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  1. Shape (?) Optimization for 1D Elements

    Much appreciated!
  2. Hey guys, I was wondering if it is possible to setup the following optimization problem. Lets say I have a set of nodes and bar elements. This framework has some loads and boundary conditions. I am not sure if the node position of each node is optimal regarding compliance. I would like to define "shapes" for the nodes where I can set some pertubations e.g. Node x can move in a sphere of radius y. I have not seen this kind of optimization although I think it must be possible from an algorithmic point of view. Any suggestions? Thanks!
  3. Skateboard Tutorial

    There you go: https://altairuniversity.com/skateboard/ I made a video series about it:
  4. How to export FE-results for 3D Printing?

    Any News on this ?
  5. How to export FE-results for 3D Printing?

    Rahul, youre the best. Thanks a million! Unfortunately there is no option to export the color of the contour with the .vrml. Do you know something about this: Is there a way to do it? Are there plans in the future? Personally I like the idea of colored prints with the stress contours for discussion or other things like presentations! Best regards!
  6. Export the shape of the layers

    Can't find this script on Script Exchange. Is there a (updated) version available somewhere? Thanks and best regards!
  7. How to export FE-results for 3D Printing?

    No, I am looking for a way to export .vrml from hyperview. I want to use the colors of the stress plot for a colored printing. Best regards
  8. How to export FE-results for 3D Printing?

    Hi! I have the same question. Unfortunately the links are dead. Could you please provide the info again, Rahul ? Thanks in advance! Merula
  9. Thanks for your help tinh! You know, I copied from the Reference Guide as you suggested, but as I opened my model with the "ADDMODEL" Command, it didnt get the line: (result_handle GetResultMathCtrlHandle rmath_handle) which no I realized was the mistake in the code. Just in case another has troubles with that. You have to get your model id with: [ AddResultMathAnalysis ... ]
  10. Python

    Super interested in this. !!
  11. Python

    SO +1 for this. I know there were plans for a complete python interface but as far as I know its not under development currently, so you have to stick with .tcl scripting which is ok. Best regards
  12. I also tried Voxel vs. Tetra and came to the same conclusions. Did you ever encounter Voxel Mesh exeeding the limits of the design space geometry ? Can we prevent this from happening ? Thanks and best regards, Merula