on welding for T - joint structure But I found ERROR # 3423 Could you please help me for solve this simulation I already attach file in this topic If you have any suggestion please inform to me
  16. Hi, I am working on OS-1360: NLSTAT Analysis of Gasket Materials in Contact tutorial. But it is showing Gasket error after running. Find the attached image
  17. What card or factor should I input to get the FRF plot of the modes and frequency I am getting from modal analysis in optistruct.
  18. Hi, I recently noticed the Lattice Optimization option in the Topology tab and was wondering there any tutorials on how to use this tool? I've carried out lattice optimization by editing the DTPL card but was wondering if this is a more integrated approach.. Thanks in advance, Tom
  19. Error 14: Missing Mat # 3

    Hi, I am a new user to Hyperworks. I am trying to analyse and optimize a composite monocoque chassis. I haven't gotten to the optimization part yet as I'm stuck trying to even run the analysis. Every time I try to run the analysis I get the following error: *** ERROR 14: Missing MAT # 3 referenced by PLY # 3, (existing MAT with this ID is of incorrect type). *** ERROR 14: Missing MAT # 3 referenced by PLY # 8, (existing MAT with this ID is of incorrect type). What I have done is that I have a symmetric stack of 2 layers of carbon fiber, aluminium honeycomb and 2 layers of carbon fiber. I have defined carbon fiber as MAT 8 and the honeycomb as MAT9ORT. The property I have specified for the geometry is PCOMPP. I have added pin joints to the rear suspension and a torsional load at the front suspension. I understand that another thread has been posted about this but I don't understand what the replies are telling me to do. Any help would be appreciated.
  20. Thermal Analysis

    Hello, I am trying to figure out how to model the heat generation on a brake rotor during braking using Optistruct. Are there any guides that describe this process or something similar to this? How would you approach this? The total energy of the system is known and will be evenly distributed over three brake rotors to stop the vehicle in a given time. Now, I need to model the maximum temperature reached.
  21. I am looking to write a windows batch file or linux script that would generate an Optistruct .fem input file given an .hm file. I looked through the hwsolver/scripts available in Windows versions but it was not obvious as to what to do for this. Could some help or direction be provided on this? Thank you!
  22. spring-damper model

    Hello, could anyone help me to create the mass-spring-damper models in optistruct?
  23. Hello, I run OptiStruct but got empty results. My operating system: Win10 + Hyperworks Student Version I followed this tutorial deleted all the files but it still doesn't work... Thank you! Zizhe
  24. Hi, I am currently learning how to carry out lattice based optimization on OptiStruct. I have attempted the attached tutorial found elsewhere on the HyperWorks forums, but keep running into the same problem during the Run in OptiStruct? I have tried various edits of the line below the DTPL card line but keep coming across the same error. Any help would be much appreciated? Thanks in advance, Tom Lattice_01.fem Lattice_01.out Lattice Optimisation Tutorial.pdf
  25. Optimisation - Re-Analysis

    Dear all, Is there a way to automatically run OSSmooth and re-analysis with optistruct. Basically up to now we are running an optimisation then going to hypermesh, running OSSmooth, and re-running optistruct to see what deflection we get with the optimised shape.\ Can we set that at once (maybe as a batch process) so we don't have to do the whole thing, and get optimisation + Re-analysis at once? Many thanks.