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  1. Tsai-Wu failure criteria, strength ratio

    Hi, OK, I understood. You want to know the failure load where failure occurs. I will check and will let you know soon.
  2. Tsai-Wu failure criteria, strength ratio

    Hi, Failure index less than 1 indicates that failure of composite is not taken place. But it is also good to look at Strength ratio as failure index is not a linear function.
  3. How to apply force over time in different level

    Hi @mohammad Try with Transient analysis type in OptiStruct
  4. Hi @Branden Little Goto Control cards>> OUTPUT>>SHRES>> <Options> You have different options like first, last, ALL, N. N is the number of iteration, ALL will output .sh file for all iterations
  5. Linear Static Analysis - Gear Strength

    Hi @JamesMech Here are few suggestions from one of our experts: 1) Refine the mesh and make sure you apply the force on entire top face of the gear 2) Atleast 4-5 layers of elements along the thickness of the tooth to capture proper stress 3) If the displacements are huge, try with NLSTAT
  6. Tsai-Wu failure criteria, strength ratio

    Hi @Tüki You can output Strength ratio using PARAM>>SRCOMPS which is available in Analysis page>> Control cards.
  7. Total strain energy of a part

    Hi, Make sure you have scripting toolbar active. Please see the attached video on how to use the script. sum_average_contour.swf
  8. Hi @Branden Little Did you try to change the ISo value on OSSmooth? By changing the threshold (iso) value on OSSmooth, the topology changes. Please try this and let us know if this helps.
  9. [GNA] Post-Buckling of arch plate in Optistruct

    I will update my iteration results soon.
  10. Tie contact

    Tie contact as a boundary condition and the condition with shell and solid is that the translational dof reduce to rotational dof. So there should be no problem.
  11. fabric hinge

    fyi, NLELAST is not supported for shell elements in NLGEOM.
  12. fabric hinge

    Hi @Ivan I am sorry, I am little confused with the model. You have two materials and only isotropic is assigned to the component? I am sure that NLELAST is not supported for NLSTAT but this is strange it is NOT supported for NLGEOM? I will check and will update to you soon.
  13. Multiobjective Optimization

    Hi @smare104 WIth HyperStudy it is... Please refer the following tutorials on HyperStudy reference manual
  14. Tie contact

    Hi @ank Yes, I think there shouldn't be any problem.
  15. Total strain energy of a part

    Hi @smare104 Can you please check if this script helps? Make sure you have strain energy output in your deck.
  16. linear static with contacts

    Hi Rahul, Sorry for a late reply. Why did you choose to run Linear static with contacts? Linear static with non linear contacts may not provide right results.
  17. Elastic constraints

    Hi @Andrey That is one option which closely resembles a RBE case Yeah, but I think it should work with zero length CBUSH and stiffness in directions.
  18. Analysis & Optimization don't start

    Thank you for the update
  19. Analysis & Optimization don't start

    Hi Rahul, This is a know issue with HyperWorks 2017 and our devs are working on it. There is a workaround for this. When you create a Frequency response DO NOT select the loadstep. Instead refer to loadstep when creating objective or dconstriant.
  20. Pressure Analysis of a deformed gasket

    Hi @shawoon Yes, create a NLOAD1 card and refer the pressure load as excited along with a tableD1
  21. Multiple Loads in a Transient Analysis

    Hi, If the loads are used in same loadcases, you can have a single loadcase and use it in TLOAD. If the loads are for different loadcases, use different loadcases and different TLOADs
  22. [GNA] Post-Buckling of arch plate in Optistruct

    Hi, I tired with NL transient. But convergence issues are seen. I am checking with NLGEOM at my end today
  23. *** ERROR # 1728 *** in the input data

    Hi @RodrigoFST The Node set ID 3 has no nodes in it. Can you please check what this is created for? If the set is not necessary or empty, you can delete and proceed. Apart from that I noticed few plies which does not refer to any elements, element sets or surfaces like PLY with ID 4, 5 etc... Please check this and update.
  24. Edit settings as constraints and objective

    Hi, Select the Dconstraint you want to change>> Change the bounds>> Click update. It should change to the new value.