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  1. Hi, Please share the .out file.
  2. OLOAD -Transient Analysis

    Hi Gopal, If it is explicit the element size affects the time step. But in implicit I need to check with my experts... I shall get back to you after learning
  3. Combined topology and free size optimization

    Chris, I understand, but it will be a time taking process with HM to merge solids and extract mid surface. It would be easy for you if you use any CAD tool to import the stp file and merge solids in the same.
  4. OLOAD -Transient Analysis

    Hi Gopal, Sorry for a late response. I think you can define analysis time step and end time using TSTEP. Where N in TSTEP is number of time steps and DT is time increment.
  5. Hi Samuel, You can split the element at that location which creates a node over there. On the same node(s) you can apply enforced displacement using SPC/SPCD
  6. Spring connection between two componentes

    You can use either 1D linear to create or use connectors>> Spot weld>> Springs and update to CBUSH with CID
  7. optistruct+encode

    @bmech Please use DesignLife v13.0. Some interface update with OS is only available in v13.0.
  8. Hi, Maybe Restart with statsub(Preload)?
  9. Combined topology and free size optimization

    Hi Chris, I suggest you to use a dedicated CAD tool to create a continuous surface/solid and import the same in HM for further pre-processing. It will take more time for editing and merging the solid blocks than using a CAD tool. HM can do some basic CAD editing but not like a CAD tool.
  10. How to set up contact in optistruct?

    Hi Roy, Please refer to this tutorial in which creating contacts is discussed. OS 1365 NLSTAT Analysis of Solid Blocks in Contact
  11. @samuel88 You can apply displacement as load on nodes. You can split the element at those locations and apply enforced displacement.
  12. To mesh an ellipsoid

    Try this .fem file. Ellipsoid.fem
  13. Error #153 modeling suspension

    Hi, All dofs of RBE are connected to Rod elements and no Dofs are released to make it a ball joint. You can use Joints>>FE>> Ball joint to create FE joints.
  14. To mesh an ellipsoid

    Hi Sindhu, Here is a meshed file. I used a macro which I cannot share for now... Sorry about that Ellipsoid.hm
  15. OLOAD -Transient Analysis

    Hi Gopal, Do you mean for fatigue time history? Maybe Load Time History Compression on OptiStruct will guide.