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  1. Hi , I am working on modal analysis of rotor system in optistruct. I have queries regarding constraints. Pls find the following image which shows rotor assembly with bearing. I need to allow rotation free of rotor and shaft at bearing locations. How to give constraints at bearing locations ? Using RBE2 or any other options are there in Optistruct? Thanks Arul
  2. Hello Sir, Greetings!!! I have been getting a warning message," Warning: nodes id 14447572 was found more than once in the import file; Resolution: Original id's maintained. Renumbering the database recommended", when I imported the key file, which I had created earlier (LS-Dyna Input File Format). I have a total of 12,000 warnings regarding renumbering. I have tried to renumber the nodes in the file, but the warning still exists. It's not causing any harm to my file, but I would like to know the reason why renumbering of nodes is not working. Hope, to hear from you soon. Thanks & Warm Regards, Akshay S Patil
  3. Dear Community, I have a problem when creating an Optistruct model for freesize optimization including a ply drop-off (PLYDRP) constraint. In particular, I created such a model in Hypermesh 2017 with different design variables (DSIZE). If I export the model in Optistruct format (.fem) and I import it again in Hypermesh 2017, I am not anymore able to see all the DSIZEs but I can see only one of it. I have created a simple model to give you an example. In the file attached, you will find (among the others) four DSIZEs: top, bottom, left, and right. The PLYDRP constraint is activate for all of these design variables. If I export the model to an Optistruct input file (.fem) and I import it again in Hypermesh, I cannot see anymore the four DSIZEs, but only one of them (top) is still there. This happens only if PLYDRP is activated. I would really appreciate if anybody could give me an explanation about this strange behaviour and what to do to avoid it. Thank you in advance, Alessandro plydrop_issue.hm
  4. how to find nearest node in hypermesh. A command or any macro that should search a tolerance of distance like within radius of 30 and then find nodes within that perimeter . lets say, should find nodes adjacent to it.
  5. I have meshed a 2-dimensional conjugate heat transfer model in Hypermesh and need to solve it in Fluent. I am not able to get the wall boundary condition between a solid and fluid as a coupled interface. It states in the Hypermesh tips for fluent document that we need to make the wall from ^edges and then when you export it to fluent it should create shadow zone automatically but this isn't working for me. I have tried with simple meshing without 2d BL meshes. I have tried with only one solid body in the fluid air but still I am not successful in getting a coupled wall. I tried it with CFD tetra mesh for a simple body in 3d with ^faces collector and it converted to shadow zone in fluent. Its only a problem with 2d i guess. Kindly help me with this problem and if anybody has a tutorial with a 2d solid to fluid contact coupled wall please do let me know. I need it for my mini thesis and I am just stuck at this part.
  6. How to apply varriable pressure in optistuct? I have to apply variable pressure from 0.55Mpa to 0.055Mpa of pressure on tube varring along the circumference of tube.
  7. Hi everyone, I have problem obtaining the TCL command of auto contact pair finding. My model contains 6 components, I use the Abaqus contact manager to automatically find contact pairs for me. Manually, I can successfully find contact pairs. Since I want to run this process automatically by TCL script, I do the process manually and check out the code added in the command.cmf file. Unfortunately, the code are very long, approximately 50000 lines. Also, the code are about nodes' data and surface set, which is not I am looking for. I am looking for the command that represents the buttons "auto", "components: all", "find", "create". I will show these buttons in the figures attached. By the way, the file: raw.hm is my model. Again, my goal is to get the TCL code for finding contact pairs. Please help me, thanks! raw.hm
  8. Please, help me: I want to optimize a model. I am using Matlab for the optimization, Hypermesh as a pre-processor for my model and Abaqus as my FEA solver. I want to control all the operations in Matlab. I don't want to open Hypermesh and Abaqus. I have found a way around Abaqus. But I am having a challenge with Hypermesh. Directly from Matlab command, I want to call Hypermesh to execute my TCL script and output Abaqus input file. I want to run this process for many iterations by changing my mesh size in TCL script, thereby generating Abaqus input files of different mesh sizes. This is my Matlab script for Hypermesh: clear all; clc; hypermesh_bin='C:\Program Files\Altair\2017\hm\bin\win64\'; %enter the directory for the hypermesh executible cd(hypermesh_bin); run Hypermesh dos ('C:\Program Files\Altair\2017\hm\bin\win64\hmopengl.exe&') % run .tcl file (the name of my tcl file is comm) dos_command = ['hmbatch-tcl' , 'C:\Program Files\Altair\2017\hm\bin\win64\comm.tcl']; dos (dos_command) I am getting this error: ans = 0 The filename, directory name, or volume label syntax is incorrect. ans = 1 Please, help me: kindly tell me what I am doing wrong. Also, in order for us to have more discussion, I will appreciate it if you can send me an email, if you have worked with hypermesh directly from Matlab or you know how to do it. My email address is: sasamuelayinde@gmail.com Thank you.
  9. hi everyone, I need help to find out if there is a command or macro that can find and categorise sheet metal with no thickness and solids with some thickness? does it exist. If so , please let me know. I really need it
  10. abaqus

    Knee Extension Testing .zipHi there, I have a problem to open these input files in Hypermesh. The user who generated the input files said, it was developed using Hypermesh. However, when I import to the Hypermesh, I ve got errors and warning. These files was generated for Abaqus CAE. So, because of some problems during converting, it cannot open in Abaqus CAE. Anyone can help me? Please. I ve attached the files here. Also you can download it from the link here. http://digitalcommons.du.edu/natural_knee_data/1/ DUO1 - >Finite Element Model for Knee Extension Testing (4.3 MB) Knee Extension Testing .zip
  11. Hi everyone am working in Hypermesh(Aerospace) profile, i want to import load from excel which has nodal coordinates(or Element ID) and XYZ component forces . How to do this?? Thanks.
  12. Hallo, i want to convert an abaqus modell to an optistruct modell via the hypermesh convert makro. With most of the entities it works fine, but with some not. For example the section properties especially the beam section, connector section and solid section cards are not supported in conversion. The abaqus modell was build up in ansa and now I want to do a topology optimization in hypermesh optistruct. How can I handle this problem? Are there any configuration files for those or any other not supported cards and where can I find them? Thank you in advance. MT
  13. Hello, I have a plastic part subjected to heated air and I want to simulate the thermal expansion (no CFD required, just a simplified thermal expansion with temperature inputs is sufficient). I am using HyperMesh for pre and post processing and my solver is Abaqus. I have no idea how to do this, already tried the Joule heating solver, static solver, explicit solver, etc always get some errors which has no meaning intuitively. Can anybody tell me how to go ahead with this? If there is a tutorial or a pdf on this topic what would be very helpful.
  14. Hello all, warm greetings I have a query regarding the shared surface that is needed to be created for the heat sources within control volume. In my analysis, I have a heat source which is mounted on a frame at some distance from cold plate. The control volume has a fan for circulation of air. My query is :do I have to create shared surfaces of heat source with bracket also? As this bracket is further mounted on cold plate.
  15. Hi All, Please go thorough the complete video recordings of new features introduced in HyperMesh (HM) Engineering solutions for CFD. Click here to view the HM Engineering Solutions CFD New Features Regards, Kamlesh
  16. Hi As part of my thesis at the University, i am working with a simulation dummy from LSTC. I also looked at the tutorial on the positioning of dummies (HM-4640 Dummy Positioning), but unfortunately I could not find this dummy panel on the analysis page. Does this feature require an extension of the license or do I have to make some presets in HyperMesh? Best regards, J.Lauer
  17. Dear AcuSolve Users, Please find the detailed procedure of mapping AcuSolve CFD results through linear interpolation option. It has a python script attached, a pdf document explaining the process to be followed. This Script can be utilized to get all the CFD results like Velocity, Pressure, temperature etc and map it onto other mesh for further analysis. Regards, Kamlesh Script.zip
  18. hypermesh

    Hello All, I am starting to analysis of the component, Please share the procedure of the fatigue analysis of any component, and also can we find the life of the component based on its fatigue analysis? Thanks
  19. Hey Guys! I have a problem during optistruct run. The run gave me errors during element quality check. I know some of my weld elements are pretty awful, but I need to know which ones. The solver always give me the ID number of the failed elements, but there are to many of them. So here is my question: How can I know which criteria use the optistruct solver? I mean the skewness, jacobian etc... The solver don't use my criteria file, that's sure. In preferences > check element settings there are some options so, I can choose between solvers wich one will check the quality of the elements. There's no information about what's the quality of the mesh what the solver need to get run down. Do you guys have any information about it? Please share your ideas, thanks in advance! Best regards, Tüki
  20. Hi all, I want to run a Radioss analysis of a layered structure under impact. As my layers are too thin to be modeled with 3D elements, I want to use midsurfacing tool. Relative to that, I have 2 questions: 1. One thing I ask myself since the beginning of using midsurface is : should I translate the components relatively to the new midsurface ? ie. if a ball impacts a table, should I translate the midsurface of the table up, to make contact at the right time ? I would say you do not have to translate it as you indicate the thickness, but in my simulations, contact does not begin (vonMises stress = 0 ) before I can visually detect it. So I always translate my components, though it seems weird to me... 2. As I said, I want to model a structure comprised of different sheets of materials, which I would like to model as 2D elements. Problem : - At first, my 3D components are in contact (if it had been a 3D mesh, I would have liked to have a continuous mesh) - When I do the midsurface for each sheet, they have a gap; which is normal but which I wonder about : I suppose I should not translate my midsurfaces, however contact is not detected and I would like to use continuous meshing instead of interface option. Hope that was clear enough. If you can give me some answers to my questions, it would be very helpful. Thank you in advance, Alice
  21. Hello all, in the analysis of cold plate . I have fins inside the fluid domain and outside the cold plate. If inside and outside fins are treated as thermal shells in acusolve then in hypermesh the elements of fins will be in which collector: fluid collector or coldplate solid collector? As in pic you can see the placement of inside fins and outside fins. Please help.
  22. Hey guys, is there a way to only delete part of a solid? Which means only part of a solids geometry. Unfortunately my model neither has a surface, nor lines. Only solid. If that's not possible, is there way to "reverse transform" a solid into a surface and subsequently a surface into lines? Of Course remodelling the whole model from the very begining starting with the 1D level would work, but I'd like to avoid that. Kind regards, Niclas
  23. acusolve

    Hello, I am analysing coolant flow in a cold plate. I have created 3 volumes namely 1. Fluid volume 2. Volume for cold plate so that in acusolve I will assign it a material 3. Heat source I have applied boundary condition and applied material to volume 2 and fluid properties to volume 1. but I am getting error in final processing. please refer the attachment for the error file and the cold plate design for reference(blue colour is heat source)
  24. What does this size value indicate while creating a constraint for certain nodes in HyperMesh ?
  25. Hi all, I have a model comprised of several components. Each time I worked with Hypermesh I had only components that were surfaces inclosed volumes. Now I have solids. First question, how does that come ? And what is the difference ? I always use the same way to import geometry : import -> geometry -> *.igs. Now my problem is when I want to edit que geometries and among all, delete surfaces. I get this error : "All 16 selected [surfaces] were attached to solids; deletion ignored". How come ? And what to do ? Thank you in advance, Alice