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  1. CAN ANYONE KINDLY HELP ME WITH THE FOLLOWING ERROR? *** ERROR # 1243 *** Duplicate ID 2000550 in SPOINT data.
  2. Error message property

    Hello, I am discovering the OptiStruct solver and am doing a normal beam bending analyse, which does not work. Following error message comes: ERROR 14: Missing property # 1 referenced by CHEXA # 671 I've already searched for the problem, but was not able to find it. The property is created with the card image 'PSOLID' and associated to the component. I've also tried the card image PSHELL, but this did not work neither. The mesh is created with the 2D automesh and than the 3D element offset. Can someone help me to find a solution? Many thanks!
  3. Topology optimization error

    Hi All I am getting this error in topology optimization data check : Card "WEIGHT" is not allowed for this subcase type It's a 3D Solid problem with Wcomp and Volfrac, minimizing Wcomp and 0.3 Volfrac
  4. Eugene Kortus

    Hello I have a trial version of Click2Extrude. I did an analysis of first file and everything was OK. I prepared second file and during analysis, after 1 min. "Job failed. Please refer to status log file (s). Please help
  5. Hello guys! I tried to run an analysis in ThermoFlo, but I got the next error message: Could you help me to find a solution for this problem? Thank you for your answer!
  6. When i started the program : HYPERWORKS, it displays these two sentences, and it becomes closed itself. Plz let me know the solution. 1. Folder C:/Users/정경석 /.Altair/AssemblyDb/udm20170/atCtrlSession_workspace already exists and not empty. 2. The library is closed.
  7. I've recently installed Altair HyperWorks Student Edition 17.0 and I get the error which details are in the attached log file 1.log
  8. Hi, Im facing an error while importing surface mesh in .nas format to Acuconsole. PFA the snapshot of error window. I double checked in Hypermesh for any free edges, duplicates or connectivity issues, even check for 2D mesh file is also fine. when I tried the same model in .inp format its working fine in acuconsole but .nas is not! Thanks, Elvin
  9. Integrating Matching Network Error

    I keep obtaining this error every time i try to use the feko solver after i add my matching network from optenni lab. I don't know what i should do to solve this. Any assistance would be highly appreciated
  10. Hello, I've been trying to run a fairly basic simulation in HyperCrash using the Radioss solver, however I keep getting an error that shows as: ERROR ID : 119 ** ERROR IN INTERFACE 22 DEFINITION DESCRIPTION : -- INTERFACE ID : 1 -- INTERFACE TITLE : New INTER 1 LAGRANGIAN SURFACE IS EMPTY Additionally, there are a few warnings that show, however I've worked through them before and am less concerned by them. The real problem is the Lagrangian Surface error. I'm fairly certain it's related to the contact surface, however I'm not sure what the problem is. Any ideas on how to fix it, and what the error is related to? Any help is much appreciated, and the .OUT file is attached if it provides any additional insight. Cylinder_ThrowingStuffAgainstTheWall11_0000.out
  11. radioss run error

    hie, can i know how to rectify the error during the run, .rst file not found?
  12. Hello, I am new to Optistruct and having a repeating error for my 1D linear static free shape optimization of truss. When I try to run it w/Optistruct, the error that I get is: *** ERROR # 7315 *** No DSHAPE grids are on the boundary. Any ideas about a possible reason for this error? I checked card of DSHAPE and everything looks ok. Thanks, kosa26
  13. ERROR id : 475

    I want to know what this error mean when i used comp in interface definition of contact: ERROR id : 475 ** ERROR SURFACE BUILD FROM SOLIDS PART NON AVAILABLE OPTION /SURF/PART/Surf_ID FOR CREATING SURFACE 6 FROM A PART OF SOLIDS ;
  14. Model Import

    Hey there, I'm trying to import a leaf model I've generated. It was mostly created using the leaf wizard, and saved as a .mdl. For some reason, every time I try to insert the model, whether just the data or data and wizard selections all I get is this:
  15. ERROR # 703

    Dear Community, I am running a free-size optimization with a quite complex model and the run is aborted after a number of iteration for the ERROR 703. I receive the following message: Error in input data - Lower bound larger than upper bound44879 0.100408E+01 0.100000E+01 Error in input data - Lower bound larger than upper bound44882 0.100408E+01 0.100000E+01 Error in input data - Lower bound larger than upper bound44897 0.100408E+01 0.100000E+01 Error in input data - Lower bound larger than upper bound44900 0.100408E+01 0.100000E+01 Error in input data - Lower bound larger than upper bound44918 0.100408E+01 0.100000E+01 *** ERROR # 703 *** number of design variables = 47541 number of constraints = 37 error code from optimizer = 900 The optimizer failed to find a solution of the optimization problem at the current iteration. This error occurs in module "appdrv". Other information: If I change design parameters, the iteration where I have the error also change. If I remove ply drop-off constraint, the error disappears. If I reduce the design domain, the error disappears. (unfortunately, I cannot share the model) Any idea on how to solve this issue? Thank you in advance, Alessandro
  16. Error # 7007

    Hallo, I got the following error massage after starting a topology optimization. WARNING: The amount of memory that has been allocated is 3964 MB, which is less than the required 11579 MB for completing the run, using the minimum core processing in the solver. ************************************************************************ A fatal error has been detected during input processing: *** ERROR # 7007 *** The run failed because automatic memory expansion has failed. Currently allocated working storage is 3964 MB. Automatic expansion failed to expand to 11579 MB. The failed amount is the minimum required memory to complete the run. Please verify whether the system has enough memory and rerun the problem. I changed the “memory options” from “memory default” to “upper limit in Mb (= 1880)”. Is it a hardware problem or is there an option to fix that error? Thanks a lot in advance! Sven
  17. Segmentation Error

    Hello, I am receiving a error when exporting an Abaqus file. "A segmentation error occurred. Do you want to save your model?" Any suggestions would be appreciated.
  18. ACUSOLVE error in boundary condition

    HI, I am new to ACUSOLVE. I have a flow problem in which I have assigned a pressure inflow and an outflow with mass flux using advanced boundary condition. When I try to run the solver, I am getting an error stating " multiple surface integrated condition at outlet" I don't understand the actual sense of this error since as far as I know, we can simulate a case with an inflow pressure and outflow mass flux. I have done similar cases in ANSYS Fluent. If somebody knows how to rectify this problem, please let me know asap. Thanks in advance.
  19. sir, where can i find full vehicle file of taurus for crash in radioss forum?

  20. Hi, I am trying a simple impact analysis like radioss example 26 ruptured plate ( I am not interested in the rupture, just want to try an impact problem). I am using a soft non linear material M36_PLAS_TAB with a stress strain curve (E=8Mpa,nu=0.42,rho=1.412e-6Mg) and fixing the whole bottom surface. I used the volume tetra mesh to mesh my disk. ( I am using solid elements instead of shells as a basis for a more complex problem I am working on) The model was working fine with linear elastic materials... I read a few posts about this problem. There it was suggested to use a really thin linear elastic surface on top. And to change the element formulation. Could you please elaborate more in detail the steps to overcome this problem? Thanks!
  21. Hello, I am seeing an error in a couple of files where the displacement contours are plotted 'backwards' on the model. That is, the displacement contours are plotted at full magnitude on the undeformed model at t=0 Then at t=1, all contours show zero magnitude but the model is in it's deformed state. Von Mises Stress contours appear correctly, with 0 stress at t=0. RADIOSS solver deck. Results from other parts using the same deck are displaying as expected. Thanks
  22. I'm currently modeling a segment of leaky coax using MoM. The segment has a waveguide source on one end and is terminated with a 50 Ohm structure on the other. I keep receiving the following warning: "WARNING 3397: The power loss is larger than the active power". The warning makes me question the validity of the results (which are not exactly what I expected numerically). In the past I have found this warning has occurred with this model with lossless dielectrics and has been fixed by making the loss tangent of the dielectrics a small nonzero number. In this case however, I am using copper as the only lossy medium (as a friend did in a simulation of the same structure with COMSOL). Why are the losses exceeding the power inputs and does this incorrect result have significant physical meaning? Obviously the model has nonphysical results, but does that invalidate the results entirely? What are the unrealistic features of the model causing this incorrect calculation? Can this situation be resolved without making the dielectrics lossy (to maintain equivalence with my friend's COMSOL model)? Even with lossless dielectrics, how can the solution of the wave equations result in the power loss being noticeably (~1%) greater than the active power? CopperLFA280Segment.zip
  23. Error in property

    Hello, I am doing buckling analysis of bottle. But i am facing problem. Error in property and error in material law. please check the following image.
  24. Energy Error decreasing

    Hello, I have a problem with decreasing negative energy error. I read the reason for this could be energy dissipation and the total error should not exceed 5-10% for a good model. But in my case it reaches about -80 till -90% which indicates a wrong setup. The model setup contains two steel rods with an elastomer buffer in between. I checked if the reason could be the material definition of the elastomer, therefore I assigned material parameters for steel to the buffer but the error is still decreasing like before. Additionally I unchecked the status of ENG_DAMP card to see if that's causing the error but it changed nothing either. I don't know what else to check, so I'd be very grateful if you have a look at my model. Test_A_0000.out Test_A_0000.rad Test_A_0001.out
  25. Error in input format

    hey every one , so i have a probeleme here with hypercrash(radioss) , the message error is as follow : ERROR ID : 55 ** ERROR IN INPUT FORMAT DESCRIPTION : -- OPTION : GRNOD -- BLOCK : /GRNOD/BOX/34 -- LINE : /GRNOD/BOX/68 can i get your help please !! thanks