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  1. Can anybody help me to understand difference between Optistruct and Nastran .? (As a solver and modeling ) Any document is also very helpful.... Thanks in advance....
  2. Hi, I am running Radioss topology optimization to minimize compliance with constrained volume fraction. The plate has all translations constrained on the left and right edges and mass is added. The expectation was that reinforcing ribs would connect supports across left-right direction, which was confirmed with Optistruct. However Radioss optimization produced counterintuitive result with reinforcements running along supports. From the .eslout file it became evident the objective function was minimize maximum compliance; in Optistruct run the objective was minimize compliance. How to set up Radioss optimization to get results similar to Optistruct? The solver decks are attached bellow if anyone would like to look into. test_optistruct.fem test_radopt.eslout test_radopt.radopt test_radopt_0000.rad test_radopt_0001.rad
  3. Hi, i am working on my bachelor thesis at the moment, in which i need to simulate the heat transfer absorbed by a laser. Therefore i want to apply different heat fluxes which overlap and run only for 1 second. After 1 second i want the second heat flux to start and also run for only 1 second. How can i do this? Thanks, Erdinc
  4. Hey Guys! I would like to use Tsai-Wu failure criteria for composite analysis and I have two questions about it. I would like to know which is the maximal load that my composite system can handle, so which load occurs that the failure index is equal to 1? How can I model it? Failure index isn't suitable to scale my design therefore I would like to know the strength ratio of my composite elements. How can I get the proper strength ratios values? (I did not find the proper output card for this matter). You can see the Tsai-Wu failure theory and the strength ratio calculating method in my attachment. Thanks for answers in advance! Best regards, Tüki
  5. Hi, I am using Hyperworks (V13) to analysis 1D beam and rod. I used 3 pairs of Rev joint for point 3 as I don't know if there is any better way to join 3 part together. I created 4 bodys as PRBody. I created SIM, force SPC load collectors. But it always give me errors. such as *** WARNING # 1200 Incorrect or inconsistent data found in $HMxx cards. (Obsolete data format or errors because of manual editing.). All HyperMesh specific data will be skipped from input files. Component information in the output file will be missing.To rebuild this information - read back and recreate input file using HyperMesh. This happened in line 197 of file "C:/My_Folder/V2.fem": $ 40 39 38 37 36 35 34 33 32 Force can't be referred. I am really struggling here, Is there any body can help ? Many thanks. Sophie V2.hm
  6. I need some example or tutorial for structure analysis focus on welding on T - joint ( I need to simulation for welding separation on main part)
  7. Tyre Assembly Analysis

    Hi Johnson, Kindly find the image sent to you in drop box Wheel with tyre assembly is given load at center by using rigid element Ground defined as shown in the image. Contact defined between tyre & Ground How this type of analysis can be done in optistruct
  8. Hello, I am a student user from Canada, working on a topology optimization project for my university's Formula SAE Team. I have completed my optimization study using OptiStruct, and have manipulated the iso result in HyperView to something that I am somewhat satisfied with. I now wish to use OSSMOOTH to smooth out my model and convert it to a .STEP file so that I can open it in SolidWorks as a solid body. OSSMOOTH requires you to load a .fem file and a .sh file. I know that when you run the topology optimization study, it automatically generates a .sh file for the final iteration (and an arbitrary iso-clipped value), but the automatically generated .sh file does not contain the iso-clipped geometry that I wish to move forward with. My question is this: How do I import my desired iso-clipped geometry into OSSMOOTH? Am I required to generate a new .sh file from my desired iso-clipped geometry? If so, how do I create this file? I can't seem to figure out how to get my desired shape to appear in OSSMOOTH, so perhaps there is a gap in my knowledge about file types and how to create them. Any help/advice would be greatly appreciated! Thanks
  9. fabric hinge

    Hi, I am trying to model fabric material in Optistruct with NLGEOM solver. The material model should be orthotropic, membrane behaviour (no bending and transverse shear) and have different modulus of elasticity for tension and compression. There are some issues: 1. Is there another way to define different modulus of elasticity in tension/compression for shell elements? 2. Membrane type behaviour is modeled with MID2 and MID3 set to blank as was suggested in this topic. Alternatively it could be set up with NIP=1 in PSHELLX extension. However, after analysis is completed the result display only the initial configuration. The file is attached for debugging purposes. optistruct_fabric.hm
  10. Hi, I need to resolve a transient(direct) analysis on my model. There are 8 different imported load that I merged into 1 with a LOADADD card, then I create a TABLED1. Now I need to create a TLOAD1 to give the forces a time dependence function. the problem is that TLOAD1 field "EXCITEID cannot reference the LOAD and LOADADD Bulk Data Entries". How can I resolve a transient analysis having more than 1 load? Thanks for the help!
  11. Problem In Optistuc

    Hi, I Stick into a problem. I defined a hyperbeam in this format: standard, Nastran, and box, then I defined Pbeaml in properties and assign this beam section to it. when I run with Optistruct, that error appear: "PBEAML 2663 0 MSCBML0 BOX +" *** ERROR # 1000 *** in the input data: Incorrect data in field # 3. Please help me on this. Cheers.
  12. applying a distributed flux

    Hello everybody, i followed the guide OS-1090 for linear transient heat transfer but instead of using a constant value for the heat flux i want to use a gaussian distribution. How can i apply that in optistruct? Regards, Erdinc
  13. Hi Firstly, I would like to thank for your answer. I tried to analyze the roof crush problem in optistruct, I set up the parameter as following. The vehicle structure, I defined the contact type as freeze. For the rigid plane that press the vehicle body, I defined the slide contact. And also, Analysis type, I used Geo non-linear (Impl static). While I am running the problem, the solver interface shown that they used Optristruct solver, after that, i think, they changed to RADIOSS solver. *** ERROR # 4001 *** Running RADIOSS starter, 151 ERRORs and 53 WARNINGs have been detected. They are listed below. STARTER ERROR: ERROR ID : 556 ** ERROR IN INTERFACE TYPE2 DESCRIPTION : -- INTERFACE ID : 5 -- INTERFACE TITLE : INTER_TYPE2_5 MASTER NODE ID=42374 IS ALSO SLAVE NODE OF ANOTHER INTERFACE TYPE2 STARTER ERROR: . . . The error details are shown as following picture Best regards Nut
  14. Hello everybody, i followed the guide OS-1090 for linear transient heat transfer but instead of using a constant value for the heat flux i want to use a gaussian distribution. How can i apply that in optistruct? Regards, Erdinc
  15. Hello guys! I would like to find a possible method for simulating composites with non-linear material model. It's important for me to know the behavior of the material in the degradation phase, so after reaching the displacement in point A on the picture. I have to model the composite as shell, and have to use an implicit method. My question is that which solver with which property and material card combination is suitable for this analysis in Hyperworks? It is possible to use Optistruct to solve this matter? Thanks for your help in advance! Best regards, Tüki
  16. I already create simple model of version 14 and 2017 . version 14 is OK . version 2017 is fail. I already compare in FEM file. I found SPC control card have set F in Ver. 2017. (ex. SPC 1 2922 123456 F) but 0.0 in ver. 14 (ex .SPC 1 2922 123456 0.0 ) I' m sure what is problem for this situation . but when i change F to 0.0 , the result is OK . Could you please tell me how to solve this problem instant change manually .
  17. Dear all I need to know how to use connect for weld condition. Do you have any example or method for use this function ? such as : Arc welding or Seam welding ?
  18. Hi All If I get mesh quality error, and even after disabling the mesh quality check I get a fatal error. how is it possible to remesh a meshed part ? does the mesh overwrites ? should I apply the correlating BC and loads again ? what about material and properties?
  19. Hi everyone, Trying to figure out how much volume fraction has to be given for meeting a specific modal target frequency of a automotive wheel while performing topology optimization. Just trying to find out the relation between volume fraction and modal frequency of wheel (wheel weight is 13 kg). For Example Target modal frequency of wheel should be above 400Hz. For meeting the modal target (above 400Hz) how much volume fraction value need to given in a single shot so that the modal target is met, in topology optimization of wheel. Thank you in advance.
  20. Pressfit + angular velocity

    Hi, I'm having some problems in simulating the stress distribution in a rotor. In the file attached below, a rotor is modelled. The shaft is composed by two different componets (shaft and shaft2) -modeled with brick elements-. The external surface is surrounded by a sleeve (a carbon fiber), modelled with 2D quad elements. I performed a structural analysis simulating the angular velocity. How can I add the effect of an interference fit between shaft2 and the carbon fiber? (I would like to have a pre load of compression + the effect of the angular velocity) I can't find any tutorials Thank you very much Enrico rotor.fem
  21. Hi all, I want to compare the result of shell and solid element for a thin plate bending analysis. So I select a thin plate with dimension 100*100*2mm, the four edge of the plate are all clamped, and a uniform pressure is applied on the top surface. However, I got a different result from OptiStruct and Ansys with the same solid model. Both the material and the mesh are the same. The in-plane element size is 1.25*1.25mm, and there are two elements through its thickness. The maximum stress in X direction from OptiStruct and Ansys is 74.4MPa and 158.7MPa. It's so different. What's more, according to the theory, the maximum stress may be 154MPa, which makes me suspect the optistruct result. The maximum stress theory for four clamped thin plate under uniform pressure loading is given in following link http://www.roymech.co.uk/Useful_Tables/Mechanics/Plates.html What's the reason for this strange result? I have attached my HM file. In addition, is there any document which explain the different options meaning of stress result type and average method? See figure below Thank you Roy Shell_Solid.zip ShellSolidCompare.hm ShellSolidCompare.fem
  22. SnRD Directory

    Hi, Please help me to launch SnRD directory in Hypermesh. I use Hypermesh 14 and i cannot find SnRD directory among my tabs. Is there some kind of plugin or patch that i need to install/run to use this module of Hyperworks? Thanks, Suganya
  23. Spot Weld In Optistruct

    Hi All, Is it possible to create RBE2- Beam-RBE2 Spot weld for Optistruct Template. Will it be good for bending stiffness analysis? Or the stiffness get increased? Thanks and Regards, Subhu Rathina Vel
  24. Hello! We have the following problem by using OSSmooth for a FEA reanalysis: Our component is made up of a core (blue) and a shell (red/orange). The core has Hex 8 3D-Elements with the Card Image MAT 1 and PSolid. In order to create a shell around the core of the component, we used the tool "Find Faces". Thus we got a shell around the core with Quad 4 2D-Elements. We used the Card Image MAT8 and PShell with an offset to the outside T=2mm. Therefore there should be no intersection between the two kinds of elements (see figure 1). Both the core and the shell was defined as design space so that we optimized them both in a successful optimization. See figure 2: Holes and notches were created in the shell as well as in the core. Afterwards, we tried to import the optimized geometry with OSSmotth by using the following settings: FEA Reanalysis, iso surface, remesh, trias as mesh type and two layers attached. As a result the 3D-Elements has been updated according to the optimization result, but not the shell (see figure 3). Furthermore we got a very questionably visualization of the shell elements: At the attachment points between core and shell, the shell elements strangely stick to the outside and inside (see figure 4 and 5). Are there any mistakes in our settings or in the modelling? Thank you very much in advance for your tips and advices! Greetings Martin
  25. Hypermesh 2017 - Beam Collector Issues

    Hi, I am running Hyperworks 2017 and have run into an unusual issue. When I state a beam section greater than 32mm diameter, I run into issues when re-importing. Please find attached a screenshot of the issue. On the left is the hypermesh session used to make the file and the right is the hypermesh session importing the .fem. You can see on the left that the beam section 2000003 is specified with radius of 25mm... however on the right, a warning has appeared stating that PBAR dimensions are different from the section (which is odd as the PBAR section properties come from the beam section). Section 2000003 is missing on the left hand import session and replaced with 2000004 with a name matching the property name. Also the section is no longer ROD, now it is a Generic section. After some investigation I found this error occurs with sections greater than 32mm diameter in the beam section. My previous installation did not have this issue so I can only put this down to an issue with the new version. Please help!!! Kindest regards Andy