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  1. Hello Sir,

    Myself Ninad Dalal student of MTech(Structures).I am doing my thesis through this software,but in topology optimisation of truss problems I am not getting proper results.I am unable to understand where is the problem,where & what thing i have left so that the solver is not getting proper result.The iteration done on the every problems are only 4 in no.The element density only varies from 0.67 to 1 in every case of problem.The members do not get vanishes as shown in tutorials.
                     Please do help of mine as soon as possible as I am getting late for completion of my thesis.The date is approaching near.
                                                     Thanking You
    With warm Regards,
    Ninad Dalal




    6 NODED 11 MEMBERS TRUSS_des.h3d

    6 NODED 11 MEMBERS TRUSS_hist.mvw

    6 NODED 11 MEMBERS TRUSS_s1.h3d

  2. Compare CAD and FE

    Hi @kalaiselvan You can do it two ways: 1) Import CAD in HyperMesh along with mesh and compare (FIle>>Import>> CAD) or 2) Use Model Verification Director (MVD) which is separate module
  3. Compare CAD and FE

    Hi prakash, i would like to compare cad model and its FEM file which was meshed separately... And now I need to combine both to compare, by importing FEM file into CAD model.....to verify they have captured important CAD model surfaces...
  4. Topology Optimization with fully stressed design

    Hi, You can use, but instead, use stress constraint on DTPL (-25) and check if this helps.
  5. Hi prakash, i would like to compare cad model and its FEM file which was meshed separately.. And now i need to combine both to compare , by importing FEM file into CAD model.....to verify they have captured important CAD model surfaces..


    1. Prakash Pagadala

      Prakash Pagadala

      Hi @kalaiselvan


      I have created forum post for the same, 

      We will continue our discussion there :) 

      Here is the link to the post: http://forum.altairhyperworks.com/index.php?/topic/22702-compare-cad-and-fe/

  6. Error message Optistruct

    HI, @Thibaut delete the element with ID 1429962 and a couple of adjacent element and recreate that patch of elements or Remesh that particular patch without deleting element and check if this helps.
  7. Hi @C8H18 Could you please share the entire.out file, please?
  8. Hi @Merula Could you please the .out file of shuffling part? Pairing 45 and -45 reduces in-plane shear stress.
  9. Size and shuffle Optimization (Composite)

    Hi, Could you please share the .out and .stat file? For optimization material fraction used is differnt from analysis and this is why you see difference in results. You can force to use 100% using opticontrol>>MATINIR>>1
  10. Segmentation Error in Hypermesh 17.0

    Hi @Basheer Ahmed M Technical support Team from INDIA will get in touch with you soon.
  11. Surface normal orientation

    Hi Mayur, Maybe adjusting surface normals will help... Goto Tool page>> Normals>>Surf and adjust normal directions for surfaces.
  12. Regarding motorcycle dynamics

    Hi Venkatesh, What type of tire model are you using?
  13. error 2148

    How about this, with 2-plane symmetric constraint. Try to make design and non-design spaces, where elements attached to loads and BCs go in Non-design component.
  14. Maximum number of time increment cutbacks reached

    Hi @Karthic According to help FORCE1 is preferred for follower loads when using large displacement analysis type. FORCE one worked in this case but need to investigate the results.